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Amature Wine Makers Resource Page Resources for Home Winemakers.
B & C Wine Education Site A lot of information on wine, but not on making it.
Brittish Columia Amateur Winemakers Association "The British Columbia Amateur Winemakers Association (BCAWA) is an affiliation of winemaking clubs in British Columbia Canada in which we share information, winemaking skills, competitions, winery tours, wine judging, and other wine related information among our members."
Brewing and Beverage Links Numerous Links for all types of historic beverages
Cellarmasters This is a page for an LA based winemaking club. In addition to an archive of their newsletter and info on the club they have links to numerous articles of interest to anyone making wine and mead.
Cindy Renfrow Author of books on ancient and medieval cooking and brewing Many links on the following subjects: Barrels & Casks; Botany; Brewing; Embroidery; Food; Culinary gleanings from Gerard's Herbal; Historical Information; Merchants;Miscellaneous;Re-enactment
Home Wine & Beer Trade Association The Home Wine & Beer Trade Association is a group of over 400 retailers and wholesalers from eleven countries. Established in 1979, the association strives to promote the responsible growth of the home wine & beer making industry.
Home Winemakers Manual Comprehensive on-line manual for winemakers.
Honeycreek Description to be Added
Interstate Wine Shipments Reciprocity states and the laws concerning interstate shipment of wine.
Joy of Wine This site is by Terry Garey, author of The Joy of Wine. It is a really great site with a lot of information for the home winemaker. The book is good, too, and can be obtained through (in association with The Meadery) by clicking here.
Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage
Presque Isle Wine Cellars - Home Page A good mail-order source. The web page tells a little about them: phone numbers, fax numbers and the like. It also has a beginners checklist for winemaking and an on-line request for their complete catalog.
Strat's Place A Compendium of the cultural riches of the Triangle Area of North Carolina - This site has wine links and info (including a wine label library, wine chat, and local retailers. They also have information on the Arts, gardens and gardening, entertainment and recreation, and Dining in the local (Traiangle area of North Carolina) area.
Wine Spectator OnLine Online edition
Wine Tours Project The Wine Tours Project has been established by wine enthusiasts for wine enthusiasts. Wine-related business listings and info pages are regularly updated.
Winemaking Home Page More information on home winemaking, its techniques, materials, equipment, etc. than you are ever likely to read. An excellent resource!
Hundreds of references and links to wine, winemaking, viticulture, reseach publications, databases, and source material.
Wines, beers and spirits of the net This site has links to Usenet, mailing lists, FTP sites and Web sites pertaining to many aspects of alcohol production, both homemade and commercial.

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