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That's right, only $80/hr!  If you are in top mental and physical condition and outstanding in character, you can Learn to Fly at Wild Blue Aviation. Must be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, brave, clean, adventurous, fun loving, kind to animals, small children and lesser mortals. Your airplane, my airplane, Taildraggers, Classics, Experimentals, Warbirds. YOU CAN DO IT!  Call your Recruitment Officer today--Capt. Jerry Painter, CFI/Chief Pilot/A&P/Airport Bum. Ain't no spam spoken here!

Contact Jerry Painter - WILD BLUE AVIATION located Arlington, WA USA • Telephone: 425-876-0865 •

Jason Mickelson first solo rainy June 14, 2011

Learn to Fly in this classic 1946 Cessna 140

180hp Cessna 172 N5520D

Cessna 182 N21179

Bellanca 14-13-2 with a Lycoming 180 and constant speed propeller

Coming soon! Seaplane ratings in a 270hp Super Seabee

Get the Right Stuff at Wild Blue Aviation!

Come on Down! Take an Introductory Flight--only $80


Pilot Certificates and Ratings

Private Pilot Certificate—Airplane, Single-Engine, Land


apology:  are the columns below scrambled?  I just can't get this #$%@*&! software to get it lined up....


Another apology, but not my fault:  5/2/2010  Last week fuel went up to $6.05 per gallon. That means my fuel cost has gone up about 50% in the last few months (just like car gas). Seems like its been going up ten to twenty cents every week. That means it costs me $12 to $25 (or more) per hour to operate my airplanes--and that's a big chunk out of my income.  Hey, this is fun, but it ain't no charity and--just like everyone else--I've got bills to pay.  So, until gas prices come back down, I've had to add a 10% surcharge to the rates you see below.  Arrrgh!


NEW NEW NEW!!!  Cessna 182!!  Beautiful airplane with a leather interior, long range tanks (84 gallons, 79 useable) lotsa snot, lotsa room, hauls a big load, goes fast--indicates about 160--but lands slow and it has a color IFR GPS, too. Only $150/hr. Yes--silly question--of course that includes fuel!



40 hrs in Cessna 140 @ $100/hr                                                                 $4000

30 hrs flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                           1800

Total                                                                                                                  $5799


Wait a minute!  What about $80/hr?  Pay in advance and take a 20% discount-- fly for only $80/hr and save $800--for a total of only $4999!                                




If you've been shopping around you may have noticed that a lot of flying schools use Cessna 172's for training these days.  Why?  Well, over time typical two-seat training airplanes (especially Cessna 150's and 152's) have accumulated OMIGOD sky-high flight time--lots of them have more than 15,000 hours.  That's a lot of time for any airplane! Plus, truth is we've gotten bigger (good nutrition?) and some of us have even gotten heavier (PC talk for we're getting FAT--bad nutrition?).  Not you or me, of course, but some of those other folk...




...you can learn to fly my Cessna 172 if you want more room--only $125/hr.


Private Pilot Certificate, Airplane, Single-Engine Land, in a 180hp Cessna 172


40 hrs in 180hp Cessna 172 @ $125/hr.                                                   $5000

30 hrs flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                          1800

Total                                                                                                                 $6799


Pay in advance and pay only $100/hr (save $1000)  for a total of only $5799!


Even better...


Got a buddy who wants to fly, too?  You can both learn to fly at the same time in my 180hp Cessna 172--the Buddy System.  One flies, your buddy observes from the back seat--no charge for the buddy in the back!  You and your buddy trade off flying and observing--and learn a lot from watching each other--plus it actually makes the airplane handle better with a little weight in the back.  Save some big buck$$, too.  Call for details.


Instrument Rating in Cessna 172 w/180hp


40hrs flight time IFR Cessna 172 w/180hp @ $125/hr                           $5000

60 hrs flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                          3600

Total                                                                                                                 $8599


OR take a 20% discount--pay in advance and pay only $100/hr ($1000 savings) for a total of only $7599!


Note that this assumes you have no previous instrument training.  Of course you got some training for your Private Pilot Certificate and you may be getting your Instrument Rating in conjunction with your Commercial Pilot Certificate, which requires some instrument training, too, so this kind of represents a worst case scenario.


