Mark Duncan
Biography: From toy box to international espionage

Mark DuncanBiography

Mark Duncan is the second cousin twice removed of King Frederick III of Legonia, but you'd never know it. He seems to have been different ever since his birth on May 12, 1979. While the rest of the royal family was playing polo, Mark was usually to be found reading detective novels. As he matured, he became known as a exceptional student, and gained a reputation for being the "black sheep" of the Royals. While others in his family entertained heads of state, Mark was probably reading another detective novel, or perhaps the newspaper.

Mark was given the finest of educations, graduating from Selsley University with a degree in law (Prince Lucas, by contrast, studied art history). Duncan finally vanished from the royal scene when he accepted a job with the Legonian Federal Bureau of Investigation. Until recently, Duncan's job with the LFBI has been top-secret. Sources reveal, however, that Duncan worked to diffuse internation terrorist plots and was one of the central planners of Legonia's anti-communist counterspy network.

In 2013, Mark was transferred to Cape Corncarnival, a sleepy river town 12 miles south of the Majestic Gate in Neighopolis. Cape Corncarnival is home to LASA's Trendy Space Center, and launch site of the frequently-used one-man space shuttles. John Shark owns a ten-story mansion there, from which he supervises the operations of Shark Enterprises, his trillion-pound conglomerate. Our sources (who shall remain anonymous due to the threat to their lives) reveal that Shark is the locus of a massive conspiracy against the Legonian government. He has been tried in criminal court on over 150 separate occasions, although he has been acquitted each time.

It is undoubted that Duncan has thwarted innumerable plots against the country. The fate of Ido is a somber reminder of the vital importance of keeping Shark in check. And Mark Duncan is doing just that.

Worldwide Exclusive: Mark Duncan's Original Box!

Rarely does the royal family allow anyone to see the box in which one of its members was born. However, extensive investigation has revealed the site of Mark Duncan's genesis:
City People Lego Set
Mark was made mostly from the jockey minifigure (second from left), although the origin of his hair has yet to be determined.

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