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Welcome to my Jane's Fighters Anthology database

This is my first ever webpage. It contains all my files related to Fighters Anthology, and whatever other garbage I decide to put here. My files (and those of others that I use) can be found by clicking the USNRaptor FTP Folder link .

Updated:  November 2, 2018

- The Yankee Station Linebacker campaign is complete. As mentioned before, this campaign replaces the default Vietnam campaign and is heavily inspired by real events. The campaign is selectable in the Campaign menu. It is 25 missions commencing with President Nixon famous Linebacker speech and ending with the last MiG to be shot down in the war. The player will fly an A-6A Intruder, A-7A & A-7E Corsair II, F-4B & F-4J Phantom II, and the newly added RA-5C Vigilante. As with all my campaigns, the USNRaptor Playset is required to play it. Campaign information can be found here .

- The USNRaptor Playset v 1.5 includes the new campaign, new aircraft (MiG-21MF, RA-5C), new weapons (AGM-62 Walleye II, MK-20 MER-3), and new scenery (dirt roads, canals). There have been some improvements to several existing files as well. Recently, I noticed the Knox class frigate was missing. This frigate is now back in action. Why is this important?  Its operational deck gun of coarse!  Some files have been renamed since the old playset, so it is highly advised to delete the old playset files and install the new playset. The playset install guide - FAQ can be found here .

September 8, 2018

- The rewrite of the Linebacker campaign (which will overwrite the default Vietnam campaign) is eleven missions complete; fourteen more to go.  As with the Yankee Station campaign, this one too will be heavily inspired by real events.

- Did you know the USNRaptor Playset v 1.1 includes 4 usnraptor-created campaigns (Greek, Israeli, Taiwan, and Yankee Station) and 4 reworked default campaigns (Baltic, Egypt, Ukraine, and Vladivostok) ?

July 17, 2018

- New Aircraft: F-104C, -G, -S (F104.PT, F104G.PT, F104S.PT) are now available in the aircraft folder. The -G and -S models can have fuel (Extended Fuel Tanks) in place of the M61. Also needed are the pic and shape files ( _F104V.pic, _104G.pic, F104V.SH, 104G.SH) found in .

July 5, 2018

-The USNRaptor Playset v 1.1 has been updated. Included are the June 27 improvements, an SA-2F (inspired by Kapset), and the Duke / Driscoll May 10, 1972 mission (titled z720510.M and .MT). This mission will be part of the future rewrite of the default 25 mission Linebacker campaign. Retired from the playset is the F-106 and the AIM-4F and -G missiles. 

June 27, 2018

- Allowed the F-14D (F14.PT) to carry bombs, and installed IR sensor. A targeting pod is still needed for LGBs. Made some adjustments to ~B06.M, ~B32.MT, ~B33.MT, SHPATCK.M & .MT, SHPATCK2.M & .MT, TOPGUN.MT, AIM9B.JT, AIM9B2.JT, AIM9D.JT, and AIM9D2.JT. Several adjustments were made to the Taiwan Campaign in April.

May 4, 2018

- Brand New: the USNRaptor Playset v 1.0 is now available. The playset is all the files I currently use to play Fighters Anthology. Instead of going through the ftp folders downloading individual files, the user can easily download this single zip file and extract the files into a virgin Fighters Anthology folder.

February 20, 2018

- The Yankee Station campaign is finally finished. It is a 40 mission campaign commencing during the Tonkin Gulf incident and extending through 1966. The player will experience a variety of historically inspired missions flying the A-1 Skyraider, A-4 Skyhawk, A-6 Intruder, F-4 Phantom II, and the F-8 Crusader. All necessary files are included.

To play: [update: now found in the playset] 

- Fans of Sega Afterburner can enjoy the classic arcade's music during Fighters Anthology flight. Go to the music folder and save the file.

- Fans of the TV show Firefly can enjoy the theme during the Jane's logo by going to the music folder and saving the JANELOGO.11K file into their Fighters Anthology folder.

