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KIWI Bicycle Event

Kelleys Island Wheelmen Invitational bicycle event

1st Annual event on July 26, 2009

Wheelmen group photo
Group photo of Wheelmen riders at an event in 2007.

Kelleys Island in western Lake Erie.
Accessed by ferry lines from Marblehead and Sandusky.
All day. Come early, stay late! Keep the ferry schedule in mind, though!
12 noon: A group photo downtown.
12:30 p.m.: An Unofficial High Wheel Tour (UHWT) will start and go around the island.
Organized by:
The Ohio Wheelmen organization. The Wheelmen is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to keeping alive the heritage of American cycling, promoting the restoration and riding of early cycles (1918 or earlier), and encouraging cycling as part of modern living.

What is a KIWI Bike?

KIWI Kelleys Island Wheelmen Invitational

Kelleys Island Ferry Locations

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Event Details

Decades ago, Charlie Pace and folks of the Columbus AYH invited bicyclists to join them on Kelleys Island for the Kelleys Island Rally. The Ohio Wheelmen would like to celebrate a bit of that "recent" Bicycle History, that a few current riders remember fondly. Back then, there were no planned events, just a get together and a nice place to ride. Quite a few of riders took advantage of that day of casual riding and sightseeing, and seeing other bicyclists, on the Island.

We are planning a similar get together this summer on July 26. Come and be a part of the fun!

Wheelmen members will be there with our high wheel and other antique bicycles. Riders on "regular" bicycle are welcome to join us and enjoy the island. No schedule of events, no fees, no "organization," just a gathering of like-minded riders.

A group photograph is planned for the downtown area at 12:00 noon. Several photos will be taken at that time. First will be only antique bicycles and their riders who are dressed in period costume. Next photo will be only antique bicycles and their riders (modern clothes and period costumes). Last photo will be for all bike riders participating in KIWI.

An Unofficial High Wheel Tour (UHWT) will be conducted around Kelleys Island at 12:30 pm after the photos are taken. This tour will be at a 'leisurely pace' for all riders. Antique bikes in the front of the group, modern bikes to follow behind.

An island map is available on-line from the Chamber of Commerce. A PDF version may be downloaded from that page. A long list of other activities on Kelleys Island is also available from the Chamber of Commerce.

Ferry service to Kelleys Island departs from Marblehead and Sandusky, Ohio.

  1. Kelleys Island Boat Line Marblehead Schedule
  2. Jet Express Sandusky Schedule

This ride is being organized by Ohio Wheelmen members, but no real services will be provided. Transportation to and from the island are the responsibility of the partipants. Kelleys Island roads are open for a variety of vehicles including automobiles, motorcycles, golf carts, (yes, golf carts), pedestrians, and bicycles. So, caution must be used with such a mix of transportation modes.

If you have questions, send me an e-mail.

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