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An Analysis of Mead, Mead Making and the Role of its Primary Constituents This research paper gives information on all of the major constituents of mead and many minor constituents, as well. It also goes into production and storage techniques, sanitation and stability. Well written with lots of information
Bee's Lees Another page filled with massive amounts of information. This one has more recipies than Barat's Page has, along with much other information on the making of mead and its various derivatives. This page is just one item in the library of 'The Brewery'. A link to the home page of The Brewery can be found in the Beer Pub, accessable from the home page of The Meadery.
Cellarmasters This is a page for an LA based winemaking club. In addition to an archive of their newsletter and info on the club they have links to numerous articles of interest to anyone making wine and mead.
Cindy Renfrow Author of books on ancient and medieval cooking and brewing Many links on the following subjects: Barrels & Casks; Botany; Brewing; Embroidery; Food; Culinary gleanings from Gerard's Herbal; Historical Information; Merchants;Miscellaneous;Re-enactment
The Closet of Sir Kenelme Digby Knight Opened... This is the Project Gutenberg edition of the entire book. A must read for anyone interested in early meadmaking. Cooking recipies are also included in the book.
Got Mead? The name says it all. This site has something for everyone, and probably everything for someone:
Mead resources for the mead enthusiast. Find recipies, suppliers, mead makers, commercial meaderies, instruction, links to hundreds of mead web sites, tips, and more.
Home Wine & Beer Trade Association The Home Wine & Beer Trade Association is a group of over 400 retailers and wholesalers from eleven countries. Established in 1979, the association strives to promote the responsible growth of the home wine & beer making industry.
Honeycreek The home winemaker's reference site is dedicated to the education, awareness and appreciation of mead. If you are a brewer who brews mead, a brewer who would like to brew mead or an individual who would like to know where to try mead, then this is the Web Site for you.
Mead Description to be Added
Mead Lover's Digest - Complete Archives The complete archives of the Mead Lover's Digest (MLD) dating back to it's inception in 1992
Mead Made Complicated
L'hydre au miel : sources de connaissances sur l'hydromel
Resources for mead making: mead sites and books
Mead Made Easy This is a complete online book for the beginning mead-maker
Mead Making Handbook This is a very simple and straigtforward manual for the making of mead, prepared by Jace Crouch of the Brewers Guild. It covers basic, introductory information, equipment, procedures and a few recipes. This should be very useful to the beginning meadmaker. If you are already comfortable, however, with making mead then you will probably not find anything new in here.
Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage
Travel Envoy: Mead/Honey Wine Directory of Mead & Honey Wine Producers. Travel Envoy's Wine Guide is easily navigated with thousands of links to Wineries and Wine related web sites. Featuring Wine Tasting notes and Articles on Wine and Food Pairing
On a related subject, I found:
Beekeeper's Web Links This site claims to have "Seven Hundred Great Places to Bee on the Web." I haven't counted all of the links, but there could bee 700 of them. There are certainly many links listed under many headings. If you want information on bees, beekeeping, honey, etc. this looks like a good place to start, if you can handle the overload of links on a single page.
Miller's Honey Company I try to avoid strictly commercial sites, but Miller's Honey has some really good prices on bulk honey, even with the cost of shipping added. They also have some basic information on honey production and nutrition and some books for sale at reasonable prices.

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