FAQ's & 2010 Season

FAQ's & 2010 Season
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Where is the field located?
All of our matches are played on a private field located in
Eldorado, IL.
65 Alexander St Eldorado, IL. 62930
Do you have divisions?
Yes, we have the regular "A" class and new for the 2009 season a "B" class "rookie" division. 
How much does it cost to play?
The registration fee is only $350 per team the "A" class and $150 for the "B" class division for the entire season.
Can you BYOP?
Yes, however paint is available at the field at a reasonable price by a local vendor.
Do you supply air fills?
Yes, we have HPA fills only up to 3k, but you are free to bring your own air as well.
How many games will we play?
That depends on how many teams we have in the league.  We are still accepting new teams and players for 2010.  Match time limits are one hour, most of our matches last year had teams playing offense & defense 5 - 6 times each.  So the match consisted of about 10 - 12 games each day we played.  Be sure to click on game format on the left for more information about this new style of play.
2010 Information:
Team Deposits due February 19th.  Final payment due March 5th.
If you don’t have your own team but would like to participate you may pay a $100 deposit for class A and $50 for class B to sign up as an individual.
New for 2010!
New way of starting:  Players must point their marker toward the net until the game begins.
New rate of Fire/Mode rules:  All classes have a 15 bps rate of fire limit.  Class A may use any firing mode.  Class B is semi auto only.
New Scheduling:  Teams will play multiple matches per day (not more than 2).  This will allow us to have a much shorter season.
New teams sign on for the 2010 SIPA season! 
Welcome SEMO Velocity, Aurora Blind Aggression, and Evansville 812 Klutch!

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