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My new little nephew.





Baby John

The Extra Within

Each cell has an extra chromosome, so they say,
And all they can see is “There will be a delay.”
A delay in development, “He won’t walk before two.”
A delay in his speech, “His words will be few.”
A delay in cognition, “Will he read, will he write?”
The future predicted was not very bright.

He’s proven them wrong about all of these things,
But that pales in comparison to the message he brings.
As an infant he had such an aura of love,
The warmth from his heart had to be from above.

His Granny once told us “I’m mysteriously drawn,
to a love, and a warmth, which is coming from John.”
And who was he seeing in that spot in his room?
When he was laughing and cooing—I can only assume:

Was he talking with angels, were they causing his joy?
Were they already guiding this small baby boy?
Did they fill him with compassion and give him the gift
Of intuitively knowing when one needs a lift?

I’ve seen him so often just enter a room
Bringing sunshine and happiness, where before there was gloom.
His heart is wide open. He’s genuine. He’s true.
He has a charm and a sweetness which escapes very few.

A stranger once said “Children all lose their wings,
At about seven they move on to more worldly things.”
He said that my child has a much greater plan,
He’d be keeping his wings and that he’s touched by God’s hand.

He’s still learning and growing, but he’s closer than most
To achieving God’s perfection, yet it’s him we diagnose.
Is it we who are lacking that one chromosome
And the enlightenment which leads us to our heavenly home?

John’s working so hard to learn all worldly things,
He reads and he writes, he loves school, and he sings.
He’s speaking quite well, yet still a man of few words
Because only in silence can God’s voice be heard.

So sit at his feet and listen if you dare,

For this little child has such wisdom to share.