Arsenal overhaul and inspection stamps

Arsenal overhaul and inspection stamps

These stamps are located in various places on M1 garand stocks.

AAA,AN,A4 - Anniston Army Depot


AA - Augusta Arsenal


AHA - USMC Arsenal


BA - Benecia Arsenal


LE - Letterkenny Ordnance Depot (orange triangle on pistol grip)


OG - Ogden Arsenal


MR - Mt. Rainier Ordnance Depot


RA - Raritan Arsenal


RR - Red River Arsenal


RIA - Rock Island Arsenal


RRA - Red River Arsenal


SAA - San Antonio Arsenal


SA - Springfield Armory


Std Prod - Standard Products


TE - Tooele Ordnance Depot


3GM-K - GM WW2

EB:Elmer Bjerke was promoted on January 6th, 1947 to Forman of small arms inspection at Rock Island Arsenal. He was responsible for the final inspection of new and overhauled small arms. He served in that capacity until 1958. All small arms inspected under his supervision bear the markings "RIA" for Rock Island Arsenal and "EB" for Elmer Bjerke.
Frank Krack was Assistant Foreman of the Inspection Division at Rock Island Arsenal from September 17, 1941 until he retired on July 19th, 1946. During that period all small arms inspected under his supervision would be stamped with his initials "FK" as well as those of the Rock Island Arsenal "RIA"