The SALAMI Snooze
The Newsletter of the Semi-Anonymous 
Lame-brained AMIgoids: Issue 5.0, April 1, 1997

Coyote vs. Acme Page 1   Computer Care 5
New Security Measures Installed at Nation's Airports 2   Computer-style Help Line for GM Cars 5
Bill Gates in a Rubber Room 3      
Achtung! 3   Bonus Articles:  
The Truth Can Now Be Told 3   An Interview with "Deep Pockets" 6
New Pizza-by-Mail Service 3   Amiga-Inspired TV Shows 7
Excerpts from the "Dilbert Newsletter", issue #12 4   Make Money Fast 8
Bruce Hutchinson's story 4   Lose Money Fast 9
Miscellaneous Quotations 4      

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