Spouses with surnames beginning with N

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Spouse name Harrington Mate
Nadoe (Nadow?), Lewis (Louis?) Martha M.
Narcross, Emily William
Narcross, Sally William
Narcross, ___ Mary Jane
Needham, Sarah Jay, b. Kingsbury, N. Y., 1875
Neff, Eliza Earl P.
Neill, Chas. A. Ada D.
Nelson, Andrew Esther, b. same, Jan. 18, 1785
Nelson, Carl Mary A.
Nelson, James W. Lydia A.
Nelson, ___ Lulu
Nevill, Margaret William
Newell, Callie Annie
Newell, Dexter Rosanna
Newell, Edward Elizabeth
Newell, Frances Francis B.
Newell, Harriet Emery Nelson
Newell, Prudence Elijah
Newhall, George Elizabeth
Newhall, John Mary
Newman, Eliza Lemuel
Newman, ___ Judson H.
Newton, Abner Susanna
Newton, Amy S. David B.
Newton, Eleanor William
Newton, George Lucy
Newton, Harriet Barnard
Newton, Jonathan Sibilla
Newton, Julia M. Chas. H.
Newton, Lucy G. David B.
Newton, Lydia William
Newton, Martin Lucretia
Newton, Mary E. George Edwin
Newton, Moses Grace
Newton, Silas Margaret
Newton, Stephen Winnie Jean
Newton, William Susan
Newton, ___ Orcella
Niblack, ___ Mary Augusta
Nichols, Betsy Job
Nichols, Charles Gertrude
Nichols, Geo. K. Mary L.
Nichols, Hannah Joseph, b. 1687
Nichols, ___ Lydia
Nicholson, Julia Thomas
Nicholson, Lydia Fay Henry
Nicholson, Martha Richard
Nickerson, Anna Edward
Nightingale, Edith Arvin W.
Norris, Mabel Geo. Wesley
Norris, ___ Betsy
Norse (Morse?), Sarah Joshua
Norse, Sarah Luther
North, Mary John J.
Northrop (Northup?), Joseph (Josiah?) Amy
Northrop, Luther Phoebe
Northup, Mary William Daniel
Norton, Esther Bentley
Norton, William Charity
Norton (Morton?), William Hannah
Noyes, Belle S. Jas. G.
Nutting, Sarah Ammi
Nye, Eliza Enoch
Nye, Susan (Mrs.) Austin