Chapter 5
Constructing the neck

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Page 1. The fingerboard and neck blank.
Page 2. A sawing guide for the peg head joint.
Page 3. A view of the sawing guide in use.
Page 4. A view of tools, a neck blank cut, and a finished neck.
Page 5. Neck and materials needed to glue neck
Page 6. Peg head joint done.
Page 7. Clamping and gluing the heel assembly.
Page 8. Another view of gluing the heel assembly
Page 9. Planing level neck and peg head face.
Page 10. Another way to build the heel.
Page 11. Layout of the neck.
Page 12. Finished neck layout and cutting the slot .
Page 13. Another view of slot cutting.
Page 14. The side slot cutting tool.
Page 15. Roughed out Torres neck blank.
Page 16. Torres neck roughout.
Page 17. Neck roughout.
Page 18. Neck blank.
Page 19. Neck blank.
Page 20. Peghead faceing overlay.
Page 21. Cut the peghead overlay oversize
Page 22. Peg head overlay in press.
Page 23. Sawing the peghead crest with a coping saw.
Page 24. Finishing the peghead crest.
Page 25. The peg head crest.
Page 26. The peg head crest.
Page 27. Tapering the peg head.
Page 28. A side view of taper
Page 29. The neck ready for assembly.
Page 30. Another view of the neck ready for assembly.
Page 31. Neck ready the neck ready for assembly.
Page 32. View of the neck carving fixture.
Page 33. Neck slot close-up and neck rough carved.
Page 34. Neck to top joint detail showing the side slot positioning
Page 35. Finished Torres neck radisus