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all things food

is a marketplace that challenges customers to become responsible consumers that consider the impact of food production on the farmer, land, animals, workers and ultimately his or her own health.

All Things Food carries a variety of local, whole and organic foods, all sourced responsibly. We also carry cooking supplies and utensils necessary for food preparation and preservation. And to initiate the novice cook and assist the gourmet, we offer food preparation and cooking demonstrations.

All Things Food also offers prepared foods in our café. The focus of our cafe is not just to serve an organic prepared meal but to facilitate an environment where the customer discovers how to incorporate the meals served into their everyday lives at home. We include recipes and encourage interaction with the cook as well as provide access to the ingredients. Menu changes weekly and served while supplies last. Reservations are welcome and encouraged via email, phone or in person.

Stop by All Things Food at 114 North Main Street in Bryan, OH and purchase sustainable products that consider the land, animals, farmer and consumer.

Let's build a stronger community through food.


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114 N Main Street
Bryan, OH 43506

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Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm
Sat 10am - 2pm

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Mon-Fri 11am - 2pm
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All Things Food | 419-636-0950 | allthingsfoodllc@gmail.com | 114 N Main St, Bryan, OH 43506