Bob Bond's Project Page



Here is a view of upcoming bright (well, brighter than 12th magnitude) comets for the coming year.

Sunset Sunset

This is a video showing the Sun set directly down the Sunset Highway


Pictures of various woodworking projects.

Engraving Machine

Pictures of a home-brew engraving machine for telescope reticles and circuit boards.

Stepper Motor Controller

Look here for a stepper motor controller using a PIC16C73B driving some Allegro 3955 H bridge chips. The circuit controls two bipolar stepper motors. I use it to drive the RA and Dec on a German Equatorial Mount I built.

Platinum Thermometer

Look here for a platinum thermometer inspired by a series of articles in Scientific American. A note giving more details about the tin cell is here. A companion project is a circuit used to measure the resistance of the thermometer and send it to a computer over a serial line.

Predicting the Dewpoint

Here's an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to calculate the dewpoint given the current relative humidity and temperature.

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