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 WAYNE Horning was Inboard Marine.  Approximately 96 engines were built over 4 years...... few survive!


1965 16ft.  lefthand steer!  Common marine throttle / gearshift.  Seats 4 / and converts to 2 napper beds. 10 gallons of fuel and it only burns 3.5-5.0 gallons per hour.  The boat will tow 3 skiers, as seen in HotRod Magazine circa 1965.  Depending on the prop I use, I have been clocked at 52 mph on a lake.


 Engine is vertical!  Carbs are on 90 deg.  manifolds.  Flywheel is at the rear / top of the engine!  All stock mechanical parts are utilized, except fro a SBC  oilpump driven off the cam at the orifinal flywheel [ front] end. The engine SiTS  on a 6 quart aluminum sump, which has a Hole in the center for the outdrive to  pass thru.


Here we see the Lower Drive / outdrive. 
 It contains Corvair spider gears for forward and reverse!
  The unit also rotates 180 DEG.!


 Here's the top of the engine where you can see the fan and it's Fiberglass shrouding.  The engine DOES NOT TURN.. only the outdrive.  All Cooling air / intake air passes thru the fan, into the carbs or across the heads / cylinders and exits via shrouding that covers the exhaust.  The exit high on the transom.