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6/17/99 (started weighing with Tanita Body-fat Monitor Scale.) 


Waist measured around bellybutton & obliques.

Waist – 41 in

Weight (morning) 185.5 lbs. 32% body fat

Weight (evening) 186.5 lbs. 28% body fat



Waist – 40.25in

Weight (morning) 180.5 lbs. 29% body fat

Weight (evening) 181.5 lbs. 27% body fat



Waist – 39.75 in

Weight (morning) 180.5 lbs. 28% body fat

Weight (evening) 182.5 lbs. 27% body fat



Waist – 40.75 in

Weight (morning) 185.0 lbs. 32% body fat

Weight (evening) 186.0lbs. 30% body fat



Waist – 39.75 in

Weight (morning) 177.5 lbs. 31% body fat

Weight (evening) 177.0 lbs. 27% body fat



Waist – 40.0 in

Weight (morning) 178.5 lbs. 30% body fat

Weight (evening) 181.0 lbs. 26% body fat



Waist – 40.0 in

Weight (morning) 179.0 lbs. 30% body fat

Weight (evening) 183.0 lbs. 27% body fat


3/14/04 started raising my alkaline level



Waist – 39.0 in

Weight (morning) 173.5 lbs. 27% body fat

Weight (evening) 177.5 lbs. 24% body fat



Waist – 38.5 in

Weight (morning) 169.0 lbs. 26% body fat

Weight (evening) 168.5 lbs. 23% body fat



Waist – 38.0 in

Weight (morning) 166.5 lbs. 25% body fat

Weight (evening) 167.5 lbs. 23% body fat



Dr. Young wrote:




"You can thank an overly acid internal environment for the excess pounds you are carrying around. In a defensive maneuver, the body creates fat cells to carry acids away from you vital organs to try to protect them. In one sense, your fat is saving your life! But that’s why your body doesn’t want to let it go. When you eat to make your body more basic, your body won’t need to keep that fat around anymore. "

When Dr. Young writes about making the body more basic, he means raising the pH up to the optimal 7.0 level. So basically our bodies create the fat cells to save the organs from the acid in our body. If our bodies carry a lot of fat cells it’s because our bodies have a very low alkaline level and a high acid level. If you raise the pH level to a more alkaline level then the body won’t need to make more fat cells for protection and can then release the fat cells. I’ve been losing fat because I’m raising my alkaline level!



Waist – 38.0 in

Weight (morning) 166.5 lbs. 25% body fat

Weight (evening) 167.5 lbs. 23% body fat



Waist – 37.5 in

Weight (morning) 160.0 lbs. 24% body fat

Weight (evening) 163.5 lbs. 22% body fat

I started taking the Neutralizer for the long-term health benefits that would occur after raising my pH. I am so pleased that I've been losing weight, body-fat and inches! Maybe I should be touting the weight-loss benefits as the main reason for taking the Neutralizer? But no, I still believe in the long-term health benefits. But when I talk to people I can tell them about the weight loss “side benefit.” This is all almost unreal. The lowest I was able to get my bodyweight down to in the past was 170 lbs and that was with working out hard and a strict diet. The weight loss didn't last long and then my weight went back up. This is so much easier. Those who've known me know that I'm constantly battling my weight issues and now I’m down to 160 pounds! I know that my body will determine where my weight will stabilize. I just hope it’s not done yet. While I am grateful that I was guided to the products and this information at this time in my life, I can't help but wish that I had this when I was younger. I may have been able to get around some of the emotional issues I dealt with by being overweight (low self-worth and self-esteem.) If you are dealing with weight issues, I implore you to take the information I'm presenting to heart.  



Waist – 37.0 in

Weight (morning) 159.0 lbs. 23% body fat

Weight (evening) 162.0 lbs. 21% body fat



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