Mark Duncan
All about the most important man in Legonia

Who is having the greatest impact on Legonian history today?
  • Prime Minister Spencer Miller?
  • Lloyd Derry, the Tory chairman?
  • King Frederick?
Each would be a good guess, but each is utterly wrong. The big wheel in Legonian affairs doesn’t live in a palace or have an office in the Septagon--he’s not even in politics! He’s usually not even in the news.

Many of the pivotal moments of the last decade have gone unreported in the press, unexplained by the government, and unnoticed by Parliament. But behind most moments of import and crisis, there has been one shadowy figure saving the country: Mark Duncan.

This page is devoted to singing the praise of an unsung hero. Every Legonian owes a debt of gratitude to this reclusive exemplar. Here’s to you, Mark!
Mark Duncan
Our Hero

As seen in
The Neighopolis Times Letterhead
"Weirdness on the Web" column, Mar. 8, 2019