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After a few years of working exclusively with other systems, Custom Tag Dynamics is once again producing high performance versions of this mid 1990's favorite. 



This custom tagger started life as a V-2 Ultrawide. It has been upgraded with many improved features including: an aluminum lens assembly with duel 50mm lens', an aluminum telescoping stock, a 30mm adjustable red dot scope and aluminum mount, quick detach 1" nylon sling, removable folding fore grip, removable 1 watt tactical style flashlight, relocated controls and custom paint.


The Dragonfly was designed and manufactured specifically for Kelly. It is her first new tagger in over a decade. She used her original, slightly altered V-2 Ultrawide along with a modified standard V-2 tagger for years with good results. For some time now she has been requesting a new CTDYNE version of her old favorite. The Dragonfly design was formulated with input from Kelly along with CTDYNE design concepts. Kelly is quite happy with the results. Matt however, questions the wisdom of putting such a tagger in the hands of Kelly, since she was already a formidable adversary with her original Ultrawide. Matt is now designing an updated V-2 tagger of his own to counter the perceived threat from his little sister. Let the arms race begin!

The telescoping stock locks in the open and closed positions

Two different extended lengths for the stock are quickly selectable

The folding foregrip locks in multiple positions

Here are the revised control locations

The Dragonfly is the first custom tagger to use a lens assembly that incorporates the Multiple Focal length Optics, or M-FLO design concept. The focal length between the 50mm lens and the TSAL 6100 IR LED in each half of the twin 50 lens assembly is optimized for a specific range. One side for medium distance targets, in the 50' to 350' range, the other side for for 350' to 800' and beyond, depending on ambient sunlight conditions. Since both IR LED's fire simultaneously, this tagger is quite effective at tagging the opposition at a wide variety of distances without any adjustments to the lens assemblies.

The "twin 50" lens assembly is aluminum construction

Here are the lens assembly mount and electrical connection

The Dragonfly with accessories. The forgrip and flashlight are each removable with one screw

  V-206 Maverick


The Maverick with the M-16 carry handle and 3X9 illuminated scope. A good daylight/dusk option.

Here the N.O.M. and 30MM variable brightness red dot scope are installed.

Night Ops Module and accessories

Everything but the kitchen sink





             the                menacers















The Dragonfly is the first custom tagger to use the M-FLO design concept. Another CTDYNE exclusive!















































































































 Why  M-FLO?


Imagine if you will, the spread of light from a maglight flashlight with a focusable beam. For items that are up close and cover a wide area, the energy from the bulb can be adjusted to illuminate a larger area. This works well for illuminating multiple subjects or items that are close. However, the energy from the bulb is dispersed over such a wide area that it will not illuminate at any distance.


If the beam of light is adjusted so that the energy from the bulb is concentrated into a small area, the light will illuminate objects at a much greater distance. However the light pattern is so small it becomes difficult to illuminate moving items or multiple items at the same time.


This is the quandary that hobby level laser tag builders have been facing since the first person built their own lens assembly for use on a custom laser tag unit.


If the components of a lens assembly are optimized for long distance shots, typically it will be difficult to tag an opponent at close range, especially if the target is moving. If the lens assembly is set up for effective close range work, long range performance will suffer. As a result the design of most laser tag optics is a compromise. Typically the focal length is set to produce acceptable range with out giving up the ability to work at closer ranges. Usually this means that the optics package is not efficient at ether end of the range spectrum. But usually works well somewhere in the middle.


Enter the M-FLO. The Multiple Focal Length Optics design concept is a way of overcoming the limitations of a single focal length system, without having to mechanically change the focal length to be effective for multiple targets at close range or targets that are simultaneously at multiple ranges.


In the case of the Dragonfly, the two optic assemblies, or barrels, fire simultaneously. The focal length in each barrel is set for a specific distance or range. This custom tagger has excellent coverage from 50 to 800 feet.


If more barrel assemblies of the proper configuration are added to the design of a custom tagger, even greater coverage can be achieved. A design based on a GE minigun might lend itself well to the M-FLO design concept. Of course focal length is only one element of a high performance optic assembly. Proper selection of components such as the lens and infrared LED along with suitable drive current to the IR LED are all factors that contribute to a winning combination in the field.



The V-206 Maverick was built to Mike's specs. It is his first new personal V-2 tagger in over a decade. This unit will replace the L.A.C.S.R. and will be used as Mike's main battle tagger. The Maverick was designed from the start to accept a wide array of accessories that can be easily attached and removed without tools, as conditions in the field warrant. The accessory rails on both sides, and the one running the length of the top, make reconfiguring the Maverick a snap. The major components are equipped with thumb screw fasteners for easy installation and removal.
 Controls for items like the night vision scope and the 5" spot light attachment are located on the tagger in such a fashion that they can be activated while keeping both hands in battle position. The battery onboard the Maverick has enough capacity to last for days, unless the spot light is used often. Then the battery pack can be recharged in the tagger by simply removing the screw in cap on top, and plugging in the charger.

The small lighting module at forward top center, contains the tunnel light red LED, close quarters battle IR LED, and three muzzle flash bulbs.

The Night Ops Module (N.O.M.) mounts to the top accessory rail and is the base for all three low light accessories, the 30mm red dot, the night vision scope and the 5" spot light. Any combination of these four items can be used together.

 The Maverick uses the complete optics assembly from the legendary V-2 Firestorm. These are some of the finest factory optics ever produced for Laser Tag applications.
All three low light accessories can be mounted on the N.O.M. at once. In all practicality though, only one or two will be used at the same time.

The electrical connection and the on-off button for the 5" spot light can be seen just above the trigger group.

The subcomponents all have connectors to aid in disassembly for repairs. All fasteners are allen type. The rechargeable battery pack is made up of twelve NiMH sub C cells. The pack is rated at 2,200 mAh, 14.4 volts. The battery pack was configured to fit in the allowable space inside the Maverick. To the left of the battery pack is the custom regulator board Duncan made to supply the proper voltage to the V-2 Firestorm board, located at the forward end.

The custom, hand built aluminum trigger group mounts thru the plastic housing to an inner aluminum mating part. Four 6x32 button head screws and one electrical connector is all it takes to remove or install this one-of-a-kind component.

Just some of the custom aluminum sheet metal work required to meet the design specs of the V-206 Maverick. The over-all fit, form and function of this custom tagger turned out near flawless.