Commercial Pilot Certificate—Airplane, Single-Engine, Land


20 hrs flight time in Cessna 140 @ $100/hr                                              $2000

10 hrs flight time in Bellanca 14-13-2/180 @ $150/hr                                1500

40 hrs flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                           2400

Total                                                                                                                  $5899


Pay in advance and get a 20% discount (a $700 savings) for a total cost of only $5199.  What about flying my 180hp Cessna 172 instead of the 140?  Sure, just add $500 to the above (or only $400 if you pay in advance).

Flight Instructor Certificate—Airplane, Single Engine


10 hrs flight time C-140 $100/hr                                                                $1000

10 hrs flight time in Bellanca 14-13-2/180 @ $150/hr                              1500

40 hrs flight and ground instruction  @ $60/hr                                        2400

Total                                                                                                                $4899


Pay in advance and get a 20% discount--a savings of $500--for a total of $4399 


Want to get your CFI in a 180hp Cessna 172 instead of my beautiful little Cessna 140 (to each his/her own)?  OK--add $250 to the above or only $200 if you pay in advance. 

All you CFI's should take a look at the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators--SAFE, get it?--and their web site at www.safepilots.org.  Also check out the National Association of Flight Instructors.  Their website is at www.nafinet.org.

Tailwheel Endorsement

10 hrs flight time in Cessna 140 @ $100/hr                                               $1000
15 hrs flight and ground instruction @ $60/hr                                              900 Total                                                                                                                   $1899
Discounts?  You bet.  Pay in advance and get a 20% discount (a $200 savings) for a total cost of only $1700
Precision Aircraft Control Training 

Explore the edges of the flight envelope:  extremely slow flight, falling leaf, aggravated stalls, slips, “normal” spin entries, entries from slips, skids etc. and precision recoveries with minimum altitude loss--your airplane or mine.

5 hours Cessna 140 @ $100/hr                                                                     $500         5 hours CFI @ @ $60/hr                                                                                  $300        5 hours ground training @ $60/hr                                                                $300 TOTAL                                                                                                              $1099

SAVE $100--20% discount for payment in advance                               $999

For training in 180hp Cessna 172 add $125 to the above--or only $100 if you pay in advance

Approaching, Landing and Departing Short, Narrow, Confined runways, including paved, grass, gravel and Mountain airports—your airplane or mine.

5 hours Cessna 140 @ $100/hr                                                                    $500         5 hours CFI @ @ $60/hr                                                                                 $300         5 hours ground training @ $60/hr                                                               $300 TOTAL                                                                                                             $1099

SAVE 20% discount for payment in advance--only $999

For training in my 180hp Cessna 172 add $100 to the above or only $80 if you pay in advance


OR ...


Want to FLY a Classic Aircraft?  You can!



Fly a 1946 Bellanca 14-13-2 with a 180hp Lycoming, retractable gear and constant speed propeller


Lindbergh wanted to fly a Bellanca across the Atlantic, but couldn't get one.  Oh, well.  But you can fly the Bellanca he always wanted!!  The 1946 Bellanca 14-13-2 with a 180hp Lycoming is a real sweetheart and a terrific performer.  Get your "Complex Airplane" endosement in this rare beauty.  With only 180hp and four seats, she cruises at an easy 165mph IAS, over 180mph TAS at altitude--that's faster than a lot of light twins!  She has hydraulically actuated retractable landing gear, hydraulic flaps and cowl flaps, plus a constant-speed propeller.  One of the sweetest flying airplanes ever built and a real sleeper.  This particular airplane was the 2003 "Best Low-wing" Bellanca at the Bellanca Pilot's Club Annual Fly-in.  None better nowhere and a rare chance to fly a Legend.


Bellanca 14-13-2 with a 180hp Lycoming                       $150/hr


Forget the spamcans!  Fly some of the world's truly Great Airplanes--Get the Right Stuff at Wild Blue Aviation! 


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18228 59th Dr. NE, Arlington, WA, 98223 USA
Arlington Municipal Airport (KAWO)
mail to:  1521 Wetmore Ave., Everett, WA 98201-2057, USA
phone 425-876-0865