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Family and friends at Fort Casey WA 2004. This is what makes this hobby so fun.

Most of the players who tag with us have been doing so for years. They share one thing in common. It is the understanding that outdoor tag is about more than competition and new gear. It is also about time together with family and friends at some of the most interesting places for outdoor recreation in the beautiful Pacific North West.


          ROLL CALL


Notable Quotes:
"This thing shoots so far I can play from an easy chair"
"MAN! Where is that coming from?"
"First one out again"
Unit Affliation:
Geriatrics Squad  


Notable Quotes:
"He's dug in deeper than an Alabama tick"
"You'll never see me 'til it's too late"
Legendary Moments: Fort Worden.
During a game in the 90's, Matt found a way to get inside of the walls between the second and third levels at battery Kinsee. He followed an electrical conduit run and wedged himself into a position from which he could fire through a hole in the third and second levels but not be seen. He was the last member of his team left. It took almost an hour to find him. As we looked for him he could see us and he used his radio to taunt us. However, he had almost no room to maneuver in that position. When he was finally discovered, the end came quickly but not before he scored a few choice hits, taking out at least one of his opponents.
Legendary Moments: Fort Casey.
Matt is the only person known to have climbed up the concrete column supporting the look out tower at Casey. He somehow attached himself to the back side under the box on top. He used this position to great advantage as a sniper.

Notable Quote:
"It's not that bad"
Unusual Tactics: Fort Casey.
During her early years while still quite young, Kelly would intentionaly blend in with other visitors at the park. She was almost invisible as she walked along with the children of other families. Then, at just the right moment her tagger would appear from nowhere and she would land hits on much older and more experienced players. She then took them out before they knew what was going on, much to the irritation of many a high school-aged male player.
Unusual Tactics: Fort Worden, Fort Casey.
Favors using an V2 Ultra Wide and V2 tagger together.
Legendary Moments: Fort Worden. The Tomb Raider move. I had position behind a tree on the downhill side, with thick brush around and behind me for cover. No one would be crazy enough to try to reach me. Well, almost no one.  Kelly tried to neutralize the threat but was unable to get a clean line of sight. When traditional methods failed, her strategy was run at top speed straight down the 60 degree slope, then to launch herself head first with both arms outstreched and two taggers blazing away, flying parallel to the slope, past me headfirst into the thick brush! She scored a few hits and I was forced out into the open where I was quickly dispatched by her team mates. Seems as though Kelly recruited Doug Ross and others as sentries. Later, when asked about the blood on her arms and shoulders she replied "It's not that bad".


Notable Quote: "EEEK!"
Unit Affliation:
The Blonde Assassins
Unusual Tactics: Fort Casey.
Teamed up with Crystal, her partner in crime, the pair have been known to pick out their target and act as a two-woman hit squad. The fact that their prey may be on their own team or that they themselves may be on opposing teams is of no consquense to... THE BLONDE ASSASSINS!
Legendary Moments: Fort Casey.
Making sure that everyone is aware of how frightened she is to use the tunnels, Jennifer somehow manages to slip away unnoticed into the deepest, darkest passages in the lower levels of Fort Casey. There she awaits her victim much like a black widow spider. The target, not hearing any noise and sensing no movement, carelessly drops his guard. At just the right moment Jennifer launchs a lightning fast attack with a barrage of infrared in the total blackness. Startled, the target typicaly runs, exposing the back target. A mistake Jennifer takes full adavntage of to land multiple hits before silently retreating to the anonymity of her lair.


Originating from the Mid-West, Jesse is one of the newer players to paricitapate. So far he has competed at Fort Worden and Fort Casey.
He already has some designs in mind and is in the process of collecting materials for two customs that are in the works.
We look forward to his developing play style.


Unit Affliation:
The Blonde Assassins.
Crystal has been tagging with the CTDYNE group since the mid 1990's. Along with Jennifer, she forms half of the two woman-hit squad "The Blonde Assassins". (see Jennifer above).
Unusual Tactics:
Crystal is a stealth player. Typicaly she is not seen in a game. So you never know you were tagged by her until you hear the laughing.


