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Welcome to USNRaptor's

Jane's Fighters Anthology

This webpage and associated links contain all my (and some others) files related to Fighters Anthology. This website does not represent, nor has any official affiliation with Jane's Information Group or Electronic Arts. 

Website Notice 1: If you receive a "Bad Request" error when trying to reach this site, just keep hitting 'Refresh' or come back later and try again.  If this website goes offline permanently, continue to look for updated files in the USNRaptor FA Google Drive. Continue to periodically search for a new website using the keyword 'usnraptor.' The e-mail address should remain valid for the foreseeable future. Likewise, visit the Discord for Fighters Anthology.

Website Notice 2: This website is still in HTTP format; not HTTPS.  If your modern web browser is warning of 'security' issues, blame 'big tech' for not liking old websites. It's from this issue that 'Alternate Download Links' have been added. Factoid: This website is maintained/updated using a Windows ME / Pentium 3 system, and is viewed using Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.19.

Installation Notice: Fighters Anthology with the Playset works best when the installation instructions are followed precisely. The instructions are inside the Playset package, labeled:  " usnraptor playset v4_1.txt " .  Keep in mind users with newer computer systems may experience frequent crashes of Fighters Anthology when using the Playset .LIB files. If this is the case, delete the Playset .Lib files and install the Individual Files instead.

Gameplay Notice:  The Vietnam map (TVIET.MM) in the Playset is a modified map. It may cause some default Single & Quick Missions to work improperly.

Free Grammar Lesson 1:  The plural of 'Aircraft' is 'Aircraft.'  Example: "There are fifty aircraft on the tarmac.'

Free Grammar Lesson 2:  'Ordinance' will get your illegally parked car fined/towed.  'Ordnance' will blow your car to pieces. 


Update:  July 4th2024     Happy Birthday United States of America.

For those wondering, the Playset is undergoing a metamorphosis.  The campaigns are being converted to be independent of the Playset, yet have the same wonderful characterics we all enjoy. As campaigns are converted, they will be posted.


May 8, 2024

Modders can now access files used in USNF'97, access aircraft texture .bmp files, and preview aircraft used in the game by downloading the following file :  USNF97 Default Individual Lib Files and AC   Read the read me text file that comes with it for details.

May 1, 2024

- Check out the all-new Playset Gallery , currently with screenshots of aircraft found in the Playset. Likewise, visit the Korean Campaign 2024 page to see screenshots from that project.

-Playset v 4.1 is now available.  Some changes were made to the Playset installation instructions, the two F-14s, the Q-5, and the Su-7.  These changes do not affect Korean Campaign 2024.

- Speaking of installation instructions, a set has been written out for all new and / or returning Fighters Anthology players who wish to install the game on Win10 systems.  They can be found here , and in the link column of this website.

- Lastly, new links have been added in the left column: Pappy's Collection, Standard Aircraft Characteristics 2, and the two installation guide links in the top, left corner.

February 22, 2024

- In celebration of the 1st U.S. President, George Washington's birthday, I present to the world the long awaited Korea Campaign 2024. For further details and to download, visit the campaign's website. 

October 31, 2023

- Here is a Halloween treat for you: Playset v 4.0 is now available. Since the Korean campaign is moving slowly, I have decided to release the new Playset v 4.0 ahead of schedule. There have been many updates since v 3.9 was originally released, but here are a few recent ones:

- The EA-6B and the A-7s have new flight envelopes, and changes in performance and weapons, based on information in the EA-6B and A-7E flight manuals, respectively. Since the YA-7F's flight manual isn't available, I had to guess a little based on what little information is available. You can view the data I used in AC Other.xls .

- Recent new aircraft include the MQ-9 Reaper, C-130J Super Hercules, and the AH-1S Super Cobra with TOW missiles. The IL-28 has been retired from the Playset, but a newer version is available in the Korean Campaign lib.

- Minor changes have been made to the AH-1s, AH-64s, F-5s, and F-35s.

- I have not had a chance to test all the missions and campaigns to see if they play properly with all the recent changes. If you notice an error, feel free to let me know.

- Lastly, keep in mind the Playset is reaching the Fighters Anthology total file limit. If you load a campaign and get a crash to desktop, you may need to temporarily remove some Single missions to make room for the Campaign missions. The current plan is to make major changes to the Playset to better handle the total file limit with the future release of Playset v 5.0 .

October 20, 2023

- Korean Campaign 2023 is still being developed. Twenty-seven out of forty missions are complete. Learn more about ithere .

August 31, 2023

- A new link has been added for Aguada's FA Router Patch, under Hot Loads. According to FARC, "This program provides a step by step procedure to edit the Fighters Anthology executable file, allowing the user to play in multiplayer Fighters Anthology games over the internet, when connected to the internet through a router."

May 7, 2023

- Refreshed Playset v 3.9 a bit. As I work on the Korean campaign 2023, the Playset will continue to get refreshed with added items. Once the Korean Campaign is complete, I'll release it along with Playset v 4.0. That's the plan, for now anyways.

- In the single missions, the 1950s Korean missions were working incorrectly. They work fine now.

- Old FA Futures Invisible Airstrip (now INVRNY.OT) has been added. It is labeled "Airstrip, Invisible."  Likewise, the Playset's "Small Airport" (DTSTRP.OT) and "Long Dirt Strip" (LDTSTRP.OT) will now appear as "Airstrip, Dirt" and "Airstrip, Long Dirt."  Thank you to CAG Hotshot and others who worked so hard on the old FA Futures project.

- Marine One, the President's helicopter, is now included in the Playset. Original graphics courtesy of Zephyr's JKPFA project.


January 29, 2023

Korea Campaign 2023 production has begun. Learn more about it here .

January 21, 2023

Updated and renamed to FA Default Individual Lib This .zip contains the files found inside of FA default libs FA_1.LIB, FA_2.LIB, FA_3.LIB, FA_4B.LIB, FA_4C.LIB, and FA_4D.LIB. This allows modders easier access to those files without needing to manipulate the FA Toolkit.

- Def_Acft.ZIP has been renamed to Default Aircraft Preview These are preview pics / screenshots of default FA aircraft.

- Both .zip files can be found in USNRaptor FA Google Drive.

January 10, 2023

USNRaptor Playset v 3.9 has received some minor changes. These changes improve gameplay, but are not necessary. If you wish to update, just redownload it. LIB users can just copy over the old libs. Individual File users can just select all the individual files and copy them over.

