Mark Duncan
Friends and Foes: Who Mark spends his day with

John Shark and ChauffeurFoes

Sources indicate that John Shark (pictured here with his chauffeur) is in frequent contact with the premier of Chexxas, and that he manages a vast private spy network to pass secrets to the Chexxian regime, or to other hostile nations. LASA employees have indicated that Shark has tried on numerous occasions to launch an orbital missile on Neighopolis, which he has gotten into orbit by hijacking space shuttle missions. Other sources hint that Shark was behind the yet-unresolved destruction of the Prellic mountain village of Ido, which was obliterated by a small nuclear bomb stolen from the Legonian government during a top-secret transport on the Linkae River near Shark’s mansion.

It would seem to many (including the Neighopolis Times) that Shark could not possibly be guilty of all these crimes, or even one of them. The fact remains, however, that Mark Duncan (one of the best minds in the LFBI/Secret Service) remains stationed but a few hundred yards from Shark’s mansion. During the several periods over the last few years when Shark has been missing, Duncan has been reassigned rapidly to other cases. However, he has always returned to Cape Corncarnival when Shark has. Local realtors vouch that his home has been under continuous ownership by the Legonian government.

Chief Robert Einstein


Mark Duncan is almost always seen with Robert Einstein, chief of police of the Cape Corncarnival Police Department. Robert is the son of the brilliant scientist Alfred Einstein, and has reputedly inherited a good measure of the family brains. Robert Einstein has also worked on high-profile cases, but is now assigned to Cape Corncarnival. The Cape Corncarnival police station is also located only a few hundred yards from John Shark’s mansion.