December 27, 2017

- CAG's VNFA Wing is back online. Also, there are now ten missions built for the Yankee Station campaign. The missions and files in the folder will be getting constantly modified as the campaign develops. The MiG-17 has also been slightly improved, including a gun-sight radar and proper fuel consumption.

December 17, 2017

- Inspired partly by eBurger's 'Air War: North Vietnam Timeline', I have started my first Vietnam campaign. It is based on Navy ops starting with the Gulf of Tonkin incident and will run probably into 1967. Look for missions in the Yankee folder. Three are built so far. The missions start out easy and will get harder as the campaign progresses.

- In the misc folder is HUD Color Tips (jpg) submitted by CAG Hotshot.

December 3, 2017

- thanks to DMC71269 at the FARC Forum, a flaw was discovered with Shape (.SH) files. For some reason, when saving the shape file from the ftp to the Fighter's Anthology folder, it would not properly read the corresponding .PIC file. To fix this (hopefully), I'm putting the shapes & pics into a zip file. 

November 8, 2017

- added to & renamed pics/shapes. Adjusted some aircraft to reflect those changes. The 'Shapes Notes.txt' details which shapes/pics to which files. Included in the pics_shapes folder are screenshots of the aircraft. The screenshot name is the same as its associated shape name ( i.e.  F86.jpg -- F86.SH ).

November 2, 2017

- created F-9J, RF-101, BTR-80 (Desert), and APG-30 Gun Radar for F-9J, F-86F, and F-100. Added pics/shapes retrieved from eBurger's files. Changed F-100 and A-1E to have jungle camo. Thanks to those who created the pics/shapes.

October 23, 2017

- added Iron Eagle sound file ( &IE1.5K), and adjusted Iron Eagle mission and Briefing.

Updated: October 10, 2017

- added General Quarters sound file ( &GQ.5K ).

Updated: September 8, 2017

- added a new single player mission (Chwdr.m & .mt) based on / inspired by Star's multiplayer mission named "Chowdering the Chinamen". The new mission is designed to use the B-1B using the 28 Mk-82 bomb racks.

- added FA links to web pages that are still existing (or available on the Wayback Machine page).

Updated: March 30, 2017

- fixed F4B.PT; renamed F20A.PT to F20.PT; made adjustments to F5E.PT, F5EE.PT and F20.PT.

- created F4D.PT. Linked F4B.SH and _F4B.PIC to it to give it camoflage paint. 

- renamed F4C.SH and _F4C.PIC to  F4B.SH and _F4B.PIC so they would work correctly.

Update: March 10, 2017

- improved AGM78.JT to have better killing power against SA-2s.

- adjusted B-1s weapon loadout in Baltic Campaign mission ~B22.M to reflect retire of weapon.

- Baltic Campaign mission briefing for ~B35.MT was changed to read Tornado instead of Typhoon.

Update: February 21, 2017

- added a folder labeled 'sound'. Inside are three new sounds. ALC.5k  is Authenticate Launch Code for nuclear weapon release. KLX.5k is a klaxon horn. TG1.5k is for the Top Gun mission briefing (mission objective page). I used 5k so they would work in the briefings; 11k wouldn't work.    .wav files are in the folder for preview.

- updated to play sound file.

Update: January 23, 2017

- added a folder in my ftp labeled 'Great Planes' in honor of the Discovery Channel show in the '80s that eventually led to Wings. In that folder are songs pieced together from some of the episodes, along with songs from other military aviation-themed media.

- also removed some video files. The Longbow videos can be found on Youtube.

Created: March 18, 2016

This page is dedicated to all the loyal developers, modders, and fans of the US Navy Fighters series.

Thank You for making this series the greatest flight sim of all time.

I can be contacted at as well as at the Fighters Anthology Resource Center Forum. Please feel free to contact me regarding any manners associated with Fighters Anthology and/or this website.





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