- The Sepecat Jaguar has received a few minor upgrades, with a major improvement in fuel efficiency. These minor changes should not impact any campaign or single missions negatively. If I ever get a flight envelope chart that is dumb enough for me to be able to be smart enough to interpret, I'll perform a major upgrade for the Jaguar. 

- Some more green-textured vehicles have appeared.

December 9, 2022

- Just Mob on the FA Discord noticed the Playset's F-117 wasn't carrying a weapon load when the player chose it. Up until now, the default F-117 was being used. When the Playset's weapons received weight adjustments, the GBU-27s disappeared from player F-117s (AI F-117s kept them). That has been corrected, as well as a few other adjustments to the F-117 (F117.PT). Just redownload the current Playset (v 3.9). Lib users can copy over FA_5.LIB. Individual users can just copy the F117.PT into your Fighters Anthology folder containing the Playset.

December 4, 2022

-Links to the game music files have been added in the left column. The collection of .MP3 files are all inside their respective .zip file. There is a difference in the music of ATF and Fighters Anthology, so download both if you wish. The music in Fighters Anthology is originally the music of US Navy Fighters.

- There is a new Website Notice 2 listed above. If left-clicking the mouse does not allow you to download a file, try right-clicking and "Save Link As..".  If totally blocked, try the alternative download link if available.

November 28, 2022

-The TOP GUN mission (TOPGUN.M, -.MT) has been totally revamped. Maverick is sitting on Alert 5 ready to launch. The order comes in, and now he must race out to save Iceman & Slider and prevent the launch of anti-ship missiles toward SS Layton. This new version comes with black enemy jets, and actual sound bites from the movie (not only in the briefing, but also in flight). Requires Playset v 3.9 or newer, and can be found with the other single missions inside Campaigns v3_9.ZIP.

- USNRaptor Playset v 3.9  is now available. A fresh install should not be necessary. Both Lib and Individual File users can just copy the new files over the old ones.

- The F-15s and AIDC Ching-Kuo have received some minor updates, mainly in their weapon capacities. These changes are not expected to adversly affect the campaign missions, but have not been tested. If you suspect otherwise, let me know with details.

- Several new vehicles and scenery items have appeared, giving a larger variety of color schemes to choose from. The shape colors were borrowed from other projects (mainly, the old FA Futures. Thanks!), but (most of) the textures are genuine USNRaptor.

- Some of the Air to Ground weapons have been renamed to alleviate confusion on their deployment methods. Any weapon labeled with the word 'Pack' (i.e. MK-82 3-Pack), the ordnance will deploy all at once, all together.  If the weapon is labeled with anything other than 'Pack', then the ordnance will deploy one item at a time.

- The default Korean map (NSK.MM) has been restored for the Playset. The Quick Missions should work as designed. The three Playset Korean War single missions should not be adversly affected, but have not been tested. If you suspect otherwise, let me know with details.

- The Korean Campaign 2023 deadline has been extended to December 31st, 2022. Learn more about it  here .

- New and old links have been added in the left column, including two new categories. Hot Loads will have popular downloads available, including the latest version of the Playset. The new Textures section are .zip files ready for download. Some long, lost links of yesteryear have reappeared in the Retired links sections.

- Lastly, I have discovered the Playset's JDAMs only work well during clear day conditions. I'm currently looking into this issue, and may make some changes in the future.

August 25, 2022

- Over the course of the US Navy Fighters --> Fighters Anthology franchise, scores of projects have been created to improve the series and/or add a personal touch to a terrific, maleable game. One focus has been adding new textures to the aircraft. As a tribute to the artists, I have assembled a collection of screenshots of the many different aircraft. To find this collection, just follow this simple path:

Click the link on the left labeled USNRaptor FA Google Drive --> click the folder Other Peoples Stuff --> download the file 0ther Peoples Stuff Preview Pics Collection.ZIP . Please read the 00_readme.txt file inside the .zip. I do this because every time I update the file, Google assigns a new web address to it (atleast, I'm pretty sure they do).

- Speaking of artists, let's not forget the original artists. Click to download default Fighters Anthology aircraft pictures, labeled Def_Acft.ZIP .

- Likewise, many of the projects inside the Other Peoples Stuff google folder have had the .lib files opened up, and individual files (as well as preview pics) made with them. Now, modders will no longer need to use the FA Toolkit in order to access the material inside those libs.

- An unexpected benefit while doing this was a new-to-me tip discovered. Have you ever seen funny rainbow-like stripes on your aircraft, such as the Su-17 in the Playset? Turn off Gouraud Shading in the graphics section to make them disappear.

- Did you happen to notice the new animated gif at the top right of this website? That was actually found in one of the old websites. Explore the Retired links to the left, and see if you can find the website it came from.

August 5, 2022

- I have a proposal for the Fighters Anthology community to build a 2023 Korean Campaign . Learn more about it here .

July 28, 2022

- The A-10s have received an audit and overhaul, based on new information found in the flight manuals. The level, max engine power, flight speed was way higher than real life. That has been corrected. The flight envelope still remains the same, for those speeds represent airframe min/max speeds. Since the A-10A can't self lase (laser), and Fighters Anthology doesn't have buddy lasing, the A-10A has lost its ability to carry LGBs. The A-10C has the ability by carrying an Advanced Targetting Pod (built-in in Fighters Anthology). 

- Another item of note. The A-10A has a maximum take-off weight of 51,000 lbs. For the A-10C, that weight was reduced to 46,000 lbs. However, the A-10C has a maximum in-flight weight of 51,000 lbs. For the sake of the Playset, I decided to stay with the 46,000 lbs limit. To make up for the difference, I didn't penalize for the added sensors. For more information about the A-10s, check out the AC Other Envelopes.xls file, found via USNRaptor FA Folder --> Misc .

- The weight of the GAU-8 round has been reduced from 3 to 2 lbs. The manual states 1.5 lbs, but Fighters Anthology doesn't recognize non-whole numbers. The empty weight (which is really the basic weight) has been adjusted to reflect this discrepency. The KCA-30 round is now 2 lbs as well.

- These updates can be found in the re-issued Playset v 3.8. Just copy over the old files. No campaigns are affected by these changes. One single mission has been added, V25.M "High Rollers", an A-10A mission from the Vladivostok campaign.

- New textures from MLK's Czech ATF/NATO page can be found in the, but have not been incorporated into the Playset. Preview pictures are included for all shapes/textures inside the file.