Notable Quote:
"Any time"
Unusual Tactics: Fort Casey.
The Max Blast Shuffle. Scott is the master at drawing his opponents into a trap. Typicaly he will expose his targets enough to attract the attention of an opponent. Then draw them into a predetermined area of the fort that has no cover or hallways to use as an escape. Once the victim is in the trap, Scott will unleash a volly of max blasts on his target. Startled, his opponent usualy only has time to fire single shots instead of charging up their max blast or activating their sheilds. In fact most of his victims are out of the game quickly. Usualy before the third hit conformation sounds on their target. Typicaly he uses two V2 taggers. This gives him a total of six max blasts that he can use in rapid succession. That is more than enough fire power to overcome all but the most seasoned opponent.
Legendary Moments: Fort Worden.
The bait and switch. The following events occured in the mid '90's during a day of tag at battery Benson in Fort Worden with the Seattle Laser Tag Club along with Mike, Matt, and Scott representing the CTDYNE group. This was soon after the release of the first Laser Challenge gear and was the first time the Seattle Laser Tag Club had tried out LC gear. Due to the poor performance of the LC targets in sun light it was also their last.
 During the contests that day it became apparent that the Seattle group was much better at working together as a team than the CTDYNE group. In one game Mike, Matt, and Scott tried to take on the entire S.L.T. Club. It didn't take long before Mike and Matt were out, Leaving Scott alone with his two LC rifles and one LC grenade against an organized group of laser tag veterans.
Scott put up a good fight for as long as he could, but it was only a matter of time before the very effective small unit tactics of his opponents would eventualy wear him down. Realizing this, Scott quickly formed a plan to take out as many of the opposing team memebers as he could before he was tagged out.
Demoralized by their teams poor performance Mike and Matt sat by on the edge of the fort watching as Scott would try to keep the opposing team off balance with quick moves and fast attacks. But he was quickly running out of time.
With only one or two hits left, Scott backed into a tunnel on the first level. He held his postion at the entrance, taking quick shots and then back around the corner to cover, repeating this action untill the remainder of the S.L.T. Club had taken up covered postions around the entrance. The S.L.T. Club worked as a cohesive unit with one memeber at a time advancing on Scott's postion under cover fire from the rest of the group.
 Eventualy the group had worked its way to within 15' of Scott. It was do or die time as Scott was seconds from being overcome by a barrage of infrared. After a few moments Scott stopped returning fire. Everyone could still hear the homing signals from his pair of LC rifles beeping away just out of view inside the tunnel. Matt and Mike could not beleive that Scott would just stand there. Certainly he must be aware that he is about to be overrun. After a few seconds without movment from Scott the S.L.T. force rushed the entrance to the tunnel, unleashing an overwellming amount of infrared energy that bounced off the walls inside the tunnels like a pin ball machine. Nothing could withstand that much IR without taking at least a few hits. Certainly this must be the end.
 After a few seconds the shooting stopped. None of the obsevers could see what was going on just inside the tunnel. No noise but the constant beep, beep, beep from Scotts two LC rifles. At this point no one could figure out what was going on.
 Sudenly Scott came fying out of a hole on the second level, all the way in the back of the fort. But he did not have his rifles, they were still on the ground just inside the first level tunnel where the S.L.T. force had just blitzed the entrance. What the heck was he doing? How would he defend himself?
 In an instant the brillance of Scott's plan became aperant to all who witnessed the events of that day. 
 As the remainder of the S.L.T. force stood around the two beeping LC Taggers, now abandoned on the floor just inside the tunel entrance, Scott was at dead run across the top of the fort towrds the tunnel entrance. With out missing a step he removed the LC grenade from his belt and set the timer for the perfect amount of time so that as he reached the edge of the second level directly above the tunnel entrance, he spiked the grenade into the tunnel!
 The grenade was already emmiting IR from it's multiple IR LED's, flooding the tunnel with infrared energy as it rolled to a stop at the feet of the S.L.T. force circled around the abandoned LC rifles. The warnings yelled out inside the tunnel did no good as the trap had already been sprung. The Trap Master strikes again! Truly a legendary moment in North West tag history.


