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Volunteer at All Things Food!

All Things Food offers volunteer opportunities for our customers. Volunteers are needed to help with the daily operations such as assisting customers with their bulk food purchases, stocking and refilling products and keeping the store tidy and clean. We also use volunteer help in the kitchen slicing, dicing and preparing food for the cafe as well as special events. And if you have special talents or skills such as typing, we can use your help typing recipes, preparing flyers, Facebook postings and using our digital sign.

Volunteering at All Things Food is beneficial for you in a variety of ways. All Volunteers receive a 20% discount on their grocery purchases the week of their service. They also benefit by spending time with our staff and interacting with our customers learning and sharing healthy food encounters. And your time donated assists All Things Food with its goal to create greater access to whole, organic, fair trade, LOCAL and sustainable food products to our community.

So call or stop by today and sign up to assist.

Help us build a stronger community through food!

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All Things Food | 419-636-0950 | allthingsfoodllc@gmail.com | 114 N Main St, Bryan, OH 43506