July 16, 2022

USNRaptor Playset v 3.8  is now available. Lib users can just copy the new files over the old ones. Individual File users are encouraged to do a fresh install. Likewise, some single missions have been added, deleted, or altered. I encourage deleting all old single missions for the new ones. However, you may wish to make a backup copy of your favorites, just in case. 

- All Vietnam Campaigns now meet v 3.8 standards. All other campaigns should work just fine with v 3.8. Likewise, all campaigns now have a Mission Description file (i.e. Yank72 mission desc.txt). These files contain highly useful information for playing campaigns.

- Most single missions have not been updated yet. All missions, both single and campaign, are designed to be winnable. If you find one that isn't, feel free to notify me if you suspect the issue is the mission being out of date.

- The *.MC code files previously included with the campaigns are now integrated into the playset. These codes give varying messages during missions. These files operate the special mission codes mentioned in the May 30th, 2022 post.

- Some minor performance upgrades to the RF-101 in the playset and the F-101B in the file. Though the aircraft was specified to a speed limit of 600 kias below 25,000 ft, it was quite capable of higher speeds. The "speed limit" was often broken by RF-101 pilots flying combat reconnaisance in North Vietnam.

- The F-4E (Jungle) has been set to land on aircraft carriers. This was done for Vietnam campaign game-mechanic purposes (aka allow player to be "Almost Home").

July 7, 2022

- Vladivostok - Russia campaign now meets v 3.7 standards. In this one, Russia takes care of China themselves. The new campaign can be found inside the re-reissued Playset v 3.7, or you can just download the campaign here: VLAD-RUS . The single missions related to the Vladivostok campaign missions have been removed and replaced with fresh missions.

- The Su-27 Flanker-B (Gray) has been redesignated the J-11 Flanker-L; it still remains as the SU27V.PT. Likewise, Su-27 Flanker-B (Blue) is now Su-27 Flanker-B.

- The MiG-31 now has an icon image assigned to it, and is a selectable aircraft in the Vladivostok - Russia campaign.

- No campaigns are affected by these changes. Players may copy over the old playset files if they so choose. 

July 4, 2022

- Vladivostok - US campaign now meets v 3.7 standards. CelebrateIndependence Day by shooting skyward Chinese-made fireworks and shooting down Chinese fighters, all while defending Russian land, in Fighters Anthology. The new campaign can be found inside the reissued Playset v 3.7, or you can just download the campaign here: VLAD-US. No other adjustments have been made to Playset v 3.7.

June 24, 2022

USNRaptor Playset v 3.7   is now available. Lib users can just copy the new files over the old ones. Individual File users need to do a fresh install. Likewise, some single missions have been added, deleted, or altered. I encourage deleting all old single missions for the new ones. However, you may wish to make a backup copy of your favorites, just in case. 

- All three Baltic campaigns now meet v 3.7 standard. The campaigns updated for v 3.5 and v 3.6 should have no problems with v 3.7. To keep track of campaign updates, refer to the file 'Aircraft - Campaign Catalog.xls' located in USNRaptor FA Folder --> Misc .

- The F-35s are now able to do self laser designating and carry laser guided weapons. Remember, the F-35s are not stealthy when carrying external weapons.

- The Rafales have received an upgrade, mostly in their weapon carrying capability. Likewise, the F-8E Crusader (French) has received a minor weapon downgrade.

- The F-4s have received  new flight envelopes based on the flight manual; the F-4G has an upgraded weapon capability. The values used can be found in the file AC Fighter Envelopes.xls

- The file Aircraft Envelopes.xls has been split into two. It is now AC Fighter Envelopes.xls and AC Other Envelopes.xls . These files can be found via USNRaptor FA Folder --> Misc.  All my .xls files are created using Excel 2000.

- Lastly, a big Thank You to Centurian for his long, tedious research on varying aircraft counter-measure defense systems (aka chaff / flare). Using his research, the Playset is receiving updates to varying aircraft and their CMD and ECM systems. These last minute changes (hopefully) won't affect game play negatively.

May 30th , 2022                     

-  USNRaptor Playset v 3.6   is now available. A fresh install should not be necessary. Just copy the new files over the old ones.

- The F-4E (Jungle), aka F4C.PT has received internal chaff / flare. Keep in mind, however, that USAF F-4Es did not receive internal chaff / flare until starting in 1973. 

- The AIM-54 Phoenix missiles have an updated flight trajectory.

- The MK 45 5-inch naval gun no longer targets aircraft. 

- The Aegean 1997, Egypt 1995, Kuril 2018, and Taiwan 2014 now meet v3.6 standards.

- The Ukraine 1994 campaign has received some major updates, and now meet v3.6 standards:

1. One major change is there are two campaign files to choose from: one with the videos and one without the videos. Instructions for installation are in "Ukraine mission desc.txt".  Do NOT use Zephyr's "" with this campaign set.

2. Another major change is the reinstatement of the special u-codes into the Ukraine campaign. Remember "THIS IS AEROFLOT FLIGHT 261. EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!" ?  Yes, those codes. Info about u-codes can be found in the 'M Editting Tips.txt' file.

3. Several Ukraine missions have received changes to correspond to the changes made in the playset with various aircraft and weapons, particularly anti-ship weapons. ALL missions are winnable, though not necessarily easily winnable.

4. Please be sure to read the "Ukraine mission desc.txt" file inside Ukraine.ZIP for campaign installation instructions and other useful information. 

May 8, 2022

-  This is an minor update to USNRaptor Playset v 3.5. Those who already have installed v3.5 can just copy the new files over the old ones. No need to do a fresh install. 

- Multiple improvements have been made to the AIDC F-CK-1 Ching-Kuo, especially its weapons carrying ability.

- Downgraded the damage points needed to destroy the larger ships.

- Fixed the texture for the green M-113 ( _M114.pic ).

- The Taiwan 2014 and Egypt 1995 campaigns now meet v3.5 standards. 

April 28, 2022

-  USNRaptor Playset v 3.5  is now available. The main change is an overhaul of (most of) the Air to Ground ordnance. I did some research and created a system to get the weapons' destructive power (based on size of warheads and speed of weapons) to have some form of conformity to each other, and hopefully perform closer to real life. The player will notice changes in range for some, and more/less lethality than before, as well as a new AS-20 Kayak (icon thanks to Zephyr). The chart I created can be found in the Weapons - My Icons folder in the USNRaptor FA Folder which is still labeled AC Guns.xls.

