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I’ve decided to write a few thoughts about my process and list some questions that some have asked.


Of note on my Alkalinity Tracking:


Any time I drank alcohol my pH went down.


I broke down my Neutralizer dosages into two parts. 1st part first thing in the morning, second part taken before going to bed.


I tried adding green-food (vegetable/fruit powdered mix) to my routine to help raise my alkaline level. I’m not sure how well that is working for me.


Added Hydrogen Peroxide to my drinking water (according to Dr. Young, this "acts as an oxygen catalyst, alkalizing, neutralizing, oxygenating, and pH balancing the body.") Dr. Young also suggests that you allow an hour or two after a heavy protein meal before drinking alkaline water so as not to interfere with the stomach acid digesting the protein. Since I’m on the subject of Dr. Young, I highly suggest reading his book The pH Miracle. I would purchase a copy for everyone if I could afford it. The first half of the book is packed with so much good information. The second half goes into more detail regarding the vegetarian lifestyle, which is how Dr. Young suggests you raise your pH. This holds no interest for me. I’m basically too lazy to mess with figuring out a whole list of foods to eat & avoid. I’d rather just drink the alkaline water and Neutralizer.


It’s important to realize that there are foods that will lower the body’s pH. I came to that realization on April 26th. Dr. Young suggests staying away from corn as it raises the body’s acid level. I thought that it was just corn in kernel form. I was wrong.


On May 3rd I learned another lesson the hard way. Vinegar lowers the body’s pH.


I increased the amount of baking soda in my gallon of water to 1 teaspoon. I had no problem with the flavor of the water but other people did. One friend brought up the possibility of it exacerbating high blood pressure due to the amount of sodium in baking soda. Interesting enough, I took my blood pressure just a few days prior to this being brought up and my BP measured 123/78. I had previously been diagnosed as borderline hypertensive. I believe that exercise; the water and the Neutralizer have helped my body control my BP. If you choose to increase the baking soda from the teaspoon recommended in the water recipe section, you may want to keep an eye on your BP. Though I believe the Neutralizer helps the body negate any of the sodium’s adverse effects.


On May 9th, I adjusted the amount of baking soda and increased the amount of Neutralizer in response to the reaction I noticed from people trying my baking soda water.


On May 17th I added Soy Lecithin capsules to my routine. I read that they are a highly alkalizing supplement. No results so far.



As you can see by my tracking sheet, since changing the water recipe on May 9th my pH has been low. I have a few theories that may address this fact. 1) Since I have been losing weight, fat and inches, it’s possible that I am excreting toxins since toxins are normally stored in body-fat. As the body-fat is released into the body the toxins are then excreted through the pores and urine. 2) My body is healing and ridding itself of unknown toxins and possibly disease? I recently noticed that a symptom I attributed to "the aging process in males" (prostate) has disappeared. 3) Another factor could be my diet since I’ve noticed that when I eat something different from my "normal diet" my pH goes up where it’s supposed to be.


On June 17th, 20th & 28th, more validation that my diet is sabotaging my pH level.


On June 18th I noticed a change in the plantar wart.


On June 22nd I cut out eggs from my diet. It seems that it was a major factor in reducing my pH.


June 23rd, emotions seem to play a part in the body’s pH level.


July 1st, see a change in the plantar warts.


July 17th I stopped applying the soap/Neutralizer gel mixture to my warts since they seemed to have disappeared.




Dr Young wrote:




"You can thank an overly acid internal environment for the excess pounds you are carrying around. In a defensive maneuver, the body creates fat cells to carry acids away from you vital organs to try to protect them. In one sense, your fat is saving your life! But that’s why your body doesn’t want to let it go. When you eat to make your body more basic, your body won’t need to keep that fat around anymore. "


When Dr. Young writes about making the body more basic, he means raising the pH up to the optimal 7.0 level. So basically our bodies create the fat cells to save the organs from the acid in our body. If our bodies carry a lot of fat cells it’s because our bodies have a very low alkaline level and a high acid level. If you raise the pH level to a more alkaline level then the body won’t need to make more fat cells for protection and can then release the fat cells.


I believe I’ve been losing fat because I’m raising my alkaline level!



I had a friend ask if some bodies needed more alkaline to raise their pH.


