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Beowulf Resources Beowulf, Anglo-Saxon, Old English, Germanic & Mythologic/Epic Resource Pages
Books Online This is just what it sound like. Here is a listing of over 1800 online books and book repositories. For those of you who like to read, but just can't drag yourself away from the computer, this page may just make that link unbreakable. You have been warned!
Internet Public Library This is a large compendium of links to information all over the Net on a wide range of topics. The links are listed alphabetically within various categories and sub-categories.
Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center Description to be Added
Of Ages Past Historical Info and Links.
Ravensgard Food and Culinary Arts Description to be added.
Society for Creative Anachronism The SCA is a Medieval recreation organization. Unlike many other recreation groups, the SCA does not usually attempt to recreate specific events within our period of study (Pre 17th Century Europe, usually no earlier than the Fall of Rome - 5th Century). What they do try to do is to recreate a feel for the period, while learning more about it and passing on this knowledge to others. The "feel" may not always be accurate, but it does allow the study and research of broad and various fields of study. Each person may have only a few specific interests; together they create a whole.

In addition to information on the SCA, itself, this page has a wealth of other information. If you are interested in the Arts & Sciences of the period, this is the place to look. Fighting? Literature? Heraldry? These are all here, as well. Direct information and links to other sources is here. There are more links here to online medieval sources than you can shake a sword at. (Be careful with that weapon! You could hurt somebody.)

Cleanapt A tool for clearing old, multiple, or unused .deb files from the /var/cache/apt/archives in a Debian GNU/Linux system. It may work on other Debian derivative distros, but this has not been tested. The code is in Python, so you can check it out and verify it for yourself prior to use. I know it works safely on my system, but every linux system is tailored to the individual.

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