- Some of the ships, vehicles, and scenery objects have received changes in their damage amounts to correspond to the changes in A-G ordnance destructive power. The amount of damage needed to destroy various items can been seen in the AC Guns.xls chart (note: not all items are listed).

- The air to air missiles have received another power/damage upgrade. Though more powerful in destructive power, don't expect to take out a Su-25 with a single Sidewinder. This upgrade may change the dynamics of campaign missions.

- The flight envelopes of the A-4s, EF-111, F-9J, F-84G, F-86, F-100, F-104s, F-105s, F-111, and RF-101 have received a major upgrade based on the flight manuals. With the F-104s, the flyer must maintain a high speed in order to have a high turn rate. For more information, view the Aircraft Envelopes.xls found in the USNRaptor FA Folder under 'Misc' and in the USNRaptor FA Google Drive.

- The Mirage 2000s have received an update; in particular in its weapons carrying capabilties. The M2000.PT has been adjusted to meet Mirage 2000-5 MK 2 standards; M2000E.PT now meets Mirage 2000EM (Egypt) standards.

- New aircraft have been added, but not all are in the Playset. Some of these aircraft can be found in the file. The new aircraft are: B-47 Stratojet, F-84F Thunderstreak, FJ-4 Fury, F-101B Voodoo, OV-10 Bronco, and U-2 Dragon Lady. Some are rough drafts that still need refinement.  Likewise, Airwolf has been removed from the playset but can still be found here. To fly the planes, just copy the .PT file of the aircraft (and there associated .SH and .PIC files, if any) into your Fighter Anthology folder . It doesn't matter if you use individual files or .Libs, it'll still work.

- The F-86F and F-84G have received texture updates. New F/A-18 textures can be found in the, but have not been incorporated into the Playset. Preview pictures are included for all shapes/textures inside the file.

- The J-20 texture crash error for .LIB users has been fixed.

- Egypt 1995 Campaign has been updated to Playset v 3.5 standards. The campaign includes more aircraft choices, a different selection of weapons, and changes in several missions.

- Upgrades to other campaigns are in the works. For more information, and to view the latest Playset version each campaign has been upgraded to, view the Aircraft - Campaign Catalog.xls found in the USNRaptor FA Folder under 'Misc' and in the USNRaptor FA Google Drive.

January 4, 2022

- The F-4E (Desert), F-4G, and F-4 FGR.2 have received an updated chaff / flare package.

- Fixed the issue with computer pilots hesitating to drop cluster bombs. Likewise, the triple pack of CBU-87s (CBU87M.JT) has been replaced by a twin pack (CBU87T.JT), with the campaign files (.cam) for Egypt 1995 and Vlad-US reflecting this change.

- Egypt 1995 Campaign has been updated to Playset v 3.4 standards.

December 25, 2021

- The USNRaptor Playset v 3.4 has been struck by another thunderbolt; the A-10C Thunderbolt II that is. The new A-10C is sporting the markings of the 122nd Fighter Wing 'Blacksnakes'. The Litening Targeting Pod is permanently mounted on station 10 (does not appear on the player weapon load screen). This pod allows the player to deploy JDAM and laser-guided bombs. The default weapon load uses modern weapons; however, the player can still mount a wide variety of older weapons as before. Furthermore, the A-10C has datalink. To simulate this, hit Shift-R and Shift-G. The A-10A (A10.PT) no longer has its Infrared ability.

- The Ukraine Campaign is updated to v 3.4 standards. In addition, 5 .pic files were added for the campaign to change the aircraft carrier number to 73 from 69. A special .lib by Zephyr (FA_0.LIB) was added to remove the video sequences. See notes in Ukraine Campaign .zip file for more details.

- After 26 years of playing this series, it finally occured to me the airspeed displayed on the HUD is in knots true air speed (ktas) as opposed to miles per hour (mph). If you notice slower speeds in aircraft, it may be due to this fact. The flight envelopes for the A-10, IL-28, MiG-25, and the P-3 have been changed to reflect this.

- Using actual flight manuals, the A-1E, A-1H, and A-37 have received major upgrades to their flight envelopes and weapon hardpoints. The old ones carried way too many weapons and flew rather crummy. The A-37 no longer has its Infrared ability.

- The A-6s have received another performance update to the flight envelope. After reviewing the chart, the A-6 can pull up to 6.5g with a symmetrical load, and 5.2g with an asymmetrical load.

- The IL-76 Mainstray (Air) is now labeled the A-50 Mainstray (Air). It is still IL76.PT, so no missions will be affected by this renaming.

- The F/A-18C has had its AIM-120 mount removed from the wingtips. The F-15E Sidewinder station has been divided in two to allow mixed load of AIM-9 and AIM-120 (this was listed in the flight manual). The F-14D has received a chaff / flare upgrade (AN/ALE-39 plus LAU-138).

- The GBU-12 (GBU29.JT) and GBU-12 Twin Pack (GBU29P.JT) have been added. The GBU-16 and -16T destructive power was underrated. That has been corrected.

- There have been a few link changes. The main change is the 'usnraptor ftp folder' has been moved into an http folder. The link is now labeled 'usnraptor FA folder'. Another big change is the addition of a link to Discord - Fighters Anthology. All are welcome to join and chat with other Fighters Anthology players/modders.

October 7, 2021

-  USNRaptor Playset v 3.3  is now available. Remember, a change had been made last update to the .Lib file system (refer to June 12, 2021 update).

- Thanks to CAG Hotshot and months of dedicated, hard work using his magical shape & texture wizardry, Fighters Anthology now has a properly shaped MiG-19 Farmer. The texture being released now is an early, preliminary version. The final texture, along with its appropriate crash shapes, are currently being developed.

- The UH-1 'Huey' has finally arrived. It incorporates the UH-1 shape by CAG Hotshot and a texture blend of CAG Hotshot, USNRaptor, and default UH-60 graphics.

- The 1950s Russian IL-28 Beagle has been added. If it looks vaguely familiar, I used the E-2 shape / texture from USNF'97.

- The A-10 Thunderbolt II has received a major overhaul of its flight envelope and chaff / flare dispenser.

- The A-7A (A7V.PT) now has a new, classic look similar to the F-8 and A-6A.

- MiG-29 Fulcrum-C (Snow) is now MiG-29 Fulcrum-A with a gray camo top and a blue bottom. All MiG-29s now have the same "top-of-fuselage" engine intake graphic.

