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2009 SIPA League Awards


League Champions:  Harrisburg Hitmen (6 - 0)


Rookie of the Year:  Joshua Abell - Mercenaries


MVP:  David Morse - Harrisburg Hitmen


Class B Champs:  Bridgeport Tragedy B (4 - 0)


Player of the Year:  Wes Bayne - Urban Assault


All-Star awards:

Anna Urban Assault - Wes Bayne

Bridgeport Tragedy - Dennis "Speedy" Vandiver

Bridgeport Tragedy B - Travis Mehling, Blair Reeves

Carbondale Onslaught - Travis Brandon

Eldorado No Regret -

God's Warriors Halos - Ian Ham

Harrisburg Hitmen - Dustin Morse, David Morse

Harrisburg Hitmen B - Kenny Hatton

SI Tremor - Mat Canon, Mike Johnson, Caleb Pulke



Top defensive team –


Top offensive team – 


Top Flag scorer – 

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