Steven has been an avid laser tag particapant since the mid 1990's. Always up for a game, he has joined the CTDYNE group for many events at Fort Worden and Fort Casey. His skill with V2 equipment, especialy the Firestorm is a complement to any team lucky enough to have him on their side.


Notable Quote:
"I'm playing"
As aggressive as any tag player to have competed at Fort Worden or Fort Casey, Erin is known for never quitting. She has played into the dark and will keep tagging even when others have tired.
Legendary Moments: During her first tag event at Fort Worden, Erin was at a dead run inside one of the tunnels to gain better postion on an opponent. Unfortunatly she did not have a flash light attached to her tagger so she was in the dark. The tunnel made a sharp turn. Erin did not. She hit head first right into the concrete. She came out with a scraped, swollen nose and eyes. Letting the pain subside and trying to figure out if her nose was broken, she went to the parking lot. The only relief she could find was kleenex and aspirin. After sitting out only one game she was back the thick of the action! She played hard for the rest of the day. Erin is here to tag!


Unusual Tactics:
Prefers two V2 taggers. Twice the Max Blasts.
Unusual Tactics:
At Fort Worden, Justin was concerned that his light colored, almost new, expensive running shoes would give away his postion during the games, so he went to the nearest store and bought a few cans of paint and proceeded to spray paint his shoes camo colors.
Justin is a hard target to pin down. Always moving, he is adept at out-flanking the opposition.


Cody is a championship-level paintball player. He has participated at Fort Casey with the CTDYNE group. He has fun but since laser tag has its own set of unusual strategies, he misses the mastery of the game he enjoys on the paint ball fields. He is also used to a much higher level quality of gear than hobby-level tag gear.

Haruka, left with Kelly at Fort Worden, 2002.

Haruka was exposed to her first laser tag experience while visting from Japan. She participated in a family event at Fort Worden. After becoming familiar with the V2 equipment, she played in most of the games that day and seemed to have fun. We hope she can visit again and tag with us at Fort Worden.


Participates at Fort Worden and Fort Casey. He is experienced in the use of V2 and all the tactics that work well with this type of gear. Tagger of choice: the FIRESTORM.


Notable Quote:
I jacked my brother"s tag gear.
Chelsea is a new competitor with the CTDYNE group. She is a natural. At her first Fort Worden event she showed the good judgement to team up with Erin and Kelly to form an all-woman squad that eliminated older, more experienced players with ease.


One of the early participants in contests at Fort Casey. A fast player with a knack for flanking his opponent. Dana is usually the last to stop tagging at one of the group events.


These two particapated in a picnic/tag day at Fort Worden. Both were competitive players and Scott came within one hit of winning the Every Man for Himself contest that day. Not bad for the youngest player there that day.


Another of the two-fisted tag players, Bob prefers to double up with V2 taggers. He was one of the first to accompany the group to Fort Casey in the early 1990's.


One of the early players, he is fun to have on your side. Joey has been one of the favorite targets of the Blonde Assassins.


Geriatrics Squad.
Dave's first tag event was a CTDYNE multiple day tag event at Fort Worden. Says he wants to particapate again.


Geriatrics Squad.
Scott has tagged with the group at Fort Worden. Appears to enjoy laser tag, especaliy when spending time with family at a beautiful location like Fort Worden.

A special thanks to Doug.
Without his help this web site would not have been possible.

A visiting player when he was with the Seattle Laser Tag Club, Doug attended one of the CTDYNE Fort Worden events. Not normaly a V2 user, Doug built a custom tagger just for this event. (see image above). In addition to a large lens assembly, high output IR LED and large capacity battery pack, this tagger is equiped with a heads up display mounted in a set of glasses. The camera for the display is mounted on the tagger. Doug can use it as a scope with a zoom lens. It also has night vision capabilities.
Unusual Tactic:
Shock and Awe. Doug installed an amplifier and large speaker in his custom V2 tagger. When launching an attack on his opponent the sound from this very loud tagger would startle his target, typicaly causing the opposition to run, exposing the back target -  a mistake Doug was quick to capitalize on time and time again.

Click below for a quick video of the troops ariving at the base of artiliry hill in Fort Worden for a day of tag.


Arival at Artiliry hill