Chapter 7
Make and Install Rosette.
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Page 1. Make and install rosette
Page 2. Make thin rosette materials with a jointer plane
Page 3. Strip thinning tool gravity type.
Page 4. Another strip thinning tool.
Page 5. Cutting tiles.
Page 6. Strip cutting fixtures.
Page 7. Strip cutting with hardwood guide and scrollsaw.
Page 8. Push sticks.
Page 9. Glue up dental mold.
Page 10. Tile cutting.
Page 11. Cutting herringbone tiles
Page 12. Glueing herringbone tiles
Page 13. Cutting and assembling herringbone
Page 14. Tile making
Page 15. Assembly of the rosette
Page 16. Finished rosette
Page 17. Inlaying the rosette into the top
Page 18. Glueing the rosette
Page 19. Leveling the rosette
Page 20. Cutting the sound hole with a circle cutter
Page 21. Cutting the sound holes