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Everyone has chromosomes,

Twenty-three of them times two.

That math doesn’t work for me,

Forty-six is one too few.


As soon as I was diagnosed

With forty-six plus one,

The experts thought they knew for sure

Just who I would become.


These experts all suggested

I’d develop really late.

I wish that they would understand

That is just what they create.


I accomplished all the milestones

When they said I surely couldn’t.

I never gave it any thought,

It never occurred to me I wouldn’t.


The psychologist suggested,

I wouldn’t read or learn the math.

The fact that I already could

Was what really made us laugh.


Since I already was proficient,

And read beyond my seven years,

They said, “Don’t teach him phonics,

The frustration might bring him tears.”


Why would they think that letter sounds

Would cause me such frustration,

When at age three I’d used that skill

To improve my articulation?


“Let’s not teach him cursive writing,

His fine motor skills are weak.”

I proved that I could write quite well

By anyone’s critique.


“Modify his spelling list,

He surely can’t do ten”.

I proved that I could do them all,

And my grade was ten times ten.


At ten I’d learned all math facts,

And could carry and could borrow.

These seemed to be the skills I’d need

For what we’d learn tomorrow.


My fifth grade peers were learning

To double-digit multiply.

They won’t teach me, they say “he can’t”;

My question still is “Why?”


I learned at home to multiply

Two digits times two more.

I proved again I can, and did;

When will I win this war?


When will they see that every time

They say I can’t, I do?

When will they see the syndrome

And their list of doom’s not true?


In September I turned thirteen,
And I'm in the 7th grade;
I work and study very hard
For the honors I have made.

In math we are now learning
About decimals and percents.
And geometry and algebra
Are even making sense.

I’m lucky cause I’m on a farm
And have a dog and horse.
I feed them and I water them,
And love them, too, of course.

I show my horse in western pleasure,
And in the showmanship class.
I walk and trot and canter,
I especially love to go fast.

I really love to trail ride,
And it's fun to see my friends
Of course I love to do well,
But I think everyone should win.

I train my dogs in obedience
And show them at the fair.
Last year I adopted Hilaree,
We’re quite a competitive pair.


I learned to ride a two-wheel bike,

They said “most never do.”

But thanks to “Lose the Training Wheels,”

That’s just no longer true.

So you see that I am capable,

And I’m happy and I’m free.

I do have the extra chromosome,

But it does not have me.