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Carmichael ShieldMy genealogy research started back in 1974 and the first RBBS opened in 1988. In 1991 the site moved onto the internet. The family site became strictly genealogy orientated in 1996.

Each year brings many new changes, additions & exciting discoveries. Little did we realize how fast and how big our site would grow. The momentum has been continuing since! We would like to thank everyone who have helped us to us achieve our goals. 

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We are proud to kick off 2014 with a new desire to improve this site further. New  changes will come about as time permits, but we think your going to like them.

We enjoy receiving emails and letters from everyone and at times receive hundreds of emails a week. This is a non-commercial site, and our response to your many questions may take some time to answer. I'm just busy cutting the grass or weeding the garden.

About Our Background

Carmichael Family OnLine is a non-commercial, family maintained, reference site for information about our family from: Scotland, Canada, England, Ireland, United States, Germany, Italy, and Denmark. This site is dedicated to my father John Carmichael and Linda's mom, Nancy DeSantis.

We firmly believe that family history is the glue that holds family's together. This site is providing so much MORE than a reference, its building a bond between families. - Tim Carmichael 1998


Our family consists of many nationalities, and we are proud of all of them. This site does not promote one nation over any other. We are tracing our Family heritage, not religious or political affiliations.  

There is an old Scottish saying: "Every man dies three times. The first time is when the heart beats for the last time, His second death comes on the day of his final resting. The third and final time comes the day his name is spoken for the last time." We are proud of all our ancestors that have come before us, and wish to keep their memory alive.

OnLine GED Database

Our family tree has many branches, each as strong as the next. As time permits we will expanded on our current histories, and will add more featured families. Take a look at our Online Database to see all of the familes we are currently researching. There are 7144 individuals and 2463 families representing 1665 surnames in this database. We do have a lot more information that is currently not online and may be able to provide you further information.

We have purged from our Main Database, and the databases of the ten featured families of information pertaining to living persons. We wish to share our data and protect the privacy of living relatives. "Living Individual, details withheld" will now be posted.

Passenger List

We have come across many sites containing ship records and "Passenger List" while searching the Internet. They cover ships sailing between the early 1600's through early 1900's.

The information provided will vary from simply the passengers name to age, relationship, cargo, city of origin and destination location..

When a researcher finds their relative and or family listed as passengers on one of these ships, they should contact the owner of the web site. Most of the time the web site owner has relatives on the same ship, and can share additional information. The passenger list can be a valuable addition to any researcher's collection





Status of our current Research - 2014-2015

Welcome to our new server location. With additional web space now available, we will be able to provide researchers with plenty of new content.

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Real Genealogy - Not Just Links

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Matt's Featured Families

Linda's Featured Families

The Carmichael Family
Renfrewshire Scotland, Erin Township Wellington County, Ontario Canada, and United States

The Kryger Family
Denmark, Germany, Michigan, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa and United States in general.

The MacMurchy, McMurchy Family
Scotland, Erin Township Wellington County, Ontario Canada, and United States

The Routly, Routley Family
Ireland, Perth County, Ontario Canada and United States

The Holzapfel Family
Hamburg, Frankfurt Germany and Michigan

The Diehl Family (coming soon)
Hamburg, Frankfurt Germany and Michigan

The Firmstone Family
England, Westmorland, Fayette, Somerset,  Pennsylvania and Michigan

The DeSantis Family
Italy, Westmorland, Fayette, Somerset, Pennsylvania and Michigan

The Gioia Family
Italy, Westmorland, Fayette, Somerset, Pennsylvania and Michigan

The Logan Family
Scotland, Ireland, Westmorland, Fayette, Somerset PA

The Boutemont, Buttman, Putman Family
France, Germany, and United States

The Lenhart Family (coming soon)
Germany, Pennsylvania and United States

Captian LoganContributors to our Research:

We have started to put together a list of everyone who have contributed to our research. Our success would not have been realized without the support, kindness, and efforts of others. This is just a small token of appreciation and we refer to it as our "Wall of Honor". Many individuals have taken the time to share their knowledge of our ancestors in the form of short stories, names, dates, documentation, and photographs. Others have spent days, months, and in some cases years doing research for us.

As with any list you may produce, we realize some names may have been missed or not added yet. Please forgive any oversight on our part. Visit our Contributors page.

Areas where we have Researched:

Family MembersTracing our ancestors foot steps have taken us in many directions. While back tracking the paths that led to us, we have uncovered some excellent resources available to you on the Internet. If your journey takes you along the same road, maybe these links will speed up your travels. Even the non-genealogist will enjoy some of the information provided within these web sites. Visit our "Area of Research" page.

United States of America

MICHIGAN - Both Matt and Linda originate from this area, so we are very familiar with locations, organizations, and methods to obtain vital information. We have covered Wayne, Monroe, Oakland, Macomb, St. Clair, St. Joseph, and Kalkaska Counties.

PENNSYLVANIA - This part of the country is rich with historical, and family information. Linda is the expert and is quickly making her rounds in the southwest corner of the state hitting on: Westmoreland, Fayette, Somerset, Allegheny Counties. In the Southeast corner of the state: Bucks, Lehigh, and Berks Counties

OHIO, INDIANA, ILLINOIS, IOWA, MISSOURI, MARYLAND, IDAHO, OREGON and CALIFORNIA are other states we have spent a good deal of time and may be able to provide additional help.


PROVINCE OF ONTARIO - Our main focus has been in and around the County of Wellington, more specific Erin Township. Other County and District we have conducted extensive research are: Halton, Peel, York (King, Vaughan and York townships), Waterloo, Perth (St. Marys, Blanshard Township), Middlesex, and Lambton (Warwick Township).

We have touched on other providence's, such as NOVA SCOTIA, PEI, NEW BRUNSWICK and QUEBEC, but not as in-depth.


Area's we are working on are Argyll, Ayrshire, Inverness-shire, Renfrewshire (Greenock), and Lanarkshire. The country has many records available online, but at a cost.


To make the list short: Berkshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Devon, Essex, Gloucestershire, Middlesex, Shropshire, Suffolk, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

Other Locations

Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Germany and Western Europe in general.



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