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Water Recipe:

**Take a gallon of water every morning and check the pH. Then add 1 oz. of Neutralizer. Check the pH again. If pH is not where it needs to be, add 1/4 teas. of Baking Soda (Aluminum free if possible). This is for those who cannot afford to continually add the Neutralizer to balance the pH. This is also temporary, to raise the pH quickly. Then it is up to you to feed your body right. Check the pH again. Keep doing this until the pH is up to 7.2. This is the pH water you should be drinking daily. If there is a serious condition you should do this protocol for a least a month. If it is still off considerably, do it again for another month. Depending on your condition and how bad you want to be well. If your body’s pH is not up to 7.2 you need to do it again another month. Up to 3 months if need be.

STOP putting things into your body that throw off the pH. Start eating more alkaline foods so that the pH will stay up. A body cannot be sick in a balanced pH environment.


****Reverse osmosis water & distilled water have a pH of 5 to 5.2. You need to bring this up also. Bottled water that states that it has a pH of 7.2 and is stored in plastic, needs to be tested also as it will change.


Here is the formula for determining the amount of water needed daily: Total body weight in pounds, divided by one half, equals the amount of water needed daily in ounces, (example: 100 pounds divided by 2 = 50 pounds, therefore, consume 50 ounces of water per day.)

Now that I've personally lost 20 pounds of weight I can probably reduce the amount of water I drink. The water MUST be alkaline water. Use the test strips to check the alkalinity of the water. If the water is not at the optimal 7.0 pH then it's not alkaline enough to help you.


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