Barrel Removal and Instalation

Adding and Removing your M1's barrel

Barrel Vice. CMP makes a nice barrel vice for the M1 garand only, you will see it on my finish reaming page.


Barrel Wrench


Aluminum inserts used for matching the cotour of the barrel to the vice, and painters tape


The first thing you want to do is cover the load bearing surfaces with painters tape.  This keeps your reciever from getting marred, and painters tape comes off without much residue.

Attach your barrel to the barrel vice, using the correct inserts if you need them. Tighten all screws equally. Dont forget about using the tape.


Now attach the reciever wrench, make sure to tighten each side equally. Dont forget the tape once again.


I like to use a 16oz rubber mallet to break the seal, then unscrew by hand.


When loose carefully unscrew by hand.


Barrel removal completed.
To install a barrel reverse the operation up to the point where you can no longer tighten by hand.



At the point where you can no longer tighten by hand, I like to put the front sight post on and the rear sights on the reciever.  I am not recommending this method, but this is what I do. I then sight the barrel by hand with the weapons sights tapping the reciever wrench in the desired direction. The proper method is to use a barrel timing fixture.
To me this is more trouble than it is worth, but this is the correct method.
I recommend using the timing gauges, and only use the sight method if you are comfortable with it.

SA 3.8 mill barrel removal by A. Corapinski