Instructor: , LSII, Rm.139

Date Topic(s) / Hyperlink(s)
January 19 T Introduction to Medical Microbiology
21 R General Immunology
26 T Immunoglobulins
28 R Histocompatibility
February 2 T Humoral Immunity, Ag-Ab Reactions, Cell Mediated Immunity
4 R Complement, (Complement Graphic)
9 T Hypersensitivity, Immunological Defects
11 R Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
16 T **** EXAM 1 ****
18 R General Microbiology, Normal Flora
23 T Gram-positive cocci: Staphylococcus, Streptococcus
25 R **** NO CLASS ****
March 1 T Gram-positive spore-formers: Bacillus, Clostridium; Anaerobic infections: Bacteroides
3 R Gram-negative bacilli: Salmonella, Shigella, Escherichia
8 T Gram-negative bacilli: Coliforms (Klebsiella, Proteus), Pseudomonas
10 R Gram-negative curved bacilli: Vibrio, Campylobacter, Helicobacter
15 T **** Spring Break ****
17 R **** Spring Break ****
22 T Gram-negative coccobacilli: Brucella, Yersinia, Bordetella
24 R Fastidious Gram-negative bacteria: Neisseria, Haemophilus, Legionella
29 T Gram-positive bacilli: Listeria, Corynebacteria, Mycobacteria
31 R Spirochetes: Treponema, Leptospira, Borrelia
April 5 T **** EXAM 2 ****
7 R Obligate intracellular bacteria: Rickettsia, Chlamydia
12 T Mycotic Infections
14 R General Virology
19 T DNA Viruses: Papillomavirus, Herpesvirus, Poxvirus
21 R RNA Viruses: Picornavirus, Hepatitis Viruses
26 T RNA Viruses: Togavirus, Rubella, Rhabdovirus
28 R RNA Viruses: Paramyxovirus, Orthomyxovirus
May 3 T RNA Viruses: Ebolavirus
5 R RNA Viruses: Retrovirus, HIV
12 R 10:15-12:15 **** EXAM 3 ****



Reference Textbooks on reserve in Morris Library:
Medical Microbiology, (Baron, 2nd edition; 4th edition on-line);
Infectious Disease and Medical Microbiology, (Braude, 2nd edition);
Medical Microbiology, (Jawetz et al., 20th edition).
Essentials of Medical Microbiology (Volk et al., 3rd edition)

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