Dry Goods Offered

The Mill

We have a variety of mills to choose from for purchase as well as Komo grinders available for in-store use. Please ask to use our Gluten Free grinder if you have special dietary requirements. Typically wheat berries, kamut, rye, and spelt are used to make flour. The grinder is also available for grinding: oats, barley, quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, millet, dent corn, and some beans.

Why Grind it Fresh?

Commercial flour contains neither the healthy fiber nor the vitamin rich germ and oil. The essential nutrients of whole wheat flour decay immediately after milling, so milling and using flour with in a day is ideal. Fresh flour tastes better and is less expensive in the long run. Many people like the security of storing grain and having the knowledge of how to prepare it. Feel free to use our mill or talk to us if you are interested in purchasing a Komo grinder. Feel free to use our Komo grinders in store or talk to us if you are interested in purchasing one of our variety of mills. Electric and non-electric models are available.


Rice: The most consumed food in the world! There are over 7,000 varieties of rice with its own distinct flavor, texture, aroma, color, length of grain, and degree of translucency. Rice can be a simple side dish to a main course such as risotto, pilaf, pudding, or a breakfast cereal. Health wise, rice is said to calm the nervous system, relieve mental depression, and strengthen internal organs.

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Beans: Nearly a perfect health food. Low in fat & cholesterol, high in fiber, iron, and folic acid. They are a delicious and extremely economical and eco-friendly source of protein.

Love beans? Consider a pressure cooker which will cook beans in a fraction of the time. For more flavorful beans add onion, garlic, or bay leaves at start of cooking. Also good sprouted. Sprouting increases protein content while decreasing starch and shortens cooking time.

Visit our Prepare & Cook page for more information on bean preparation.

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Split Peas & Lentils

Split Peas & Lentils: Same health benefits as beans without the need for soaking.



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Grains: super nutritious and delicious too. Easy to cook, like rice. Rinse, soak to cut cooking times, boil/simmer, test, and fluff when done.

Simple ways to enjoy: toss with sautéed vegetables and fresh herbs, in soup, cooked with dried fruit for breakfast, tossed with chopped veggies for a cool salad, as a base for curries and stir-fries, as a hearty stuffing for vegetables and roasts.

Visit our Prepare & Cook page for more information on grain preparation. Or visit The Whole Grains Council for more information on grains and their health benefits.

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Dried Fruits

Only a few nutrients are lost in the drying process. Dried fruit contains quick energy and is a compact form of fiber. Because dried fruit is concentrated it tastes sweeter. Our dried fruits are organic which insures no added sulfurs or preservatives and they are not irradiated. They also contain no added sweeteners unless otherwise noted on container.

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The term comes from an Old English word "nux" meaning "to nourish". Botanically, they are single seeded dry hard-shelled fruits. Nuts and seeds are compact packages of highly concentrated nutrients. These valuable sources of vitamins, minerals, and proteins can be used in many ways. Add nuts and seeds to your baked goods, chop and add to casseroles or salads, brown and serve with cooked or raw vegetables, puree into butters, soak and then ground and strain into nut and seed milks. All nuts and seeds should be stored in your fridge or freezer. Our nuts are organic and raw which insures there are no added preservatives and they are not irradiated.

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