Mark Duncan
The House: Scene of Mark's domestic tranquility

Mark Duncan's house is a fascinating place. Detailed directions to find it are available at our Stalking Mark! page. This page, however, is intended to give one an in-depth look at the house of an international crimefighter.

The House

Mark Duncan's house is a yellow structure, boasting 160 sq. ft. of floor space. The back wall is removable for easy access. Mark has a bed, table, and nightstand inside, as well as an especially nice overhead lamp.

The architectural design of the roof is particularly unique.

Mark Duncan’s house is built almost entirely with the Universal Construction Medium. However, it is known to contain four pieces Tyco, which allowed the builder to place the front windows in an unusual position.

A secret crime lab is reputedly housed 80 feet underground.
Mark Duncan's House

The Plants

Mark is an avid gardener, and has many plants around his house.

Pictured on the left is one of Mark's prized Floriforous plastisicus, a lovely Legonian garden plant.

On the right is a young Picea acrylinitrilbutadienstryen, which Mark planted a few years ago. It's now 5½ feet high.
Small Tree