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John and Hilaree

The Red-Headed Boy
With a Freckled Face

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me,

The best birthday ever

Is happening to me.


When I entered the New Year

I was hungry and cold.

I found relief at the shelter,

But there I was told,

“Thirty thousand pets in the U. S. of  A.

Are killed in these shelters every day.”


I slept fitfully that first night,

But I dreamed of a place,

And a red-headed boy

With a freckled face.


He was hiking in the woods,

And throwing rocks in the creek.

He loves swimming and running,

And he plays hide and seek.


I could see in my dream

I’d be so happy with him,

And this red-headed boy

Seemed to need a best friend.


I awoke with a start

And then remembered my plight.

My dream of the boy

Gave me reason to fight.


I’d fight for my life,

And I’d fight to be free,

Then I’d do all I could

To help others like me.


So I smiled sweetly for my picture

They took out on the lawn,

To help find me a home

On Pet-finder dot com.


I prayed and I prayed

That I’d find that great place

And the red-headed boy

With the freckled face.


So now here I am,

It’s my birthday today

‘Cause for the first time

I have a warm place to stay.


I’ll be in 4-H,

I’ve already begun

To heel and to sit,

And to stay and to come.


My best friend’s beside me,

And what better place

For a red-headed boy,

With a freckled face.


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