- Several aircraft have received changes in their chaff / flare numbers. As more (credible) information becomes available, more updates will be made.

- A Green camoflaged M-113 from USNF '97 has been added. A few other tanks have received custom green camo textures.

- A new map: the Open Ocean map. It is nothing but ocean. Top Gun and Scrambler missions have been converted to use the new map.

- For modders, the Layout of JT file.txt  is now available. Basically, the .JT file has been mapped out.

- Finally, the link for CAG Hotshot's VNFA Wing Forum has been added to the Active Duty links list.

June 12, 2021

-  USNRaptor Playset v 3.2   is now available (located only in FA google drive). A change has been made to the .Lib file system . For those using the .Lib files, FA_6.Lib has been split into FA_6A.Lib and FA_6B.Lib. When you upgrade, be sure to delete FA_6.Lib.

- Upgrades have been made to several aircraft: J-7E, JH-7 (New Texture), J-8 (J82M), MiG-29, Su-15, Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, Su-33, Su-35, Tu-26, and Tu-160. The Tu-160 in real life has two bomb bays. However, due to limitations of the game, I had to split the two bomb bays into four. For realism, do not use more than two types of weapons at a time. Each type of weapon should occupy two bomb bays.

- Upgrades have been made to several weapons: AS-10 (New), AS-16 (from Kapset 3), FAB-250, -500, -1000, PL-7,PL-10. A new Electro-Optical Viewing System (M61P.JT) is now installed in gun-less bombers. The AS-16 now has a significant range to it.

- New aircraft include the IL-76 Candid (No Radar); graphics thanks to CAG Hotshot.

- Both Vladivostok 2004 campaigns have been updated (and improved) to Playset v 3.2 standards.

- Note: some campaigns have not been updated in a long time. If you play a campaign that seems to have many defects, please contact me at . This project is huge, and your help identifying defects is appreciated.

May 9, 2021

-  USNRaptor Playset v 3.1  is now available (located only in FA google drive). New aircraft include the C-141, F-4E with Jungle Camo, and the MiG-19.  The C-141 shape comes from CAG's IL-76 shape with radar dome removed. The texture for the C-141 was added by usnraptor. Thanks to CAG Hotshot the B-52D has a black paint job for its belly.

- The Yak-141 once again has a graphic for its afterburner. The afterburner was featured in the US Navy Fighters series but not in the ATF series. The ATF version was transferred to Fighters Anthology. That oversight has now been corrected. Unfortunately, the F-35 still does not show an afterburner.

- A new inclusion to the playset is the Flight Demonstration Teams add-on. Named, these files are not needed for normal Playset function. It includes aircraft from the USN Blue Angels and USAF Thunderbirds (both past and present), as well as the RAF Red Arrows. There is a smokepod (though it is "buggy") and an airshow mission. I did not create the original shapes or textures, but did add the damage textures. The .zip file includes both the FA_7.LIB and the Individual Files. Follow the same instructions as with the regular Playset; either install the .lib OR the individual files, but not both.

- Other changes: The AGM-78 and AGM-88 have received much improved performance. The MK-82 28-pack can now be dropped by AI (and human) pilots from up to 32,000 feet and in any time & weather. One new hangar has been created and another was discovered in the "back files" of Fighters Anthology. The Vietnam map received a slight adjustment, notably losing the airport at Nam Dinh.

- The Linebacker Campaign is now available in recognition of the 49th anniversary of the Linebacker operations in North Vietnam. It is a 25 mission historically-based campaign that covers US Air Force operations from May 9, 1972 until February 12, 1973. Players will fly missions in the A-7, B-52, F-4, F-105G, F-111, and a very special plane at the end.

- The Aegean Campaign has been updated to Playset v 3.1. Along with it is a slight update to the Greek map and additional weapons to select from.

- In the Active Duty section of the links section, the usnraptor FA Google Drive has been added. This drive will store files in a similar fashion as the usnraptor FTP folder, minus the ftp part. If you have trouble finding or retrieving files from the FTP, then you should look for those files in the FA Google Drive. Currently, the large files (greater that 4 MB) are located only in the FA Google Drive. For some reason, Frontier is not allowing me to upload large files to my http & ftp anymore. The likely reason is because Frontier Sucks !!! If this page ever goes offline, be sure to continue to check the FA Google Drive for updates.

January 11, 2021

- USNRaptor Playset v 3.0 has received a slight update. Thanks to CAG Hotshot, the P-3 Orion has now received its proper shape and texture. Through his great shape modification skills, he was able to remove the attrocious top and bottom sensor radomes that were on the default P-3.

- Also, most of the old single missions have been either updated or removed/retired, as well as the addition of a new single mission based on the Kuril 2018 Hot Tracks mission.

December 25, 2020

** Notice: Reports have come in the new .LIB files are causing problems, so far only on systems newer than my Pentium 3, Windows ME system. As a remedy for now, the Playset 3.0 zip now includes the option of loading the game using the former individual files system that has been used up to this point.  If your Fighters Anthology is having significant crashes outside the norm, then delete FA_5.LIB and FA_6.LIB and install the individual files instead.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

-  [ ** See above Notice**] You wanted it; now you've got it. LIB files are now in USNRaptor Playset v 3.0  . The previous individual playset files are now in .LIB files; specifically FA_5.LIB and FA_6.LIB. This was done to make upgrading playsets easier on the user.

- The Campaigns.ZIP is now located inside the Playset Zip. Campaign and single missions remain as individual files, as well as optional music files.

- The F-111 has lost a couple hardpoints. Originally, the real F-111 had four hardpoints under each wing. However, when the outer hardpoints were used, the wings had to remain forward swept limiting its airspeed to under 300 knots. In order to fly faster, not only did the weapons need to be jettisoned, so did the pylons. The flight manuals do not authorize weapons to be carried on those hardpoints. Therefore, sadly, I removed those hardpoints. I did add Sidewinder hardpoints which were authorized, but rarely used. The gun pod still remains loadable in the bomb bay. 

- The Air to Air missiles have received a damage increase by ten percent.

- Some precision guided bombs have had their weights increased to match real life. Several aircraft have received a weight carrying increase of their hardpoints to correspond with this change.

- The water tower file has had a name change from WTRTWR.OT to XTWR1.OT. This matches its' shape file name.

- Baltic 1976, Baltic 2009, and Kuril Islands 2018 campaigns have been updated to v 3.0. These campaigns were updated to correspond to the updates of aircraft and weapons for the past few months.

