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Retired in Coos Bay, Oregon!   Enjoying the mild weather and local  Oregon National Sand Dunes!
61 years young ... " I'm Immortal... so far!"

A member of CORSA (Corvair Owners International Association) for ten years.

Having spent my childhood thru adult life in Southern California, and then my final 5 years working out of Reno, Nevada.  I can attest to the serene atmosphere of living at Sea Mountain on Crown Point.
Among all my friends,  my hobbies, sand dunes, the local casino and eateries....I always look forward to my time at home.... watching movies and  being online!

Taking a break from work?

What a Life!




I reside on the backwater estuary of Charleston Harbor at the mouth of the Coos River.  I can hear the Pacific Ocean pounding the shores , but my beach is never affected by storms.


Who am I online?

 Video Conferencing:
On TokBox (my fav!)  Matt8684,
 and on Skype ...Matt.Nall1
  Patiomatt, Abelink, GlassVair, UltraMonzaWest, 
TimogensTurbo and  Nalllm
GlassVair and AllVair
DeckRug at Netzero.net
Nalllm at Verizon.net

Forums and Mail listings that I  frequent:
VirtualVairs of CORSA, 
 FastVairs, DragVairs,
 TurboVairs at Yahoo Groups,
 and The CorvairCenter.com
GlassVair   on Ebay.