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Learning about whole foods and how to use and prepare them can be overwhelming. All Things Food offers a variety of opportunities to help. We provide guidance while you shop, reference materials for you to use (both in-store and to purchase for home use), and information via our email newsletter and website. We also provide classes and demonstrations with experienced community educators. And we strive to keep you informed about opportunities in the community that support this effort as well.

Some of our demonstrations will be during store hours while you shop at no additional cost. Some classes will involve a guest speaker and/or video presentation at a specified date and time. Other classes or demonstrations will be a separate course requiring pre-registration and a fee.

Select our calendar to see what is scheduled for this month.

Here is a brief description of the variety of classes and demonstrations we offer:



We are continuously working hard to schedule a variety of classes, demonstrations, and special events. See our calendar as well as In-Store for what's happening at All Things Food.

Share Your Food Knowledge!

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