- The Iron Eagle mission has been slightly updated. The player no longer gets to choose weapons, and is now flying a two-seat F-16.  The Final Countdown II and the Columbian Drug Cartel  single missions have been deleted.

November 22, 2020

-  USNRaptor Playset v 2.8 is now available.  The main change is the modified helicopters have had their fuel quantities doubled, with their maximum take off weight increased to reflect the additional fuel.  This was done to compensate for the limit on adjusting the games fuel consumption number to an amount between 0 and 1.  The amount of forward main rotor blade tilt has been increased to allow faster forward speed while in player flight mode.

- The F-16s have been adjusted so TER and MER can be carried on the inboard pylon.  A two-seat F-16D has been added.  The F-15Es fuselage hardpoint has been adjusted to better reflect the limits of weapons carriage. The KFIR has been updated to reflect a more appropriate weapons load. F/A-18A,-C,-D have received minor adjustments that shouldn't affect the campaigns.

- Some of the weapons have received minor changes; most notably weights. The air-air destructive power is still under evaluation. Feel free to e-mail me your opinions on the matter (e-mail at bottom of webpage).

- Campaign has a much needed update to the Israel Campaign 2001. The main change in the campaign is the removal of the Super Hornet, and the inclusion of the Tomcat and Greyhound. That's right, the player will fly a very boring first mission on the C-2A Greyhound.  Weapons choices and recommeded aircraft have changed to reflect changes in the game over the past 20 years.

- Several of the single missions and text from my more immature days has had offensive and 'salty' language removed.

November 8, 2020

-  USNRaptor Playset v 2.7 is now available. The main change is the addition of the F-16C Block 50/52. The new F-16 uses F16F.PT, and has built-in IR and Laser (i.e. LANTIRN). The F-16A and -C have received minor changes. The -A is modeled after the F-16A Block 15; the -C after the F-16C Block 30/32.

- Some of the aircraft guns have had their round weight adjusted to closer reflect real life. As an example, the GAU-8 round now weights 3 pounds instead of one pound.

- Campaign has had two campaign updates. The Taiwan 2014 campaign is updated to v 2.7. The Egypt campaign is updated to v 2.6, but should work fine with v 2.7.  

October 23, 2020

- The Ukraine Campaign has been updated to Playset v 2.6 standards. A few other minor changes have been made to the Playset and files have been updated in the Campaign set. Both Playset and Campaign set have been updated but still remain version 2.6 .

September 25, 2020

-  USNRaptor Playset v 2.6 is now available. The main change is the addition of damage textures to several aircraft. Now, when an F-86 gets shot out of the sky, the aircraft maintains the F-86 texture instead of reverting back to the MiG-17 look. and BA_TB have been updated with the new damage textures. Read the text files (using Notepad) inside the .zip files for details.

- The A-7D and the A-7F (with afterburner) have been added; the A-4M and HH-60 have been removed with the UH-60 replacing the latter. A few other aircraft have received minor changes.

- Campaign has three new Korea war single missions. The Israel campaign had five missions updated to reflect the change from HH-60 to UH-60. 

August 26, 2020

- Baltic Campaign 1976 USSR is here. That's right, comrades. Now is your chance to repel the yankee invaders from the motherland. Based on Baltic Campaign 1976, the player gets to fly Soviet Cold War aircraft Mi-24, MiG-21, -23, -25, -27, Su-15, Su-17, Tu-16, Yak-38, and a secret prototype super fighter.

-  USNRaptor Playset v 2.5 is now available. The main change is an overhaul of the Air to Air missiles. I did some research and created a system to get the missiles' destructive power (based on size of the warheads) to have some form of conformity to each other, and hopefully perform closer to real life. The player will notice changes in range, and more/less lethality than before. The chart I created can be found in the Weapons - My Icons folder in the FTP which is still labeled AC Guns.xls. Hopefully, these changes in the missiles won't grossly change the fight dynamics of the campaigns in a negative way.

- Another change involves the remaking of the MiG-25 and MiG-31 flight envelopes. Not much information was found, so I used some 'artistic liberty' in creating what I hope is a better representation than the default models. The take-off speed is rather high. Rotate the nose up five degrees around 170 and it should lift off around 205 to 210 mph. Thanks to CAG Hotshot for having the MiG-25 article posted on his website.

- Other items: F-5s no longer carry AIM-7 Sparrows. This may affect game play in the other campaigns, notably the Taiwan campaign. The AIM-54A Phoenix has returned, and is carried on the F-14A Tomcat. Some more aircraft icons have appeared for the campaign. Thanks to Zephyr for the new weapon icons I used. The Saab fighters have been relabled with their 'JAS' designation.

- Campaign is here. will now be numbered with its matching playset. Hopefully, this will alleviate any confusion that may occur. The new campaign is included in this file.

July 4, 2020 

- USNRaptor Playset v 2.3 is now available. The main change is a new F-84G Thunderjet, using the straight wing shape & pic supplied by the JKPFA lib. Also from JKPFA lib is the blue paint scheme for the Japanese F-2. The B52.PT file has had its ordnance load adjusted. Several aircraft were removed from the "flyable" menu, but don't worry, you can still fly them.

- The Baltics 1976 campaign has been updated to the current playset (v 2.3). Some single missions have been modified and many mission briefing (.MT) files have been reformatted to meet a modern standard. The file has been updated to reflect these changes, as well as the individual zip files found in the FTP.

May 24, 2020 

- Now Available, the Music of Fighters Anthology in .WAV format. The zip file includes only the music from libs FA_4B and FA_4D, which is unavailable from the FA Toolkit. The FA_MUSIC.ZIP file can be found in the Music folder in the ftp.

May 22, 2020 

- Yankee Station 1964 and Yankee Station 1972 campaigns have been upgraded to USNRaptor Playset v 2.2 standards. The A-7A (A7V.PT) has been corrected with the proper guns; this plane was just added to the current playset (v 2.2).

- The DC3.PT had recently been retired from the playset, causing problems in several various campaign missions. Those problems are now fixed (as of May 22, 2020).

- Slow work in progress on modifying the Korean Map and making a scenery list. The NSK.MM file can be found in the 'Maps' ftp folder. Some default Quick Missions may not play correctly with the new map, since some airports have been created/ moved/ deleted to more represent real existing airports.

