Family Histories

This page provides links to histories to the major families in our genealogy. The histories contain info on the family mentioned,as well as a few other families,and what other information I have that is not available in my ancestorial records.I will also include names of people and their e-mail address(if any) that have helped me over the years for that particular family.If you would like your name added,or deleted,please let me know.There may well be some mention of where various families migrated to in America.Eventualy,I will also include some graphics,mainly maps,showing where people came from and lived and the ever important location of cemetaries.I will include directions to some in this current set-up.Just for the record,as of 16 Feb,1997 I have well over 15,000 individuals on PAF,which is over 10,000 more than I have on my ancesteral web pages.So,there is a slight chance that I have some info on your line.On each page,I will list the total number of descendents that I have for the family or families from that web page.

As more people contact me,I will add more informaion to each page.I may eventualy have to split some of the larger family groups up and make more pages.