The answer to that is yes. It really all depends on what you've put into your body through the years and what toxins and microforms inhabit the body that it needs to excrete. If a person has a very low pH (6.0 and under) it could take them longer to raise it as opposed to someone who's pH is 6.5 to begin with. There are so many variables that contribute to an acidic body. What a person eats, drinks, breathes, puts on their body (personal care products etc.) and in their body (drugs both recreational and prescription) emotional and environmental stressors. All these contribute to an acidic body. It's not an easy process learning what to change. I do hope that you are doing this for yourself. I want you to make changes to your body because you want to do it, not to help me out. You have to want it for yourself. If you want it for yourself you'll do whatever you need to, in order to regain your health. It's a process, and depending on how you go about making the changes, it could take a while.


Another friend wrote me and asked, “I read a lot of the information on your website and want to read more. It looks like getting the pH level raised and sustained is quite tricky. Once it's up there and sustained for a while, does the body naturally try to keep it up? Or, are supplements needed on a daily basis? Is it like the different types of vitamin B that dissipate within 24 hours?”



It is a little bit tricky getting the pH up to the proper level, or at least it has been for me. I truly believe that I have/had something going on in my body that I wasn't aware of that is being healed and/or released from my body. Once you get your pH to the correct level I don't believe that it will stay there on it's own. We have too many toxins in our environment that we take in internally through breath, ingestion or application to our skin (beauty/cleaning products) that will constantly work to lower our pH level. There are many foods and products that can raise and help you maintain your pH but I believe that it will be an ongoing process if you want maintain your pH to stay healthy. I wrote in my “Letter Why” that I'm a little hardheaded so I've only been taking the recommended 1-ounce a day of Neutralizer for approximately 3 months. I also haven't been doing my baths three times a week as recommended which would help my body detox but yet I’m still having results. I have read and learned that once the body's pH is level at 6.8 -7.0 then the amount of Neutralizer taken can be reduced. I can't help but wonder how much my emotional state affects my pH (Dr. Cochran states that emotions plays a significant part.)


I think that emotions play a HUGE part in our daily health. I take some medications and I'm wondering about interference. On your pages you talk about different things like interference of corn products and alcohol, and the addition of baking soda, vinegar and lemons, which are all fine. However, I'm wondering what the additive products are made from.


Vinegar is a no-no; baking soda and lemon juice are ok. What do you mean additive products? Do you mean like a bottled salad dressing having vinegar as an ingredient? If that's what you mean then you just have to read the labels on products. I think once you get your pH up and level you can indulge in some of the no-no products. Personally I'm staying away from them because I'm trying to get leveled off. You can eat the no-no products as long as you do it with awareness that it could bring your pH down. That's one thing I liked about taking the Neutralizer, drinking the alkaline water and making minor temporary changes to my diet over totally changing my diet to that of a vegetarian as Dr. Young advocates.


The alkaline water I mix and drink is just filtered water, Neutralizer, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.


Another person wrote me and stated, “I want you to know I just checked out your web site and its pretty cool. I have not read the book “The pH Miracle” or even tried the product but I will now after reading your information on the site. I have been really fatigued and there has been something going around work and I brought it home so my wife has been sick too. I've been gaining weight and I don't know why, I haven't changed my diet so what you said in your letter make sense.


I understand that it’s difficult finding time to read. Had I not been unemployed I may not have been able to read the book as quickly as I had. Hopefully, once you raise your alkaline level then you’ll have more energy and won’t be feeling so fatigued. In Dr. Young’s book, on page 17 he lists the symptoms of an overly acidic body (the toxic waste of the bacteria, yeast, fungus and mold in our bodies.) Some of the symptoms are fatigue, asthma, colds & flu. You mentioned that something has been going around work and you brought it home. According to Dr. Young, he states, "you have to have some of the bug already in your system, and you have to have the acidity to allow it to take hold. This is why some exposed people get a cold or any other bug, and some don’t." If you caught it, then you know your acidic level is high or to put it another way your alkaline level is low. Since your wife caught the bug it’s a safe bet that her alkaline level is also low.