April 14, 2020 

- Kuril Island 2018 campaign is here. This is a 35 mission campaign highly influenced by the original 1997 Kuril Islands campaign. Some missions received some minor changes, while others were completely redone while still in the 'spirit' of the originals. The majority of the missions were designed to be flown using the USMC F-35B .

- Likewise, USNRaptor Playset v 2.2 is now available. Changes include a new V-22, FSX has become the Japanese F-2, a minor fix to the F-16s, the British Lightning has a different paint job, and the Mi-24 Hind will now attack fighters. Somewhere during the progress of game development from USNF to Fighters Anthology, the Mi-24 went from attacking fighters to running from them. That is now fixed.

March 3, 2020 

-Rolling Thunder is here. To commemorate the 55th anniversary of the beginning of the Rolling Thunder campaign in North Vietnam, I have created a new 40 mission campaign. The player will experience a variety of historically inspired missions flying the  A-1E Skyraider, B-52D Stratofortress, F-4C/D Phantom IIs, F-100D/F Super Sabres, F-104 Starfighter, F-105D/F Thunderchiefs, and the RF-101 Voodoo. It can be found in . You will need the latest USNRaptor Playset v2.1 to play the campaign.

- USNRaptor Playset v 2.1 is now available. As usual, there have been some updates & additions to various aircraft, weapons, scenery, icons, well as a new North Vietnam map. 

-The biggest change to the playset, however, is an overhaul of aircraft guns (excluding some bombers and the AC-130). I did some research and created a system to get the guns to have some form of conformity to each other, and hopefully perform closer to real life. The player will notice much higher rates of fire for some guns, and more/less lethality than before. The chart I created can be found in the Weapons - My Icons folder in the FTP.

- Minor update (March 11) - since this latest release, a few minor adjustments have been made, and the Taiwan campaign has been refreshed to work properly with playset v 2.1. Both the and playset are updated since March 3.

- If any errors/troubles are found with the playset in relation to the function/gameplay of other missions/campaigns, please contact me at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page. Thank You.

December 4, 2019

- USNRaptor Playset v 2.0 is now available. As usual, there have been some updates & additions to various aircraft, weapons, scenery, icons, etc... However, the biggest change is the removal of the campaigns and missions. These will now be available in a separate file called .

The reason for this change is because Fighters Anthology has a total file limit. With everything added, the limit is exceeded which causes the game to crash. Therefore, I recommend players upload the Playset files first, then add maybe two or three campaigns at a time. When done playing those campaigns, just delete those specific files and upload other campaigns. In the future, I may list the other option.

The latest campaign is now complete. It is the Baltic Campaign 1976 . Players will now fly the Buccaneer, Draken, F-4G, F-15A, F-104G, F-111, Harrier GR.3, Jaguar, and the Viggen against Soviet MiG-21s, -23s, -25s, -27s, Su-7s, and the new Su-15 Flagon.

Finally, saving the best for last. Thanks to CAG Hotshot, Fighters Anthology now has its first biplane in the form of the AN-2 Colt. He created a superb looking aircraft for all to enjoy. As those who have played the Yankee Station 1964 campaign know, the final mission involves shooting down an AN-2 Colt (based on a real mission).

August 10, 2019

- USNRaptor Playset v 1.8 is now available. The playset includes a few updates and bug fixes. Added two new Retired links; Centurian's Forsaken Outlaw and Strat's F/A World. Centurian's Collection of Tips & Tricks can be found in the Misc folder. The new FYI features has been added to the website. This feature will randomly list different notes of interest about the game and/or contents of the USNRaptor FTP Folder.

May 1, 2019

- USNRaptor Playset v 1.7 is now available. The playset includes several updates made to various items, icons, and missions over the last few months and now has the English Electric (BAC) Lightning. Also, for those who have not noticed yet, Airwolf has been available since this website began.

April 3, 2019

- Added the USNF'97 Su-37 to the aircraft/retired folder. It is not implemented in the playset. The links list has been modified. Keep an eye on updates as work continues on the F-35s and JDAMs. Due to restrictions of the game, the F-35s will not have built-in laser designators (hence, the creation of JDAMS).

March 15, 2019

- Added new/changed JDAM weapons and icons to folder. Military Designations link added.

February 10, 2019

- Added a new file for modders of Fighters Anthology. contains the files contained in FA_1.LIB, FA_2.LIB, and FA_4B.LIB. This allows easier access to those files without needing to manipulate the FA Toolkit. 

January 27, 2019

- New aircraft icons are now available for several different aircraft. No longer will a B-1B or B-52 be represented by an F/A-18 icon. 

- The Vladivostok campaign has been rewritten to use Russian aircraft and weapons (mostly) to defend against the Chinese invasion. The old modified campaign using US equipment can still be found in the ftp folder as Vlad-US .

- The USNRaptor Playset v 1.6 includes the new Vladivostok campaign (old one removed), the new aircraft icons, new F-35A -B & -C, improvements to the F-4, Saab Drakken & Viggen, Buccaneer, Jaguar, and Strikemaster. Many of the text files for campaign missions were cleaned up. Changes have been made to a few weapons and their icons. The B-83 nuclear weapon has been retired. .

- Lastly, inspired by Richard Schaffert's biography, From Farm Boy to Fighter Pilot, the Saga of Brown Bear, I rewrote the Vietnam single mission ODDS AGAINST (Viet 08) to have it more closely resemble the actual battle. Thank you Richard Schaffert for personally e-mailing me a copy of your book. His battle can be seen on the tv show Dogfights: The Last Gunfighter.

November 2, 2018

- The Yankee Station Linebacker campaign is complete. As mentioned before, this campaign replaces the default Vietnam campaign and is heavily inspired by real events. The campaign is selectable in the Campaign menu. It is 25 missions commencing with President Nixon famous Linebacker speech and ending with the last MiG to be shot down in the war. The player will fly an A-6A Intruder, A-7A & A-7E Corsair II, F-4B & F-4J Phantom II, and the newly added RA-5C Vigilante. As with all my campaigns, the USNRaptor Playset is required to play it.

- The USNRaptor Playset v 1.5 includes the new campaign, new aircraft (MiG-21MF, RA-5C), new weapons (AGM-62 Walleye II, MK-20 TER-3), and new scenery (dirt roads, canals). There have been some improvements to several existing files as well. Recently, I noticed the Knox class frigate was missing. This frigate is now back in action. Why is this important?  Its operational deck gun of coarse!  Some files have been renamed since the old playset, so it is highly advised to delete the old playset files and install the new playset. 

