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Before calling your computer manufacturers 'HELP LINE" take a look here

Carry your smart phone everywhere and have all your information on it?
If you do, the keys to your smart home are left in the lock, easily entered
by any unscrupulous hacker. Bank account too.  If it's in your phone, its theirs.
60 Minutes covered it  Sign-ip for 'All Access' to view the story
or just read the transcript here:
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Here's a snipit:
Sharyn Alfonsi: If you just have somebody's phone number, what could you do?

Karsten Nohl: Track their whereabouts, know where they go for work, which other people they meet
 You can spy on whom they call and what they say over the phone. And you can read their texts.

SS7. It is a little-known, but vital global network that connects phone carriers

SS7 has been hacked and used to fraudulently transfer money out of banks
never to be seen again

Isn't this special, your cellphone

April 15 -2016
Homeland Security warns Windows PC users to uninstall Quicktime

Apple confirms it's the END of QuickTime for Windows

The rush to depend on technology to take care of daily
activities and track accounts has made it easy to loose your privacy
dated 2/17/15

Microsoft ends support of Internet Explorer 8, 9*, and 10, leaving only IE 11 supported
*Internet Explorer 9  remains actively supported on Windows Vista,

Microsoft is also ending support for the original, 2012 release of Windows 8
(They're calling 8.1 a 'service pack, not a release)
So if you're running 8.1, Install the '10' upgrade

Windows Lifecycle (EOL) Fact Sheet

Found the following at

According to data from Secunia, Apple's software for Windows is now the biggest threat to PC security, surpassing previous long term champion Java. Among U.S. users, some 61 percent of computers detected running QuickTime did not have the latest version. With iTunes, 47 percent of the installations were outdated versions. There were 18 vulnerabilities in Apple QuickTime 7 at the time of the study. Oracle has now fallen/risen to 2nd place, followed by Adobe. All three vendors bundle automatic updater utilities with their software, but users seem to be declining new versions. Update fatigue, perhaps?

It's a repeat of what I have been telling everyone with a Windows computer.
These MUST be updated individually, by YOU.
iTunes, Java, and Flashplayer (Flash)
Start Itunes then click HELP then about

If you see an update is available, DON'T ignore it. DO IT.

Java can be started from Control Panel, as can Flashplayer.

Java is pretty well 'done with' at this time also
Flashplayer and 'end of life'. So check your version
and update it if it's an EOL version.
Both are pretty much 'hobbled' by necessary security measures
taken so that malware writers can no longer exploit the holes.

I'm 'dumping windows' in favor of Linux.  Want to know why?  YES


For all versions of MS Windows
tips for optimum usability
NOTE: While installing any programs recommended here,
read the text in the windows that open during the installation,
If there's any Toolbars such as Yahoo, Ask, etc or "free" Offers,
Decline their installation.
Just install the desired program.
also -
You may not be able to install if you do not have "Administrator Privileges"
You have to log on to an account with Administrator Privileges to install software.
[Disclaimer]  I receive no gain by recommending these.
I recommend them because I use them. [/Disclaimer]
Ok, preliminaries done, on to the subject

There's only 3 things to remember to get, and keep, your computer in tip top shape.
I've broken them into the following categories. click each to see my recommendations.

Control (Computer Security)


Resources - make more available to YOU.

3 steps complete,
here's a Performance boost option

If you're skeptical of your ability to do the steps above, you can have me do it for you.
I can also walk you through it so you can perform it confidently in the future.
My rates are very competitive.

Now that we've got your computer in shape,
let's  see how we can make it more user friendly and fun.

End Spam in you email

Prevent Data Loss

Alternatives to pre-installed software

Alternatives for productivity

Entertainment Solutions

Sharing Photos and video

Recover your LOST/STOLEN device (laptop/phone) Only if you've installed PREY.

Here's my short list of problems solved and a list of peeves window has
Microsoft PEEVES

Extortion scam
It's best to know how, before you need to know, as it may be impossible
to get the information when you encounter something like this.

Vista Tips And Tricks

Want FAST for little to NO COST?

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