I was looking back at my Alkalinity Tracking Sheet and I remembered that Dr. Cochran stated on the pH Neutralizer and Health CD that it will take a minimum of 90 days to start seeing results. I was hardheaded and I wanted to see if I could gain the same results with the baking soda. You should use pH strips to determine what your current pH level is. When you are ready to start raising your pH you should start drinking alkaline water using the recipe on my website. I tested the water with my pH strips when I was in Phoenix. The water already has some alkalinity to it so using the basic baking soda recipe should bring it up to the correct amount. You may also want to add hydrogen peroxide like I did. You should be drinking at least 1 gallon of alkaline water a day or try to work up to a gallon a day (amount of water body needs determined by body weight, see formula below.) You can increase the amount slowly if you are not currently drinking that much water a day. Start by drinking a quart a day for a week or two then increase it.


Another friend told me that she wasn’t seeing any weight loss results after trying a 20-ounce bottle of the Neutralizer.


You mentioned that so far the product is not doing anything for you. The weight loss for me was a side benefit. My focus is on getting and remaining healthy. If you are looking for a "quick fix" then this isn't for you. Your focus should be on reclaiming and restoring your health not solely on weight loss. Releasing all the toxins in your body is going to take time and commitment; the weight loss is a side benefit. Dr. Cochran states that it will take a minimum of 90 days to see results. I didn't start seeing big results until that much time had passed and I had consistently taken my Neutralizer and alkaline water. You have to ask yourself "do I feel that I'm worth the time, energy and commitment needed to see this through?" If you don’t feel that you are, then you are setting yourself up to fail.

Some things I’ll point out in your case are:

  1. You are not drinking enough Neutralizer to raise your pH Starting out with a tablespoon twice a day is a good start but the amount needs to be increased according to your pH test results.
  2. If you are not testing your urine pH at least twice a week to see what your pH level is, you won’t know how much to adjust your Neutralizer intake (if you are taking in too much Neutralizer the pH strips would let you know that your pH is too high then you can back off on the dosage, but chances are your pH is too low and you need to increase the Neutralizer dosage otherwise you would not have health and weight issues.)
  3. You may not be drinking enough alkaline water to help boost the Neutralizer's effect and flush the toxins out of your system (I won't go into the fact that we should be taking pH baths to help the toxins release through our skin since I haven't been doing the baths regularly myself which is probably slowing my progress.)


Here is the formula for determining the amount of water needed daily: Total body weight in pounds, divided by one half, equals the amount of water needed daily in ounces, (example: 100 pounds divided by 2 = 50 pounds, therefore, consume 50 ounces of water per day.)

Now that I've personally lost 20 pounds of weight I can probably reduce the amount of water I drink. The water MUST be alkaline water. Use the test strips to check the alkalinity of the water. If the water is not at the optimal 7.0 pH then it's not alkaline enough to help you.


What are you eating? I've discovered through trial and error that some of the foods I ate reduced my alkaline level. Some were so harmful, that one day I could be reading 6.8 then I'd eat something highly acidic and the next morning my pH level dropped to 6.2. I tested and continue to test my pH everyday to help me track what foods to avoid. 


As you can tell I am passionate about the concept of restoring health by raising the body's alkaline level. I just want to make sure you don't give up on the products or yourself prematurely.


After my recent “official” weigh-in for July, I wrote this.


I started taking the Neutralizer for the long-term health benefits that would occur after raising my pH. I am so pleased that I've been losing weight, body-fat and inches! Maybe I should be touting the weight-loss benefits as the main reason for taking the Neutralizer? But no, I still believe in the long-term health benefits. But when I talk to people I can tell them about the weight loss “side benefit.” This is all almost unreal. The lowest I was able to get my bodyweight down to in the past was 170 lbs and that was with working out hard and a strict diet. The weight loss didn't last long and then my weight went back up. This is so much easier. Those who've known me know that I'm constantly battling my weight issues and now I’m down to 160 pounds! I know that my body will determine where my weight will stabilize. I just hope it’s not done yet. While I am grateful that I was guided to the products and this information at this time in my life, I can't help but wish that I had this when I was younger. I may have been able to get around some of the emotional issues I dealt with by being overweight (low self-worth and self-esteem.) If you are dealing with weight issues, I implore you to take the information I'm presenting to heart. I'll keep posting my progress, as doing this has been very therapeutic for me.



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