September 8, 2018

- The rewrite of the Linebacker campaign (which will overwrite the default Vietnam campaign) is eleven missions complete; fourteen more to go.  As with the Yankee Station campaign, this one too will be heavily inspired by real events.

- Did you know the USNRaptor Playset v 1.1 includes 4 usnraptor-created campaigns (Greek, Israeli, Taiwan, and Yankee Station) and 4 reworked default campaigns (Baltic, Egypt, Ukraine, and Vladivostok) ?

July 17, 2018

- New Aircraft: F-104C, -G, -S (F104.PT, F104G.PT, F104S.PT) are now available in the aircraft folder. The -G and -S models can have fuel (Extended Fuel Tanks) in place of the M61. Also needed are the pic and shape files ( _F104V.pic, _104G.pic, F104V.SH, 104G.SH) found in .

July 5, 2018

-The USNRaptor Playset v 1.1 has been updated. Included are the June 27 improvements, an SA-2F (inspired by Kapset), and the Duke / Driscoll May 10, 1972 mission (titled z720510.M and .MT). This mission will be part of the future rewrite of the default 25 mission Linebacker campaign. Retired from the playset is the F-106 and the AIM-4F and -G missiles. 

June 27, 2018

- Allowed the F-14D (F14.PT) to carry bombs, and installed IR sensor. A targeting pod is still needed for LGBs. Made some adjustments to ~B06.M, ~B32.MT, ~B33.MT, SHPATCK.M & .MT, SHPATCK2.M & .MT, TOPGUN.MT, AIM9B.JT, AIM9B2.JT, AIM9D.JT, and AIM9D2.JT. Several adjustments were made to the Taiwan Campaign in April.

May 4, 2018

- Brand New: the USNRaptor Playset v 1.0 is now available. The playset is all the files I currently use to play Fighters Anthology. Instead of going through the ftp folders downloading individual files, the user can easily download this single zip file and extract the files into a virgin Fighters Anthology folder.

February 20, 2018

- The Yankee Station campaign is finally finished. It is a 40 mission campaign commencing during the Tonkin Gulf incident and extending through 1966. The player will experience a variety of historically inspired missions flying the A-1 Skyraider, A-4 Skyhawk, A-6 Intruder, F-4 Phantom II, and the F-8 Crusader. All necessary files are included.

To play: [update: now found in the playset] 

- Fans of Sega Afterburner can enjoy the classic arcade's music during Fighters Anthology flight. Go to the music folder and save the file.

- Fans of the TV show Firefly can enjoy the theme during the Jane's logo by going to the music folder and saving the JANELOGO.11K file into their Fighters Anthology folder.

December 27, 2017

- CAG's VNFA Wing is back online. Also, there are now ten missions built for the Yankee Station campaign. The missions and files in the folder will be getting constantly modified as the campaign develops. The MiG-17 has also been slightly improved, including a gun-sight radar and proper fuel consumption.

December 17, 2017

- Inspired partly by eBurger's 'Air War: North Vietnam Timeline', I have started my first Vietnam campaign. It is based on Navy ops starting with the Gulf of Tonkin incident and will run probably into 1967. Look for missions in the Yankee folder. Three are built so far. The missions start out easy and will get harder as the campaign progresses.

- In the misc folder is HUD Color Tips (jpg) submitted by CAG Hotshot.

December 3, 2017

- thanks to DMC71269 at the FARC Forum, a flaw was discovered with Shape (.SH) files. For some reason, when saving the shape file from the ftp to the Fighter's Anthology folder, it would not properly read the corresponding .PIC file. To fix this (hopefully), I'm putting the shapes & pics into a zip file. 

November 8, 2017

- added to & renamed pics/shapes. Adjusted some aircraft to reflect those changes. The 'Shapes Notes.txt' details which shapes/pics to which files. Included in the pics_shapes folder are screenshots of the aircraft. The screenshot name is the same as its associated shape name ( i.e.  F86.jpg -- F86.SH ).

November 2, 2017

- created F-9J, RF-101, BTR-80 (Desert), and APG-30 Gun Radar for F-9J, F-86F, and F-100. Added pics/shapes retrieved from eBurger's files. Changed F-100 and A-1E to have jungle camo. Thanks to those who created the pics/shapes.

October 23, 2017

- added Iron Eagle sound file ( &IE1.5K), and adjusted Iron Eagle mission and Briefing.

Updated: October 10, 2017

- added General Quarters sound file ( &GQ.5K ).

September 8, 2017

- added a new single player mission (Chwdr.m & .mt) based on / inspired by Star's multiplayer mission named "Chowdering the Chinamen". The new mission is designed to use the B-1B using the 28 Mk-82 bomb racks.

- added FA links to web pages that are still existing (or available on the Wayback Machine page).

March 30, 2017

- fixed F4B.PT; renamed F20A.PT to F20.PT; made adjustments to F5E.PT, F5EE.PT and F20.PT.

- created F4D.PT. Linked F4B.SH and _F4B.PIC to it to give it camoflage paint. 

- renamed F4C.SH and _F4C.PIC to  F4B.SH and _F4B.PIC so they would work correctly.

March 10, 2017

- improved AGM78.JT to have better killing power against SA-2s.

- adjusted B-1s weapon loadout in Baltic Campaign mission ~B22.M to reflect retire of weapon.

- Baltic Campaign mission briefing for ~B35.MT was changed to read Tornado instead of Typhoon.

February 21, 2017

- added a folder labeled 'sound'. Inside are three new sounds. ALC.5k  is Authenticate Launch Code for nuclear weapon release. KLX.5k is a klaxon horn. TG1.5k is for the Top Gun mission briefing (mission objective page). I used 5k so they would work in the briefings; 11k wouldn't work.    .wav files are in the folder for preview.

- updated to play sound file.

January 23, 2017

- added a folder in my ftp labeled 'Great Planes' in honor of the Discovery Channel show in the '80s that eventually led to Wings. In that folder are songs pieced together from some of the episodes, along with songs from other military aviation-themed media.

- also removed some video files. The Longbow videos can be found on Youtube.

Created: March 18, 2016

This page is dedicated to all the loyal developers, modders, and fans of the US Navy Fighters series.

Thank You for making this series the greatest flight sim of all time.

I can be contacted at as well as at the Fighters Anthology Resource Center Forum. Please feel free to contact me regarding any manners associated with Fighters Anthology and/or this website.





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