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My family's R/C Boats

"One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering.
'Supernatural' is a null word."

Quote from L. Long, a character created by Robert A. Heinlein

Our flotilla, from the oldest to the newest, includes: Playtron Candy; Lindberg PT-109; Lindberg PT-169 (a converted PT-109 kit); Sterling Racing Runabout; Sterling Emma C. Berry (under construction still); Helion Rivos XS; Volantex RC Vector 28; Pro Boat Stealthwake, Pro Boat Shockwave, Pro Boat Valvryn and the custom built Joysway Invincible Razor [and more to come????]

The newest addition is a Joysway Hobby Invincible Razor custom build that has its own dedicated page so you can follow along on the progress of the build.

We also have a dedicated page for all the work we did to upgrade the Pro Boat Stealthwake No. 1 (the original Stealthwake from 2018) including converting it to brushless, adding a flex-cable drive, new prop, new rudder, new trim tabs and a few other updates.

We also have a separate dedicated page for the work we did to upgrade Pro Boat Stealthwake No. 2 (the second Stealthwake from 2021) including converting it to brushless, adding a wire-drive, new prop, new rudder and a few other updates.

You will find a few videos of my boats here along with my kids' boats. For many more videos, check out their YouTube channel: Generation of Gaming
I have a page just for my WWII PT-Boats. You can find the link above. Pictures and videos of the PT-Boats can be found here and on the other page.

First some pictures and then a video of each boat follows!
Some of these pictures are from when I first got the boats, so they're pretty old!

Futaba "Candy" fast electric (original paint scheme)

Futaba "Candy" fast electric (custom painted)

This is the 29" long, 1/8 scale Sterling Models Dual-Cockpit Mahogany Runabout.
It is modeled after the 19 foot Chris-Craft Racing Runabout which you can see on
page 5 of their 1954 catalog available online at Mahogany Bay

This was my first all wood model built from the keel up...literally!!!

Following are my WWII PT-Boats ready for their maiden voyage together sometime around 1995!!
Both the PT-169 and the PT-109 model were built from the same kit, the 1/32 scale, Lindberg PT-109 kit (with a lot of scratchbuilding)

Here's my latest R/C Boat project, the Emma C. Berry, a classic sailing Schooner.
It's another Sterling Models kit. The real boat sits in the Mystic, CT seaport.
My second all wood model built from the keel up, but my first sailing vessel of any kind!!!

The first picture shows what she'll look like when she's done, per the box.
The other picture is the hull (as much as I've completed so far anyway!)
This is still the current condition of the boat, just part of the hull since the late 1990s

- - - Now the videos - - -
Helion Rivos XS run:

Volantex RC Vector 28 first run with the Rivos XS and Candy:

Pro Boat Stealthwake first run:

Below is the first run of the Candy since the 1990s
(I have tried putting trim tabs on it to prevent the porpoising but it only slows the boat down!)

In the video below we discuss the model, built around 1994, and then run it for
the first time since the late '90s.

PT-109 and PT-169 running together in 2018, the first time since the 1990's:

If you want to find out more about PT-Boats, be sure to check out my other PT-Boat pages. You can find the links at the top or below.

Available now is the bibliography for the books I used to create my PT Boats. Also, there is more about the colors and R/C equipment I used. This page, Sean's PT Boats information., is specifically about my PT-109 and PT-169.
Also, there's another WEB Page of information on PT Boats in general, such as color schemes, types of boats, theaters of operation, plus more detailed information on modeling the Lindberg model of the Elco 80 foot PT Boats.

These are the propellers we own and their specs including which ones are currently in use.

This is our data logger, the Hyperion Emeter v2 and Remote Data Unit (RDU) along with the optional Tachometer to record motor RPM and 3 temperature sensors so we can mount them to the motor, ESC and battery (or battery connectors) to monitor temperatures.
We got this from R/C Dude Hobbies. Randy was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the Emeter. And no, we do not get anything for promoting R/C Dude Hobbies, or anyone else; no free product, no kick-backs, etc.
This unit was first introduced in 2009 so it's a bit outdated, but the recording abilities are still superb. The RDU records all of the data during a run. Afterwards, you plug the RDU into the meter and download the data to see all the variables every second or two over the entire run. All we had to do was solder connectors to the RDU (EC5s in our case) and supply a 4GB or smaller SD card for the meter which allows us to move the data to the computer for more detailed analysis.
The variables the RDU records are: Time; Volts; Amps; Watts; RPM; mAh (in & out); 4 temperatures (the RDU has a temp sensor built in); and a few others particular to R/C planes such as height/altitude.

Updated: June 2021

Of course, if you want more information on any of my boats, you can email me at: