Harrington heads of families with first names beginning with E

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Son of Elijah & w. Mary Pierce

Bible printed Philadelphia, 1877, owned by L. M. Baldwin, 2 Gilbert St., Leroy, N. Y.


Leander, b. prob. after 1867. He adopted a child.


Son of William H. & w. Carrie

Grant W. Harrington MS.

Robert Earl of Plainsville, Minn., b. there Sept. 8, 1914 d. from carbolic acid burns.

Donald William of Plainville, Minn., b. there June 1, 1916.

Allen Morse of Plainville, Minn., b. there Feb. 17, 1920.

DORA ALLEN, his wife.

Son of Aaron & w. Helen Adams

Pri. Rcds. Mrs. Eliz. March., Warrensburg, N. Y.


Jessie, b. Warrensburg, N. Y., after 1890.

Fred, b. Warrensburg, N. Y., after 1891.

Raymond, b. after 1893.

Rexford, b. after 1893.

Delbert, b. after 1893.


Son of William L. Garrison. & w. Ellen Cotter

Vit. Rcds., Rutland, Vt.


Charles, b. in Burlington, Vt., May 4, 1902; he served in the marines at Newport, R. I.

Elva, b. Burlington, Vt., Mar. 1904. She was a nurse.

Earnest, b. Burlington, Vt., July 30, 1905.

Dorothea, b. Rutland, Vt., Dec. 9, 1906; m. in Rutland, Vt., Sept. 11, 1924, Kenneth Edward Bruce.

Donald W., b. Rutland, Vt., Oct. 25, 1908.

Elizabeth, b. in Rutland, Vt., June 15, 1911.

Fred A., b. Rutland, Vt., Dec. 15, 1914.

Earnestina, b. in Rutland, Vt., Mar. 21, 1916; d. there May 1925.

SARAH ALLEN, his wife.

p. Son of Benjamin & w. Abigail Bigelow

Vit. Rcds., Weston, Mass.


Elisha, b. Weston, Mass., Nov. 8, 1724; d. there Apr. 25, 1725.


Son of William & w. Ann Hamon

Arnold's Vit. Rcds., of R. I.


p. Ann, b. prob. there after 1773.

When Ebenezer Harrington and wife, Paulina, sold land in Kingsbury, N. Y., to Russell Vaughn in 1828 they included in the sale a separate residence on their premises and which had been the home of Asa Harrington prob. their son. Other children shown in Census of 1800. No available data.

See additional information provided by Peggy Hoffmann, a descendant of Ebenezer. Her additional information refutes the assertion that he was married to Paulina Burnham, but rather to Paulina Doolin. There is confusion on the web regarding this and hopefully this information will help to clarify the various Ebenezers.

SARAH MARSE, 2nd wife.

Son of Thomas & w. Rebecca White

Hist. of Watertown, Mass. by Bond
Pri. Rcds. of C. W. Harrington, Rock Creek, Ohio;
Vit. Rcds., Farmingham,


Sarah, b. Framingham, Mass., Dec. 9, 1708; prob. same Sarah who married in Smithfield, R. I., Sept. 11, 1733, Edward Bishop.

Rebecca, b. Framingham, Mass., Dec. 12, 1713.

Thomas, b. Framingham, Mass., Nov. 18, 1715.

Ebenezer, b. Framingham, Mass., Mar. 8, 1717. He seems to have resided in Brookfield, Mass., Oct. 11, 1718; m. 1st in Framingham, Mass

Joshua, b. Framingham, Mass., Oct. 11, 1718; m. 1st in Framingham, Mass., Jan. 11, 1743, Sarah Morse. He married 2nd in Framingham, Mass., Oct. 3, 1751, Elizabeth (Reed) Bent, widow of John Bent. She was called Phoebe Bent. They came to Worcester Co., Mass., with their children Aug. 22, 1765. They moved to Fitzwilliams, N. H. in 1774. About 1720 he bought in the Tiffany Mill Privileges and saw and grist mill from Thomas Tallman. The saw mill was soon shut down but the grist mill was operated for many years by him, his son Joshua, and his grandsons, Joshua and Elijah, until 1840 when it was bought by Chas. Cooledge. Later it became the Troy Blanket Factory.

Susannah, b. Framingham, Mass., Sept. 16, 1720.

Hepzibah, b. Framingham, Mass., Apr. 10, 1722.

Elias, b. Framingham, Mass., Feb. 17, 1725.

Phinehas, b. Framingham, Mass., Oct. 5, 1728.

EMILY, his wife.

Lineage not determined

N.Y. Genealogical and Biological Rcd.
Port Byron Tomb Insc.


Marietta, b. 1805; d. at Port Byron, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Dec. 3, 1822.

ETHALINDA, his wife.

Son of Samuel & w. Silence E. Robinson

Vit. Rcds., Worcester, Mass.


Charles Augustus, b. Worcester, Mass., May 6, 1818; m. there Mar. 3, 1842 Patty Maria Perkins.

Theodore, b. Worcester, Mass., July 12, 1820.

LUCRETIA HILL, his wife.

Son of George & a. Rebecca Allen

D. A. R. Lineage Book, Rolls of Honor


Lucy, b. Brookfield, Mass., Apr. 8, 1777; m. Jesse Bell. They had Jesse Bell, Jr., (1804-1874) who married Maria Chadderton (1808-1890), and in turn they had Mary Bell (1832-1898) who married James Willard Legg, (1829-1904), and they in turn had Lida Long, who married Louis B. Root. She was born in Conquest, N. Y. and was a member of the D. A. R., #68853.

SARAH JOHNSON, his wife.

Son of Henry & w. Sarah Laughton

Vit. Rcds. Acton, Mass.
Hist. Lexington, Mass, by Hudson


Ebenezer, b. Lexington, Mass., June 22, 1789; d. Acton, 1827, un-m.

Hannah, b. there Feb. 24, 1791; m. in Acton, Dec. 27, 1812, Jesse Pierce.

Simon, b. there Feb. 27, 1793; d. in the south unmarried.

Keziah, b. there Aug. 20, 1795; m. there Apr. 9, 1815, Otis Locke.

Susannah, b. there July 24, 1798; m. Jan. 1, 1823, John Hadley.

MARTHA, his wife.

Son of Joseph & w. Patience

Narrogansett Hist. Reg.
Vit. Rcds. Rhode Island by Arnold
Land Rcds. Census Rcds.
Rev. War & Pension Rcds.


Martha, b. Exeter, R. I., before 1740; m. Dec. 11, 1755 Solomon Shippe. She was widow when her father's will filed 1793 and signed estate deeds. In Solomon's will he named their dau. Eliz. Harrington.

Joseph, b. p. Smithfield, R. I., between 1730 & 1745. He signed estate deeds.

David, b. Smithfield, or Exeter, R. I., 1733; m. Exeter, Mar. 27, 1768. Waity Tripp. Census of 1774 showed 4 children and in 1790 there were eight girls and two boys of whom one boy was aged over 16 yrs. Rhode Island Military List show him as serving in Rev. War as Captain in 1777 and from 1779 to 1785 inclusive. He was named in his father's will filed there 1793 and signed distribution deeds. She b. 1752; d. 1836.

His pension application, File No. R-4644, shows list of children as follows: Lucy, b. 1785 of Postenkill, Renssalaer Co. N. Y.; Waity of Oneida Co., N. Y.; Worden of Westerland, Oneida Co., N. Y.; David of Jerusalem, Yates Co., N. Y.; Phoebe of Delphi, Onondaga Co., N. Y.; Patty of Otselic, Chenango Co., N. Y., and Sally Fabius, Onondago Co., N. Y.

Alma, b. 1734-35, p. Smithfield, R. I., m. Joshua Smith. She signed deeds to her father's estate in 1793.

Rebecca, b. 1736-40, p. at Smithfield, R. I., and signed same estate papers in 1793.

Priscilla, b. p. 1738-45 and signed father's estate deeds in 1793.

PATIENCE, his wife.

Son of Caleb & w. Sarah Miller

Vit. Rcds. Northborough, Mass.


Martha, b. Northborough, Mass., July 10, 1812; d. there Dec. 13, 1835; m. in Boylston, Mass., intention filed Sept. 24, 1834, m. Feb. 5, 1835, Levi M. Harrington of Boylston.

REBECCA, his wife.

Son of Joseph & w. Sarah

Arnold's Vit. Rcds, of R. I.
Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of R. I.;
C. B. Herendeen;
American Ancestry by Munsell
Worcester County Warnings


Ebenezer b. p. in West Quadomset, R. I., 1700. (pencil a. 1710)

David, b. p. in West Quadomset, R. I., 1708.

Aaron, b. in Smithfield, or West Quadomset, R. I., 1710; d. there (or Douglas, Mass.) about 1772; m. in Smithfield, R. I., Jan. 10, 1734, Abigail Chilson, dau. of Zold and Delia Chilson of Bellingham, Mass.

He was made freeman in Smithfield, R. I., Feb. 4, 1734. He purchased land there from Thos. Harrington in1731. In 1760 his claim against his mother-in-law at her death was allowed by the town council in their settlement of her estate. His name does not appear on records after 1765.

Rufus, b. p. in West Quadomset, R. I., before 1720 (or about 1735); d. before May 1762; m. in Smithfield, R. I., Nov. 22, 1754, Dorcus Mann, who was born June 27, 1731, as shown in her father's will. She was dau. of John (1695-1782) and Abigail (Arnold) Mann who died in 1775.

They resided in Smithfield, R. I., in 1754, but May 8 (or 11) 1762, she as widow, came with her child, Ahab, to Rutland, Mass.

SARAH (LUCY) SMITH, his wife.

Son of Ebenezer & Rebecca Spencer



James, b. Mass., 1794; d. in Bath, Me., 1857; m. Letitia Brown, who was born in 1797 and died in 1854.

MARY MERCY (MORLEY), 2nd wife.

Son of Job, Jr. & w. Alice Weightman

R. I. Civil and Military Lists
John Harrington to Grant W. Harrington
Colonial Rcds. of Rhode Island
Arnold's Vit. Rcds. of R. I.
Pri Rcds., Mrs. Ruth C. Adair, Wallaston, Mass.

FAMILY (1st wife)

Thomas, b. in Exeter, R. I., Apr. 4, 1744.

Benjamin, b. in Exeter, R. 1., Oct. 22, 1745; d.

Alice, b. in Exeter, R. I., Oct 22, 1747; d.

Lydia, b. in Exeter R. I., Oct. 2, 1749; prob. the same who married in Warren, Mass., Apr. 15, 1772, Daniel Kinney.

Ebenezer, b. Exeter, R. I., Apr. 11, 1752; d. before May 1756.

Elizabeth, b. in Exeter, R. I., Apr. 19, 1754.

Ebenezer Weightman, b. Exeter, R. I., May 1, 1756; d. 1818; m. in Petersham, Mass., Oct. 18, 1796, Sarah (Lucy) Smith.

SARAH D. WELD, his wife.

Son of Rufus & w. Prudence Walker

Vit. Rcds., Worcester, Mass.


Charles Davis, b. Worcester, Mass., May 20, 1847.

MARTHA WITT, his wife

Son of Richard & w. Abigail Hammond

Vit. Rcds. of Fitchburg, Mass.
D. A. R. Rolls of Honor


Persis, b. Fitchburg, Mass., Apr. 21, 1768; m. James R. Brisbin. They had S. Brisbin, who married Sarah Howard. They also had Anna who married, 1st, John B. Meyers, and, 2nd, Henry F. Conley. She was born in Cayuga Co., N. Y. and was a member of D. A. R. #16303; by 2nd husband, John, she had a daughter, Alice, b. Lansing, Mich., and m. Coleman. She was a member of D. A. R., #19859.

Ebenezer, b. Fitchburg, Mass., Aug. 2, 1769.

Bezalell, b. Fitchburg, Mass., Nov. 9, 1771; m. in Marlborough, Mass., Feb. 4 1795 Lucretia Brigham.

Sewell (son) b. Fitchburg, Mass., Oct. 11, 1773.

Laura, b. prob. Fitchburg, Mass., p. after 1780; m. Timothy Jackson, b. 1782 and d. 1875. They had William Stewart Jackson, who m. in 1835 Laura Cummings (1818-1888) and they had Addie Jackson, who married Henry Clinton Utley, and they in turn had Laura Utley, b. in Booneville, N. Y., and who married Gilbert I. Sawyer. She is member of D. R. #41538. William S. Jackson, above, also had William H. Jackson, who married Flora E. Cole and had Jennie Jackson b. Booneville, N, Y., and m. William Belknap. She is member of D. A. R. #44554.

_____________ his wife.

p. Son of Ebenezer & w. Hepzibah Cloyes

Pri. Rcds. Sarah Gertrude Harrington

They had a son who married and had children including: Grand child: Isaac, b. Feb. 12, 1766; m. Lydia Carrier, of Livingston, Co., N. Y., b. there May 20, 1769. They settled in Livingston Co., N. Y.

HANNAH BULL, his wife.

Son of Richard & Sarah

Pri. Rcds. C. B. Herendeen
Vit. Rcds. of Rhode Island;
Pri. Rcds. of Mrs. Arthur Lansing, Cambridge, N. Y.


Esther, b. Exeter, R. I., June 22, 1738, prob. m. in Scituate, R. I. Mar. 1763 George Brook.

Richard, b. in Exeter, R. I., July 2, 1739; d.

Hannah, b. Exeter, R. I., Oct. 3, 1742; d.


Son of Richard, Jr. & w. Sarah Bates

Lambs Records, F. B. Lamb, Westfield, N. Y.


Sarah (Sally) b. in Burlington, N. Y., about 1785.

Caleb, b. in Burlington, N. Y., about 1788; d. His name is on records of the surrogate court.

Charles, b. p. in Burlington, N. Y., about 1787.

Eber, b. in Burlington, N. Y., about 1788-90. (pencil note: a. 49 - 1850 census)

Job, b. in Burlington, N. Y., about 1790-94; p. m. Phoebe, Feb. 15, 1834. They made land deed to Rufus Harrington. Her estate was settled in the probate court, but she left no children, the property going to nieces and nephews.

Paul, b. p. in Burlington, N, Y., about 1792-94.

Susan, b. p. in Burlington, N. Y., about 1794-96.

Orpha, b. p. in Burlington, N. Y., about 1796-98.

Polly, b. p. in Burlington, about 1798-1800.

Hannah, b. p. in Burlington, N. Y., about 1800-1804.

Thankful, p. b. in Burlington, N. Y., about 1804-1810.

______________, his wife (handwritten Lydia)

Son of p. Eber & w. Susannah Gardner

Mrs. Jno. B. Royer, Everett, Wash.


Daisy, m. Otsego County, N. Y., m. Cilgrove; her name in will of her father who died in Edminston, N. Y., in 1874. His name is in index to wills at Edminston, N. Y.

Herman, b. Otsego, N. Y. He is also named in his father's will.

Morris, b. Otsego, County, N. Y. He is also named in his father's will.

FRANCES JAMES, 2nd wife.

Son of Moses & w. Betty Pratt

Pri. Rcds. Mrs. Elizabeth March, Warrensburg, N. Y.

FAMILY (1st wife)

George W., b. Mar. 1866; still lives at Belair, Mich., 1925. Married.

Forest, b. Mar. 1868; d. 1914; he had no children.

William, b. June 3, 1873, and was residing at Traverse City, Mich., in 1925.

Charles, b. Aug. 19, 1877; was residing at Granville, N. Y. in 1925; m. Elizabeth Griffin, Hartford, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1889.

Vila, b. Dec. 3, 1878; resided at Granville, N. Y. in 1925. Married Simon Birch of Mt. Hebron, N. Y. in 1886. They had the following children: May, b. 1909; Elmer, b. 19ll; Evaline, b. 1913; Clinton, b. 1915; Frank, b. 1920.

Bessie, b. Jan. 27, 1890; Still lives at Granville, N. Y.; m. Wilbur Karena, b. 1889; had one child, Forest, b. Aug. 1914.

ESTER, his wife.

Lineage not determined

Vit Rcds. Lexington, Mass.


Reuben, b. Lexington, Mass., Sept. 8, 1762.

RUTH S. FARRAR, his wife.

Son of Joel & w. Abigail Fiske

Vit. Rcds. Newton, Brookfield, Mass.


Edmond Wyatt, b. Concord, Mass., Jan. 17, 1836.

SALLY FORBUSH, his wife.

Son of Benjamin & w. Anna Chamberlain

Vit. Rcds. Westborough, Mass.


Sally (Sarah) Mariah, b. Westborough, Mass., Jan. 27, 1839.

ANNA BULLARD, his wife.

Son of Edward & w. Mary Ocington

History of Watertown, Mass.


Mary, b. and baptised at Watertown, Mass., July 23, 1732; died young.

Moses, b. Oct. 22, 1733; d. in Grafton, Mass., 1784; m. Apr. 22, 1757, Mary Pierce, b. 1735 and d. in Grafton, Mass., Dec. 21, 1813. He served in Rev. War as 2nd Lieutenant in Capt. Aaron Kimball's 1st Grafton Co., 6th Worcester Co. Reg. of Mass. Militia in 1766. He was commissioned Sept. 27, 1776, as Lieutenant in Capt. Manassah Sawyer's Company. From Dec. 20, 1776 to Mar. 1, 1777, he was Capt. of the Company in which Joseph Belcher served as corporal. (See Belcher Family History). He married at Waltham, Mass.

Edward, b. Watertown, Mass., May 22, 1735; died in Military services at Ft. Ticondoroga, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1776. Married 1st in Waltham, Mass. Anna Lawrence; m. 2nd in Waltham, Mass., Mary Lawrence, a widow, May 28, 1772. He was private in Capt. Samuel Bernard's Company, Thomas Gardner's Regiment, at Alarm of Apr. 19, 1775, and became Ensign and Lieutenant. He commanded a Company of Middlesex Militia in Canadian campaign under Col. Ephraim Wheelock. He gave receipt for pay to Capt. John Walton for service at Noodlew Island, Dec. 1776.

Beulah, b. Watertown, Mass., June 11, 1737; m. Dec. 5, 1759 Capt. Abijah Childs and had eleven children.

Grace, b. Watertown, Mass., Feb. 23, 1740; m. Aug. 24, 1756 Samuel Sanger, and had seven children.

Jonathan, b. Watertown, Mass., Feb. 12, 1742; d. 1793 in Watertown, Mass. from working in Charles River in cold weather; m. 1st in Waltham, Mass., Dec. 20, 1764 Grace Hager. They moved in Shrewsbury, Mass.. about 1768, where she died Oct. 1, 1778. He married 2nd Mar. 10, 1779 Catharine Wyman, dau. of Ross Wyman. Jonathan served in Rev. War as Sergeant in Capt. Cushing's Co. of Minute Men, Col. Artemus Ward's Reg. and marched in the alarm of Apr. 19, 1775 to Cambridge, service 22 days. His residence during the Rev. War was at Shrewsbury, Mass. He was commissioned an officer in 1776; served as 2nd Lieutenant from 1776 to 1781 and as Lieutenant in Capt. Nathaniel Wright's Co. from Shrewsbury.

Phinehas, b. Watertown, Mass., Jan. 8, 1746, and died in infancy.

William, b. Watertown, Mass., Jan. 9, 1747; m. in Waltham, Mass., Feb. 5, 1777 Esther Bemis. They moved to Lunenburg, Mass., before 1790 where he was shown at the head of a family when first Federal Census was made.

Phinehas, b. Watertown, Mass., Dec. 8, 1748; m. Mar. 19, 1778, Thankful Bemis. He served in Rev. War and participated in the taking of Dorchester Heights.

Anna, b. Watertown, Mass., Dec. 20, 1749; m. Feb. 12, 1767 Jonas Cooledge, Jr., son of Lieut. Jonas (Richard, Ensign John, John), of Watertown, Mass. He was born Feb. 6, 1743. (See the New England Cooledges).

Mary, b. Watertown, Mass., and bapt. Aug. 23, 1752; m. Simpson. in the division of the estate of her father in Middlesex Co., Mass. in 1794 one share went to his daughter, Mary Simpson.

Susannah, b. Watertown, Mass., and baptised there May 11, 1755.


Son of Welcome & w. Elizabeth Durfee

Pri. Rcds. Edw. Herendeen.


Maria, b. Farmington, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1832 (sic); m. there Nov. 11, 1841, Hiram Sheffield. They had five children.

Lydia S., b. Farmington N. Y., Apr. 30, 1824; m. Oct. 15, 1846, Nathan L. Aldrich. They had six children.

Mary E., b. Farmington, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1825; d. there July 14, 1839.

Nathaniel C., b. Farmington, N. Y., Aug. 2, 1827; m. Oct. 11, 1858, Helen Thomas, dau. of Eugene & w. Esther Thomas. She died Aug. 4, 1914. He died Aug. 1912.

Huldah A., b. Farmington, N. Y., Mar. 8, 1830; m. Oct. 17, 1849, Gardner Sheldon. They had two children.

Wilkinson A., b. Farmington, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1835; d. Dec. 30, 1904; m. Feb. 10, 1858 Elizabeth Goodnow; d. of Alason & w. Eliza Goodnow. She died June 1, 1919, aged 82.

Wilkinson, b. Farmington, N. Y., July 7, 1833; d. Dec. 16, 1833.

Welcome D., b. Farmington, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1837; d. Jan. 3, 1893; m. June 26, 1860 Cornelia Millet. They had three children.

Gideon D., of Manchester, N. Y., b. Farmington, N. Y., May 11, 1839; d. Jan. 22, 1910; m. Oct. 31, 1863 Mary A. Ketchum, dau. of Germond and Chloe Ketchum, b. 1846; d. 1913.

Edward F., b. Farmington, N. Y., May 17, 1841.; m. Dec. 4, 1862 Helen Powers, b. Sept. 17, 1841; d. Nov. 10, 1926. They are both buried in Farmington, N. Y.

Henry H., b. Farmington, N. Y., July 27, 1842; d. July 23, 1843 (sic). He died Apr. 11, 1911.

ELIZABETH, his wife.

Pioneer--Lineage not detemined

Genealogical Dictionary, by Savage New England Hist. and Gen. Reg. Ancestral Heads of New England Families, p. 29, by Holmes, to Grant W. Harrington;
Pioneers of Mass. by Pope;
Genealogies of Charlestown, Mass, by Wyman;
Vit. Rcds. of Gloucester, Mass.

Edward Harrington, of Charlestown, Mass., b. before 1643; d. 1647 (?) married Elizabeth; she joined the Charlestown Church in 1643.

He was resident of Charlestown, Mass., in 1643, and was admitted to the first church there Mar. 3, 1647.


Sarah, b. and died in Gloucester, Mass., Apr. 10, 1687.

Andrew, b. died in Gloucester, Mass., Apr. 21, 1688.

ELIZABETH, his wife.

Lineage not determined

Vit. Rcds. Newbury Port, Mass.


Edward Thorlo, b. Newbury Port, Mass., Dec. 31, 1822.

MINNIE GATES, his wife.

Son of Oliver & w. Emily Wastcott



Frank, b. Vermont about 1887; m. Katy Lewis

Eugene, b. Vermont, about 1890. He was electrician in Rutland.

JANE A. HAVILAND, his wife.

Son of Ephraim & w. Mary Ann Hill

Pri. Rcds. Rachel C. Wilkins


Emma, b. Biskirk, N. Y., May 30, 1877; d. there Mar. 28, 1878.

Ralph, b. Hoosick, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1879; m. Dec. 1907 Sarah Carpenter, b. 1878.

Bertha, b. Hoosick, N. Y., May 4, 1882; m. Dec. 8, 1914, Harry Durfee.

Lena, b. Hoosick, N. Y., Aug. 17, 1886; d. there 1890.

Cora, b. Hoosick, N. Y., Dec. 16, 1892; m. there Nov. 20, 1912 Bert Baker. They had children: Edward A., b. there May 22, 1915 and Clyde R., b. Jan. 13, 1919.

ANNA IRONS, his wife.

Son of Allen & w. Lucy Williams

Oral by Cynthia Harrington Waters


Raymond, b. Easton, N. Y., about 1908.


Son of Edward & w. Polly Weatherby

Vit. Rcds. Beverly & Clinton. Mass

Corrections of information on the Edward Weatherbee Harrington family were received from Janet Ebsen on Mar 27, 2007. Her information completely changes wife and children.


Edward Francis, b. Beverley, Mass., July 3, 1838. He served as a private in Civil War.

Benjamin Larkum, b. Beverley, Mass., Nov. 26, 1839.

Charles Louis, b. Beverley, Mass., Oct. 1841; d. there May 22, 1843 of disentery.

Charles Louis, b. Beverley, Mass., July 12, 1843.

ANNA LAWRENCE, 1st wife.
MARY 2nd wife.

Son of Edward & w. Anna Bullard

Vit. , Rcds. Watertown and Concord Mass.;
Hist. of Watertown, Mass. by Bond


Phinehas, b. Watertown, Mass., d. young.

Edward, b. May 20, 1758, Watertown, Mass.; m. 1st Oct. 15, 1778 Susannah Wellington. They had one son, Edward, baptised Mar. 4, 1781. Edward seems to have married in Concord, Mass., Mar. 4, 1816, Lois Dagar of Concord, Mass. He died at Concord, Mass., Feb. 8, 1832.

Susannah, b. Watertown, Mass., Nov. 23, 1759; she died young.

Lucy, b. Watertown, Mass., Aug. 9, 1761.

Susannah, b. Watertown, Mass., Apr. 24, 1764 m. there May 26, 1793; John Edwards, a Colonel. They had Nancy Edwards, who married Horatio Fletcher and had Julia Fletcher, who married Luther B. Morse. She was born Westford, Mass., and was a member D. A. R. #21584. Other descendents were members of D. A. R.

Jacob, b. Watertown, Mass., Aug. 23, 1792; prob. d. young.

Jacob, b. Watertown, Mass., Oct. 14, 1775, prob. the same who married in Worcester, Mass., Sept. 24, 1797 Betsy Howe.

NANCY MALONE, his wife.

Son of Joseph & w. Amanda Hier

Oral Inquiry, Rutland, Vt.


Walter, b. in Rutland, Vt., Aug. 17, 1878.

Helen, b. in Rutland, Vt., Aug. 11, 1883.

MARY, his wife.

Irish--Lineage not determined

History of Lexington, Mass.


Catherine, b. Lexington, Mass., Sept. 28, 1859.

Edward, b. Lexington, Mass., Mar. 16, 1861.

HELEN M. MOFFAT, his wife.

Lineage not determined

Newspaper Clipping, Waterlett, N. Y.


John D., b. 1910; d. Waterlett, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1929.


Son of Gideon & w. Bersheba Willets

C. B. Herendeen MS.;
Pri. Rcds. Edward Herendeen, Farmington, N. Y.


Edward G., b. in Macedon, N . Y., Oct. 19, 1858; d. Dec. 20, 1910, 1st Apr. 28, 1887 Ida Seeley, adopted dau. of Walter Barton. They had one child. He married 2nd Feb. 8, 1893, Augusta L. Saterlee. They had two children. They prob. resided in Elmira, N. Y.

William L., b. Macedon, N. Y., July 7, 1860; m. in Rochester, N. Y., Apr. 22, 1885 Ada Chase, dau. of Lewis Chase.

Francis A., b. Macedon, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1866; m. in New York City, N. Y. Feb. 5, 1891 Annie Boynton. They prob. resided in Geneva, N. Y.

Fred (Frederick) W., b. Geneva, N. Y., Aug. 25, 1869; m. in Bristol, Conn. Apr. 17, 1895 Maude Ingraham. They had no children.

MARY OCINGTON, his wife.

Son of Robert & w. Susannah George

Vit. Rcds. Weston, Mass. and Worcester Mass.;
Warren-Clark Genealogy by Huntington;
New England Hist. and Gen. Reg.;
Comp. of Amer. Genlgs. Abridged;
Hist. of Worcester Families.


Mary, b. Watertown, Mass., Jan. 2, 1692-93; m. Dec. 7, 1710 Daniel Rogers. He died and she seems to have married 2nd, Jan. 3, 1716-17 Joseph Grant. She had seven children.

William, b. Watertown, Mass., Nov. 11, 1694; d. in Waltham, Mass., Feb. 27, 1752; m. Oct. 7, 1725 Ann Springer who d. May 18, 1770.

Mindwell, b. Watertown, Mass., June 19, 1697; d. there Oct. 14, 1700.

Joanna, b. Watertown, Mass., Aug. 16, 1699; m. there May 25, 1720 John Tainter. They had eleven children. Two of their sons, John Tainter and Samuel Tainter, were fighting in the French and Indian War at Lake George, N. Y., in 1758.

Edward, b. Watertown, Mass., June 17, 1702; d. Dec. 6, 1792; m. Int. published at Watertown, Mass., May 24, 1727 Anna Bullard. He graduated at Harvard in 1728; was selectman of Watertown, 1763-1764; and was at head of family there in 1790 at census. He marched on the alarm of Apr. 19, 1775 in Barnard's Watertown Co.

Samuel, b. Watertown, Mass., Aug. 3, 1704; d. at Westborough, Mass., Mar. 18, 1784; m. Oct. 19, 1725 Sarah Warren, by whom he had two children. She died and he married 2nd, Elizabeth, by whom he had eight children Elizabeth died in Westborough, Mass., Apr. 8, 1801.

Nathaniel, b. Watertown, Mass., June 25, 1706; m. 1st Aug. 4, 1747 Mary Kimball. She died and he married 2nd July 15, 1760 Rebecca Clark. He graduated at Harvard in 1728 and resided Cambridge, Mass. He was schoolmaster at Watertown, Mass. as late as 1766 and was selectman there in 1785. He served in war against Canada from 1747 to Oct. 31, 1747.

Francis, b. Watertown, Mass., June 11, 1709; m. Nov. 16, 1736 Prudence Stearns, dau. of Lieut. Samuel Stearns of Watertown, Mass. She was born Apr. 27, 1713 and died in Worcester, Mass., Aug. 1751. They were married in Grafton, Mass., where their son Francis was born. In spring of 1741, he, Francis, purchased from Joseph Dana and wife, Mary, 93 acres of land in Worcester, and July 19, 1742 he was listed as qualified for jury service. In March 1743, he was chosen field driver and was re-elected in 1744. May 16, 1743 Town Meeting voted to remit his tax on account of sickness of his family, Aug. 29, 1743 he was paid by the Town 0-0-71-2 for "Two birds two rails." March 1748 and 1749 he was chosen constable. May 1761, the Town voted to pay him 3-1-10 for Francis Verry, Phine-has Rice, and Hilkiah Grout at rate for 1749.

Francis married 2nd at Westborough, Mass., Nov. 14, 1752, Deborah Brigham, b. 1731 and d. at Worcester, Apr. 20, 1799.

In 1754, 1755, and 1758 and 1757, he served on Committee to provide District school teachers. In 1750, 1758, 1763, 1768, 1772, and 1783, he was highway supervisor and tax collector. At distribution of pews in new meeting house he selected No. 16 and his cousin, Josiah Harrington from Waltham, selected No. 15, and Josiah's son, Elijah, was chosen Tithingman Mar. 14, 1768. In 1768 the Town voted not to go to law to collect from him moneys paid to support Jane Morse, a poor person he received into Town.

Susannah, b. Watertown, Mass., Sept. 9, 1711; m. Nov. 25, 1731, Samuel Barnard. She died in Watertown, Mass., Jan. 6, 1790. They had four children, of whom a son, Samuel Barnard, was one of the "Boston Tea Party" and a Major in the Revolutionary War.


Son of Daniel & w. Elizabeth Ann DeWolf

Manuscript of Dr. Wm. P. Brachin, Boston, Mass.


Arthur Anglin, b. Halifax, N. S., Jan. 18, 1847; d. there Oct. 11, 1876; m. there Aug. 21, 1871, Nellie C. Adams, dau. of Charles Adams of St. Johns, N. S.

Charles Sidney, b. Halifax, N. S., Mar. 8, 1850; m. June 10, 1878 Mary Sophia (DeWolf) Rathford, widow, daughter of Dr. James R. DeWolf.

Edward Rudolph, b. Halifax, N. S., July 18, 1834; d. there Aug. 8, 1893; m. June 1, 1871 Harriet Agnes Salmon, of Hyde Park, Kensington, England, daughter of H. S. Salmon, M. D.; she was born 1851, and died by drowning from the upsetting of a yacht in Halifax Harbour, May 17, 1875.

Emma Gertrude, b. Halifax, N S., Mar. 17, 1846, and d. there July 19, 1846.

Frances Ann, b. Halifax, N. S., Mar. 24, 1832; d. June 21, 1865; m. Oct. 27, 1884 John D. Arcy, Lieutenant of Royal Navy.

Janet Louisa, b. Antigonish, N. S., Aug. 31, 1836; m. Aug. 14, 1866, Henry Piers, of Halifax, N. S., a son of Temple Foster Piers. He was born Nov. 1838, and was a lawyer. They had two children, Elizabeth and Henry.

Lenora Wadsworth, b. Halifax, N. S., Mar. 30, 1841; m. there July 15, 1876 Richard Wentworth Tremain.

Wentworth Alexander, b. Halifax, N. S., July 8, 1843; d. there Oct. 11, 1858, unmarried.

HELEN POWERS, his wife.

Son of Edward & w. Harriet Cadworth

C. B. Herendeen, MS.


Elmer F., b. in Farmington, N. Y., Nov. 29, 1863; m. 1890 Catherine Brown.

Warren B., b. Farmington, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1868; m. Mar. 8, 1893 Minnie J. Whittaker. They had two children.

Edward A., b. in Farmingham, N. Y., July 8, 1875. He never married.

Clara B. b. in Farmingham, N.Y.; m. Aug. 25, 1903 Hugh H. Chittanden. They had four children Harold L., b. July 20, 1904, and d. Aug. 1, 1904; Raymond M., b. Oct. 24, 1905, and married in 1928, Dorothy Malthern; Ruth M., b. Aug. 18, 1907; Clarence E., b. Feb. 5, 1910.

Helen M., b. in Farmingham, N.Y., Nov. 10. 1880; m. June 9, 1897, William Ziegler. They had the following children: Helen M., b. June 26, 1898, and d. June 11, 1910; Charles, b. Mar. 3, 1900; Earnest, b. Dec. 23, 1903; Elizabeth, b. Oct. 31, 1904; Howard, b. Jan. 28, 1906; Clarence, b. June 25, 1907; Nathaniel, b. Aug. 9, 1906; Bernard, b. Apr. 23, 1926. They resided in Rochester, Gates, and Penfield, N. Y.

MARY ROBERTS, his wife.

Son of Welcome Durfee & w. Cornelia D. Millet

C. B. Herendeen MS.


Edith P.

Bessie M., m. Harry Messenger, and had 3 children.

Edna P., m. Jess Shively.

Burt R., m. Remor Patterson, and they had one son.

Emery W., m. Margaret Redman, and they had 2 sons.

Roswell, m. Hannah Wolman, and they had one daughter.


Son of Edward & w. Louisa Pennell

Dr. Wm. P. Brechin, M. S., Boston, Mass.


Nina, b. Halifax, N. S., after 1872; m. in England.

Earnest, b. in Halifax, N. S., after 1873. In 1927 he was serving in the Northwest Mounted Police.

IDA SEELEY 1st wife

Son of Edward W. & w. Anna Nickerson

C. B. Herendeen M.S.

FAMILY (1st wife)

Walter B., b. in Elmira, N. Y., Mar. 17, 1888.

FAMILY (2nd wife)

Henry S., b. Jan. 1895.

Edward, b. 1895.


Son of Edward & w. Susannah Wellington

Vit. Rods. Acton and Salem and Denvers, Mass.;
Genealogy of Larkum Family, Essex Inst. Hist. Co.


Mary, b. Acton, Mass., Apr. 10, 1812; intention to marry published, Jan. 12, 1828; m. in Danvers, Mass., Mar. 4, 1828, Jonathan W. Osborne of Danvers, Mass.

Phinehas, b. Acton, Mass., Jan. 28, 1814; m. there May 5, 1842, Sophia Conant, of Mass., born 1822, and died of brain fever, Jan. 4, 1848.

Edward Weatherby, b. Acton, Mass., June 21, 1816; prob. same who married in Beverly, Mass., Oct. 1, 1837 Louisa Bartlett Larkum. He died on African Coast Apr. 20, 1844.

Corrections of information on Edward Weatherbee above were received from Janet Ebsen, Mar 27, 2007. She provides information to refute the stated marriage and death.

LOIS DAGAR, 2nd wife.

Son of Edward & w . Anna Lawrence

Vit. Rcds. Concord and Shirley, Mass.; Vit. Rcds. Croton., Mass.

FAMILY (1st wife)

Jacob, b. p. Watertown, Mass., after 1779; mentioned in his father's pension application No. W-14848.

Edward, b. prob. Watertown, Mass., about 1790; m. in Acton, Mass., May 3, 1811, Polly Weatherbee, b. in Acton, Mass., 1791, and died there of dropsy, Nov. 4, 1822.

FAMILY (2nd wife)

George A., b. Concord, Mass., Oct. 3, 1825; d. in Shirley, Mass.; m. in Shirley, Mass., Oct. 1. 1847. Lucy Hammond of Harvard, Mass., b. Feb. 18, 1828.

Obediah Kendall, b. Concord, Mass., Feb. 7, 1818; m. in Shirley, Mass. or Groton, Mass. Intention pub. Nov. 13, 1847, married Dec. 2, 1847, Nancy Whittington, of Grafton, Mass., widow and dau. Of Samuel and Sarah Nutting, b. 1812.

Phinehas, b. Groton, Mass. 1827; July 7, m. in Leominster, Mass., Nov. 18, 1848, Cynthia Osborne.

Sarah, (Wright) b. Concord, Mass., Mar. 12, 1820; m. in Wincheondon, Mass., Nov. 2, 1839, William Saunders.

Susannah Wellington, b. Concord, Mass., June 3, 1816.

LUCY HASTINGS, his wife.

Lineage not determined

Goffstown, N. H. Hist by Hadley

A narrative report of additional information on the descendants of Edwin Zelotus Harrington was received from Elaine Kaufman in Oct 2010. She provides 5 generations of descendants, but his ancestry is still unclear. The information she provided was entered into Roots Magic from which the narrative report was created. Interspersed in the narrative are references to source information. An abbreviated five-generation descendancy chart is also provided.


William S., b. Manchester, N. H., Oct. 30, 1860; m. Sept. 27, 1884, Lois Lizzie McIntire, p. Goffstown, N. H.; she was born in Bumbarton N. H., Nov. 28, 1860. He was an engineer and came to Goffstown in 1885.

MARY HOLLAND, his wife.

Son of Enoch & w. Lucinda Davis

Genealogical and Family Hist. of Vermont by Carlton.


Melvin H., b. Sept. 21, 1849, prob. in Vermont; m. May 16, 1877 Mary E. Hobbs, of Worcester, Mass. They resided in Germantown, Pa.

Edwin L., b. Sept. 12, 1854, at Worcester, Mass.; m. Nov. 21, 1883, Mary C. Jordan of Philadelphia, Pa.

Mary Ella, b. Worcester, Mass., Oct. 12, 1857; d. in Philadelphia, Pa. age 13, Aug. 28, 1870.

Nellie L., adopted, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 10, 1872; m. there Jan. 5, 1892, Carl Cushing of Bethel, Vt., they had three children.


Son of Calvin & w. Martha Winslow

Pri. Rcds. C. B. Herendeen, Newark, N. J.


Charles B., b. Farmington, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1854; m. Mar. 16, 1887, Lydia M. Harrington, daughter of Nathaniel C., and wife, Helen (Thomas) Harrington. She was born Apr. 15, 1866. She called herself Susan.

Martha M., b. Farmington, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1864; m. Dec. 10, 1885 Elmer Plank, son of Abraham. They resided Shortsville, N. Y.. and had Edwin A. Plank, b. Nov. 9, 1880 and m. Oct. 25, 1924, Esther Aldrich, dau. of Cralette and wife, Mary (Whipple) Aldrich.


Son of Nathaniel & Clarissa Mead

Vit. Rcds. Sudbury, Mass.
Genealogical and Personal Memoirs by Cutler.


George Edwin, b. Sudbury, Mass., Oct. 27, 1846; died May 14, 1905; m. 1st June 13, 1876, Alice E. Brown, who died Nov. 19, 1879. He married 2nd, Dec. 31, 1881, Mary E. Newton, of Farmingham, Mass.

DORA E. SALT, his wife.

Son of Lafayette Washington & w. Elsie Richards

Wm. Tanner Descendants by Geo. C. Tanner, 1910, p. 268


Lillian Ruth of Elida, Ohio, b. there Oct. 21, 1892.

Lucila Etta, of Elida, Ohio, b. there May 19, 1895.

BERNIE KIPP, his wife.

Son of Joseph C. & w. E. Hill

Oral by Clarence Harrington, Greenwich, N. Y.;
Rachel C. Wilkins


Helen Izetta, b. Easton, N. Y., July 11, 1906. She was a trained nurse.

Stewart Clark, twin, b. Easton, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1907.

Clyde Cornelius, twin, b. Easton, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1907. Killed in auto accident Aug. 6, 1930.


Son of Isaac & w. Rhoda Smith

Vit. Rcds. Grafton, Mass.


Isaac E. b. Grafton, Mass., June 15, 1844.

Susan H., b. Grafton, Mass., Dec. 22, 1846.


Son of Wm. & Eleanor Newton

Vit. Rcds., Worcester, Mass.


Ellen Sophia, b. Worcester, Mass., Sept. 18, 1842.


Son of Perry Green & w. Marietta Eldred

Grant W. Harrington MS.


Grant Woodbury, b. in Troy Center, Wisc., June 5, 1865; m. 1st in Hiawatha, Kan., Jan. 21, 1892, Hattie Graff, dau. of Christian Graff of Shanesville, Ohio. She died 1896 leaving one daughter, Flora Olga. He married 2nd Feb. 20, 1897, Mary Almeda Wood, dau. of Andrew and Lucinda (Olds) Wood, of Hiawatha, Kan. She was born in Berrian Springs, Mich., Mar. 10, 1871. She was Grand Matron of Kansas Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star, 1913-1914.

He came to Kansas with his parents in fall of 1868. He was educated at the University of Kansas, graduating from the Arts department in 1887 and from the Law School in 1869 (sic). He was a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity and was made its Grand Recorder and editor of its official publication, "Delta" In 1890 he began the practice of law in Hiawatha, Kan. With his brother, Wynne, he published the "Hiawatha Democrat" for 14 years, beginning in 1892. He was an active member of the Populist Party in Kan. and was their delegate to the national convention. He was private secretary to Gov. Geo. H. Hodges for 1913-1914. He joined the Masonic Lodge in 1890 and was a member of the Shrine. He served as High Priest of the Chapter, Commander of the Commandory, and Grand Patron of the Eastern Star. He was Judge Advocate General of Sons of Veterans of Kan. and was a lawyer there in 1930.

He was a genalogist, and compiled an unusually good history of his Harrington ancestor, Benjamin of wife, Elizabeth White, of Prividence, R. I.

Wynne Powers, b. Baker, Kans., Dec. 1, (or 21), 1870; m. in Cove County, Kans., Isis Lincoln. He was graduated from Stanford University in 1896, and then settled in Cove County, Kan. In 1920 and 1922, he was elected to the Kansas Legislature. In 1926 he was County Clerk of Cove County. He served in World War.

Jessie Olive, b. Baker, Kan., Apr. 7, 1878; d. Apr. 17, 1909, unmarried.

Roscoe Eldred, b. in Baker, Kan., Apr. 7, 1886; m. Pearl Weaver. He was a dealer in lumber grain, and live stock at Baker, Kan.

p. MARY, his wife.

p. Son of Preserved & Naomi

Vit. Rcds. North Kingstown and Cumberland, R. I.


Susannah, b. North Kingstown, R. I., Nov. 20, 1781.

Sarah, b. North Kingstown, R. I., Dec. 17, 1783.

Dorcas, b. North Kingstown, R. I., Aug. 17, 1799; perhaps the same who married in Cumberland, R. I., June 24, 1849, Benom A.. Rice.

JUDITH CHASE, his wife.

Lineage not determined

Vit. Rcds., Grafton, Mass.


Edwin Moody, b. Grafton, Mass., Apr. 1848; d. there Sept. 18, 1849.

BETSY GROUT, his wife

Son of Benjamin & w. Anna Chamberlain

Vit. Rcds., Westborough, Mass.


Benjamin, b. Southborough, Mass., record in Westborough, Mass., Mar. 9, 1823

Elizabeth, b. Westborough, Mass., Sept. 8, 1824.

Henry, b. Westborough, Mass., Sept. 3, 1828

Daniel, b. Westborough, Mass., May 19, 1832

EUNICE G. SNOW, his wife

Son of Thomas, Jr. & w. Abigail Harrington

Vit Rcds. Shrewsbury, Mass.


Henry Thomas, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Sept. 27, 1849.

DIANTHA BAKER, his wife.

Son of Andrew & w. D. Millian

Hist. of Danby, Vt., by William


Oliver, b. Danby, Vt., about 1836.

Sarah (Sally) b. Danby, Vt., 1840.

Christopher, b. Danby, Vt., about 1846; p. m. there Nov. 23, 1877, Sylvia Rogers.

MARIETTA DOTY, his wife.

Son of Elias & w. Nancy Mariah Wright

D. A. R. Lineage Book, Rolls of Honor;
Lucy Doty Harrington Johnson, Caledonia, N. Y.;
Pri. Rcds. Sarah Mariah Harrington


Henry S., b. in Palmyra, N. Y., Dec. 5, 1850; d. there Feb 4, 1862, and was buried there by his parents.

Lucy Doty, b. in Yellow Springs, Ohio, May 22, 1859; m. in Geneva, N. Y. Nov. 29, 1881. Albertus E. Johnson, son of William C. Johnson. They had eight children. They resided. in Caledonia, N. Y. in 1927.

Sarah Mariah, b. in Geneva, N. Y., July 24, 1863. She was unmarried 1927, and had been preceptress in high school at Victor, N. Y., for 42 years; d. June 13, 1939.

Jennie Alice, b. in Geneva, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1871; m. there Oct. 8, 1892, Albert B. Levet, son of John Levet of Victor, N. Y. He died in Geneva., N. Y., Feb. 11, 1904. She died Jan. 1, 1931. They had children: Richard Harrington and. William Barlow, both attorneys-at-law at White Plains., N. Y. She resided at White Plains, N. Y. in 1927.

EUNICE L. PORTER, his wife.

Son of Ephraim & w. Sarah Bartle

Vit. Rcds. Brookfield, Mass.
Hist. of N. Brookfield, Mass. by Temple.


Lucinda, b. Brookfield, Mass., Mar. 31, 1817.

Allen, b. Brookfield, Mass., Nov. 11, 1816; m. there Aug. 10, 1837 Huldah Knight of North Brookfield, Mass., who died there June 10, 1844.

Louisa A., b. Brookfield, Mass., 1819, (1825); m. in Spencer, Mass., Apr. 9, 1845 Marshall Doane, of Brookfield, Mass.

Josephine, b. Brookfield, Mass., Mar. 13, 1823.

Sarah Ann, b. Brookfield, Mass., Apr. 23, 1824; m. there Apr. 25, 1839, Lewis Sennear.

Samuel Dexter, b. Brookfield, Mass., Mar. 13, 1827.

_________SMITH, his wife.

Son of Jesse & w. Lydia Barnette

Oral by Sarah Harrington, Arlington, Vt.


Guy, b. in Medina, Ohio, 1878; d.. there 1908 unmarried.


Son of Henry & w. Sarah Manchester

Sarah Harrington, Arlington, Vt.
Pri. Rcds. Lucy Doty Harrington Johnson;
Lineage Book, D. A. R.


Henry, b. Arlington, Vt., 1836; d. in New York City; he was employed on editorial staff of New York World.

Elias Wright, b. Scipio, N. Y., Nov. 4, 1827; d. at Geneva, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1881; m. in Palmyra, N. Y., Jan. 16, 1850, Henrietta Doty, b. Hudson, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1830. and died in Victor, N. Y., Mar. 28, 1910. She was from Hillsdale, Columbia County, N. Y., and was dau. of Morgan L., and wife Jordan Doty. They resided at Palmyra, N. Y., Yellow Springs, Ohio, and. Geneva, N. Y., He graduated from Buffalo Commercial College before 1858, and was principal of Commercial School at Yellow Springs, Ohio.

HANNAH BAKER, his wife.

Son of Elijah & w. Mehitable Draper

Vit. Rcds. Worcester, Mass.
Hist. of Shrewsbury, Mass. by Ward.


William Draper, b. Worcester, Mass., Dec. 8, 1803; d. Jan. 15, 1838.

Rebecca, b. Worcester, Mass., Oct. 5, 1809.

John B., b. Worcester. Mass., Nov. 21, 1812.

Leonard, b. Worcester, Mass., Jan. 3, 1815; m. in Shrewsbury, Mass., May 27, 1840, Eunice M. Gleason.

Samuel Parson, b. Worcester, Mass., Apr. 9, 1817-1818.

George A., b. Worcester, Mass.., July 5, 1824; d. Shrewsbury, Mass., July, 5, 1824; d. Shrewsbury, Mass., Aug. 28, 1849.

Lydia M., b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Oct. 19, 1826.

ESTHER BATES, his wife.

Son of Richard & w. Sarah Bates

"Harrington Family in America" by Eugene Harrington


p. David of Otsego County, N. Y., b. 1799; m. in Otsego County N. Y., Dec. 14, 1820, Alma Cord (Card).

Benjamin, b. in Burlington, Otsego County, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1803. He resided there in 1907.

Elisha, b. In Burlington, N. Y., July 4, 1806; d.

Elvin, b. In Burlington, N. Y., Feb. 3, 1808; d.


Lineage not determined.

Vit. Rcds. Worcester, Mass. and Auburn, Mass.;
"Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev. War"
New England Hist. and Gen. Reg. 1896.

Elijah Harrington of Worcester, Mass. p. b. about 1760; m. in Auburn, Mass., 1st Mary (Polly) Gleason, of Ward, Mass. on May 4, 1785. He p. m. 2nd in Worcester, Mass., (Mrs.) Rebecca Brazer on Dec. 25. 1799.

Elijah, p. same, as of Brookfield, Mass., was among men raised for continental army and enlisted for 3 years in Capt. Nathan Hamilton's 1st Company Col. James Converse's 4th Worcester County Reg. Elijah, as of Watertown, was on list of men mustered into service in Capt. Smith's a Company, May 16, 1777.

FAMILY (1st wife)

Mary (Polly), b. in Worcester, Mass., Mar. 26, 1786.

Sarah (Sally), b. Worcester, Mass., Aug. 29, 1788; m. in Worcester, Mass., Apr. 18, 1809, Levi Goulding.

Betsy, b. Worcester, Mass., Dec. 3, 1790; m. in Worcester, Mass., Feb. 14, 1810, Asa Flagg.


Son of Joshua & w. Elizabeth Brigham

Hist. of Marlborough, N. H. by Bemis;
Hist. of Fitzwilliams, N. H. by Norton;
Descendants of James Fyfe--N. B.;
Hist. & Genealogical Register, Vol. 56

FAMILY (1st wife)

John, prob. b. Troy, N. H., Mar. 5, 1812; m. Emily Capron, of Jaffrey, N.H. They married in Winchendon, Mass., Mar. 15, 1834.

Nelson, prob. b. Troy, N. H., Jan. 4, 1811.

Alonzo Brigham, b. Troy, N. H., Apr. 9, 1815; m. Betsy Lawrence, b. Troy, N.H., 1814. She was dau. of John and wife, Irene Newell. He died at Troy, N. H., July 5, 1866, and his family then moved to Marlborough,N.H.

Daniel, b. prob., Troy, N. H., Jan. 10, 1817.

Patty, b. prob. Troy, N. H., Mar. 31, 1819.

Elizabeth, prob. born, Troy, N. H., Apr. 16, 1823.

Jacob Newell (link?), b. Jan. 4, 1827, prob. at Troy, N. H.; died. May 29, 1868; m. Oct. 25, 1849, Betsy Fyfe, dau. of Timothy & w. Mary (Jones) Fyfe.

Martha, b. prob., Troy, N. H.; m. Apr. 29, 1875, Abel Baker, b. Marlborough, N.H., Apr. 8, 1898. She was his third wife.

FAMILY (2nd wife)

Arbea Reed, b. 1830, prob. at Troy, N. H.; d. Aug. 30, 1833.

Francis, E., b. 1832, prob. Troy, N. H.; died. June 22, 1837.

MARY PIERCE, his wife.

Son of Philip & w. Persis Spaulding

Bible printed in Philadelphia 1877, owned. 1927 by L. M.Baldwin, 2 Gilbert St., Leroy, N.Y.


Lydia A., b. Jan. 28. 1829; d. July 22, 1871; m. Oct. 11, 1854, James W. Nelson.

Sarah E., b. May 9, 1832; d. Mar. 28, 1804; m. at Geneva, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1860, Walter S. Davis, who was born at Genandagua, N. Y., July 6, 1833. They had no children.

Earl P., b. Dec. 4, 1833; m. Feb. 26, 1867 Eliza Neff. They had a son Leander who adopted a child.

Philip Q., b. Aug. 30, 1838; m. Aug. 15, 1866, Kate J. Eansburger. He went to Michigan where a small town was named Harrington for him. He had a son Lloyd.

Levi, b. June 9, 1841; d. July 4, 1841.

William Henry, b. May 3, 1843; m. Dec. 12, 1871, Ella C. Mosher. They are thought to have had no children.

Mary Melvina, b. May 4, 1845; died unmarried May 13, 1860.

AZUBAR RICE, 1st wife.

Son of Josiah & Dinah Flagg

Early Worcester Families
Vit. Rcds. of Worcester and Princeton, Mass.

FAMILY (1st wife)

Ephraim, b. Worcester, Mass., Jan. 29, 1760. He was head of family at Farmington, Mass., in 1790.

Azubah, b. Worcester, Mass., Apr. 11, 1761; died. in infancy.

Azubah, b. Worcester, Mass., Mar. 24, 1762; m. there Nov. 2, 1781, Obediah Johnson. (Vit. Rcds. of Mass. says married in Princeton, July 24, 1770 to same man).

FAMILY (2nd wife)

Mehitable, b. Worcester, Mass., May 24, 1770; m. there 1795, Asa Holbrook

Abigail, b. Worcester, Mass., July 14, 1773.

Habby, b. Worcester, Mass., July 18, 1774.

Tenison, b. Worcester, Mass., June 7, 1776; m. there Jan. 22, 1797, Samuel Warden.

Fanny, b. Worcester, Mass., Aug. 14, 1777.

Elijah, b. Worcester, Mass., Aug. 2, 1779; m. there Aug. 29, 1803. Hannah Baker.

MARY WARREN, his wife.

Son of Thos. & w. Grace Allen

Vit. Rcds., Shrewsbury, Mass.
Vit. Rcds., Grafton, Mass.
Hist. of Watertown, Mass. by Bond


Lydia, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Nov. 8, 1781; d. June 12, 1810 unmarried.

Warren, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Oct. 15, 1783; d. there Apr. 26, 1832 m. there Oct. 23, 1888 Patty (Martha) Smith, dau. of Lewis Smith.

Elijah, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Apr. 17, 1786; m. there Jan. 17, 1810. Betsy Wheelock, dau. of Silas Wheelock.

Mary, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Jan. 4, 1789; int. to marry published in Grafton, Mass., Oct. 25, 1816, to Oliver Wheatherbee.

Susanna, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Jan. 18, 1791.

Timothy, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Mar. 27, 1794; d. there Apr. 15, 1794.

Henrietta, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Jan. 22, 1797.


Son of Elijah & w. Mary Warren

Hist. of Watertown, Mass, by Bond;
Vit. Rcds. Shrewsbury, Mass.


Samuel, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Apr. 20, 1810.

Lucy, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Mar. 7, 1812, same Lucy who married in Upton, Mass., June 5, 1836, Benjamin Potter of Providence, R. I.

Jane, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Mar. 30, 1816.

Adeline, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., 1821; d. there June 4, 1838.


Son of Uriah & w. Martha Adams

Cassie Turner, Portland, Me.
Pension Rolls, Rev. War, per Mrs. W. L. Hagan


Sarah Catherine, b . After 1826.

John, b. after 1826.

James, b. after 1826.

Hannah. b. after 1826.

George, b. after 1826.


Son of Elisha & w. Dorcas Thomas

Pri. Rcds. Mrs. Elizabeth March,Warrensburg. N. Y.;
Land Rcds. Warren County, N. Y.;
Probate Court Rcds., Warren Co., N. Y.
Warrensburg Tomb Insc.


Thomas E., b. Warrensburg, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1826; d. and buried in Warrensburg, N. Y., July 7, 1893 (1896): m. there Emily Farrar, who was born July 7, 1828 and died there June 27, 1897. He received land deed there from his parents in 1853. He secured land patent on lot N. 148, Luzern Tract, Apr. 24, 1848. He sold land there in 1869, and he purchased land there in 1871.

Alonzo J., b. Warrensburg, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1834; d. there Apr. 9, 1895; m. there his cousin, Harriet J. Harrington. He received deed to land there in 1860 from Elisha Harrington, prob. his father. His estate was administered with no will.

Jamon, b. Warrensbury, N. Y., 1839; d. there Aug. 23, 1894; m. Mercy Bennett, who was born 1839 and died. 1904. He was wounded in the Civil War, and later killed by a train.

William R., b. Warrensburg, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1843; d. there Oct. 30, 1899; m. Caroline Holbrook, b. Apr. 18, 1845, and d. June 17, 1913. They resided. at Stony Creek, N. Y.

Susan J., b. Warrensburg, N. Y., Feb. 20, 1837; and. d. there Dec. 25, 1908; m. Benjamin H. March, b. Apr. 16, 1830, and. d. Apr. 3, 1900; They had 8 children; Ida, b. Apr. 28, 1864; Elizabeth, b. Dec. 25, 1865; Leonard. B., b. Dec. 5, 1866; Daniel L., b. Dec. 8, 1869; Jasper G., b. July 8, 1877; m. Alice Bennett; Benjamin Holt, Jr. b. Dec. 17, 1874; Nellie Abigail, and. Edith, who died in infancy.

Elizabeth, b. Warrensburg, N. Y., Dec. 20, 1826; m. Dana Tucker of Lake George, N. Y. They had. 8 children: Austin, b. 1857; Seymour, who died young; Aaron, b. 1858; Silas, b. 1859; Florence, b. 1860; Fred, b. 1862; Miles, b. 1869; Delbert, b. 1866. Elizabeth purchased land from Richard Combs in Warren County, N. Y. in 1859.

Lydia Mariah, b. Warrensburg, N. Y. about 1817; d. there 1900; m. William Davis, they had the following children: Phoebe, Augustus, Jane, b. Feb. 1842; d.. 1922; m. Chas. Burkham; Morgan, who m. 1st. Julia Davis, 2nd Fanny Smith. Charles who was born in 1861 and m. Stella Bennett. Mary, who married Wm. Ticknerlst, and 2nd Moses Harrington.

Aaron, b. Warrensburg, N. Y., about 1819; m. there Helen Adams, resided in Wisconsin and Beloit, Kan.

Abigail, b. Warrensburg, N. Y., about 1821; m. Simon Rice, Jr. They had eight children: Helen, Edwin, Simon, Minnie, Louis, Edith, William, and. Annie. They resided, in Wisconsin and Rollett Co., N. Dakota.

Delia. b. Warrensburg, N. Y., about 1825; died young.

Martha Kasiah, b. Warrensburg, N. Y., 1832 and died. there 1911, married Moses C. Farrar. They had. four children: Hartwell, who died young; Elizabeth J., b. Mar. 24, 1855; m. Daniel L. March; Edmea Bell, b. who died. aged 12.

Versil, twin lived only one week.

Ursil, twin, lived. only one week.

p. RUTH HARRINGTON, his wife.

Son of Elisha & w. Ruth Walling

Federal Census, 1790


William of Smithfield, R. I., b. before 1742. He was the head of a family including seven children in 1790.


Son of Joseph & w. Lydia Cooledge

Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev.War;
New England Hist. and Gen Reg., 1893;
Vit. Rcds., Holden, Mass.;
D. A. R. Cem. Rcds., Washington, D. C.


Joseph, b. Holden, Mass., Mar. 24, 1750 (or 1752) d. in Truxton, N. Y. 1832; m. Amy Brown, who was born in 1756 and. d. in Truxton, N. Y. in 1832.

Ruth, b. Holden, Mass., Nov. 19, 1751; died. young.

Elisha, b. Holden, Mass., Dec. 8, 1754; d.. there Aug. 29, 1756.

Ruth, b. Holden, Mass., Feb. 6, 1756; d. there Aug. 29, 1756.

Elisha, b. Holden, Mass., June 30, 1761; d. there July 2, 1761.

Elisha, b. Weston, Mass., July 6, 1766; m. in Waltham, Mass., Mar. 31, 1785, Lydia Cummings. He was head of family in Waltham, Mass., in 1790. He served. in Rev. War from Waltham 1776-1778 under Capt. Pierce.


Son of George & w. Rebecca Allen

Vit. Rcds. of Spencer, Mass., & Brookfield, Mass.;
Hist. of Spencer, Mass. by Draper;
Harrington Genealogy Sampler in the possession of Miss Irene A Greenwalt, 703 Allegheny St., Holidaysburg, Pa.


Dwight Foster, b. Brookfield., Mass., July 30, 1787; d. Manson, Mass. May 23, 1821.

Charles, b. Brookfield, Mass., Sept. 14, 1789; d. there May 17, 1790.

Charles, b. Spencer, Mass., Dec. 27, 1792; d, there Nov. 17, 1807.

Lucy, b. Spencer, Mass., Nov. 12, 1794; d. here June 22, 1795.

Elisha, b. Spencer, Mass., June 22, 1796.

Rufus, b. Spencer, Mass., Oct. 2, 179 (6)?

Lucy, b. Spencer, Mass.. June 6, 1798; prob. same Lucy who married in Leicester, Mass., Jan. 10, 1822, Ebenezer A.. Howard.

Betsy, b. Spencer, Mass., May 24, 1800; m. there Mar. 21, 1825, David Barnard.

Mariah, b. Spencer, Mass., June 17, 1802; m. there Aug. 29, 1850, Thomas Hannah, the widower of her sister, Sophia.

Sophia. b. Spencer, Mass., Nov. 1, 1804; m. there Sept. 7, 1848, Thomas Hannah, of Richmond, Ind.; she died July 24, 1849 of cholera, and he married her sister, Mariah.

Cheney, b. Brookfield, Mass., May 19, 1811. record. in Spencer, Mass.

John Henry, twin, b. Brookfield, Mass., Aug. 3, 1813, prob. died in infancy.

Julia Ann, twin, b. Brookfield, Mass., Aug. 3, 1813; m. at Abbington, Mass., Mar. 4, 1842, Timothy Reed.


Son of Welcome & w. Freelove Colvin

Hist. of Danby, Vt., by Williams


Hiram, b. 1838, prob. in Danby, Vt.; he enlisted in Civil War from Dorset, Vt.

Elisha, Jr., b. about 1836; prob. at Danby, Vt.; enlisted. for Civil War from Dorset, Vt.

Sophia, b. about 1837, prob. in Danby, Vt.

Annette, b. Danby, Vt., about 1840.

Angenette, b. Danby, Vt., about 1843; m. Bert Jenks of Rupert, Vt.

LOVICA ROSE, 1st wife.
MARY BROMLEY, 2nd wife.
REBECCA HILL, 3rd. wife.

Son of Thomas & w. Freelove Harrington

Arnold's Vit. Rcds. of Rhode Island;
Hist. of Danby, Vt., by Williams;
C. B. Herendeen; Fed. Census of 1790;
Colonial Rcds. of R. I. by Mrs. Hagen;
Vit. Rcds. of Rutland, Vt.

FAMILY (3rd. wife)

Welcome, b. Danby, Vt., 1777; d. in West Virginia in 1861; m. Freelove Colvin, dau. of Luther Colvin; he married 2nd time an unknown wife, who was born in 1780 and. died in 1839.

He moved from Danby, Vt., to Plattsburg, N. Y. in 1824, and later moved to West Virginia.

RUTH, his wife.

Son of Elisha & w. Sarah Jones

Early Conn. Christenings and Marriages;
Vit. Rcds. Simmsbury, Conn.;
Pri. Rcds., Mrs. Helen B. Aspinall, Columbus, O.;
Pri. Rcds Mrs. W. L. Hagen, Wash., D. C.


Elisha, b. Simmsbury, Conn., Feb. 3, 1775; baptised Tinkey Hills, Conn. Mar. 19. 1775.

Stephen, twin, b. Simmsbury, Conn., July 17, 1777; m. there July 11, 1800 Sarah (Sally) Holcomb, b. May 13. 1779, and d. July 25, 1861 at Worthington, Ohio, where they resided.

He was a Captain of Militia at Deleware, Ohio, on June 11 1812, he marched to Littel Sandusky, on lower Ohio River, where he died. July 11, 1812 while in the service of the War of 1812. His widow received a pension for his service.

Cynthia, twin, b. Simmsbury, Conn., July 17, 1777.

Henry, b. Simmsbury, Conn., Jan. 7, 1785.

Ruth, b. Simmsbury, Conn., Nov. 14, 1788.

SARAH STANTON, his wife.

Son of Joseph T. & w. Sarah Harrington

Probate Court Rcds., Warren Co., N. Y.;
Tomb Insc., Warrensburg, N. Y.


John, b. Warrensburg, N. Y., 1859; d.. there Mar. 18, 1909; m. there Seal Fuller who was born 1872 and died 1923. They had no children; his estate was administered without a will.

Susie, b. Warrensburg, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1899. She was blind and never married.


Lineage not determined.

Vit. Rcds., Salem, Mass.


Elisha, b. Salem, Mass., Aug. 10, 1794.

Martha, b. Salem, Mass., Oct. 10, 1796; m. there Sept. 26, 1816, Josiah A. Otier.

Sarah, b. Salem, Mass., Feb. 2, 1800; m. there July 1, 1821, Benjamin Willis.

DORCAS THOMAS, his wife.

Son of Jonathan & w. Sarah Foster

Pri. Rcds. Mrs. Elizabeth March Warrensburg, N. Y.;
New Eng. Hist. and Gen. Reg., Vol. 73.

Elisha Harrington of Warrensburg, N. Y., b. in Scituate, Rhode Island about 1754, son of Jonathan and. wife, Sarah (Foster) Harrington. d.. in Warrensburg, N. Y., about 1829; m. Dorcas Thomas, prob. in Gilford, Vt. She was born probably in Connecticut in 1767. (See Federal Census of 1859), and died in Warrensburg, N. Y. in 1853.

Jointly with his brother, Job, Elisha received bequest of 2/3 of all real estate and the remaining 1/3 at death of his mother, under will of their father dated Halifax, Vt., and probated in Brattlesboro, Vt., Nov. 9, 1785. Elisha's interest was conveyed to his brother, Daniel, under date Mar. 11, 1794. Elisha sold land in Gilford, Vt. to C. C. Carpenter, and which land he had purchases from his brother, Daniel, Dec. 25, 1793.

Elisha made temporary settlement on Lot No. 166 of 204 Lots of 100 acres each, into which the Town of Gilford, Vt., was originally divided. This lot was in the northwest corner of the Town joining Towns of Halifax and Marlborough, Vt. They resided on this lot to Census of 1850. His son Elisha was born in Rhode Island, where they had been visiting, or residing for a brief time, for by 1805, when his daughter, Polly, was born, they were residing in Warrensburg, N. Y. On Mar. 13, 1814 he secured a patent on State land., Lot No. 129 of Luzerne Tract, Warren County, N. Y., and he was a tax payer there in 1814 and 1816.

Dorcas was shown on Census of 1830-1840 and 1850 as then the head of the family. She received deed to land there from her son, Elisha Harrington, Jan. 14, 1826, and late in her life, Mar. 17, 1842, she conveyed same land, to her youngest son, Joseph (Pinkey Joe), for $200.00, love and affection, and for her keep during the remainder of her life and he in turn, conveyed it to Russell Harrington under the same requirement.

Tradition states that while still in Rhode Island, Elisha was approached by a land agent from Warren County, N. Y., and was shown a quantity of small beech nuts which were represented as being buck wheat grown in Warren County, N. Y. This inducement brought him to Warren County, N. Y., a virgin wilderness with no roads wider than a path. His nearest store and grist mill were located on Half Way Brook, some 12 miles away in Queesbury Town. It is said that on one occasion, he had gone to the mill alone, but with an extra pack horse, and having experienced some delay, was returning home late in the evening, driving ahead of him in the narrow trail, the pack horse burdened with a quarter of fresh beef. Wolves, attracted by the odor of the fresh meat, pursued him, and the situation soon became critical. With his hunting knife, he occasionally sliced off a hunk of meat and threw it back in the trail, and while the wolves fought over it, he continued to lash his horses to their utmost speed.

The good wife, Dorcas, from the home in the little forest clearing near the top of the mountains, heard the howl of the wolves as it grew to a roar and echoed along and across the mountains and canyons, and she well knew the meaning. Quickly she and the children gathered brush and wood and built a large bonfire in the door yard. In the course of a few minutes they waited what seemed a week, until they saw the foaming, panting horses dash from the blackness of the dark forest into the warm glow of the home fireside and into safety.

During a winter, a yearling heirfer had died in the log barn a few rcs. from the house. After a day or two the wolves began to feed on the dead heifer, at night. Elisha left the door open and fastened a rope to it, and with the other end of the rope attached to a cross beam near the roof of the barn After supper, he instructed his son, Elisha, Jr., to sit on the beam and hold the rope, and pull the door shut as soon as several wolves came in. In the early part of the evening he pulled the rope and caught four wolves, but Elisha Jr. dared not dismount from his perch until daybreak when his father came and thrust the muzzle of the long smooth bar rifle through the cracks between the logs of the barn and shot the only two remaining wolves. The other two had been killed in the fight that followed when the wolves found that they were in confinement.

The old log residence was still standing in 1852 when James H. Harrington, then of Kingsbury, N. Y., visited his great-grandmother, Dorcas, then past 80 years of age. He described it as then of one room 16 feet by 20 feet, one door, no windows, and with a large stone fireplace used both for heating and cooking. The walls and ceiling were a square hole in the ceiling and a ladder nailed to the wall, which led to the dark loft in which the children slept. (There were fourteen). It was at this home, in about 1820, Dorcas made the pronouncement "The nest is too full." Whereupon, Elisha provided a team of oxen and a covered wagon for them and four of the fourteen children went west, presumably to Ohio.


Garner, b. about 1788, prob. at Gilford, Vt., and went west in prarie schooner about 1820.

Joseph, b. about 1790, prob. at Gilford, Vt., and went west in prarie schooner, in 1820.

Jonathan, b. Gilford, Vt., about 1791; m. Rachel Reynolds, dau., of Moses Reynolds. He died at Warrensburg, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1857. Rachel his wife, sold land at Warrensburg, N. Y. to Benjamin Newton, in 1860 and to Daniel Davis in 1868.

Elisha Jr., b. Windham County, Vt., (or Rhode Island, as per Census of 1850) Apr. 19, 1794; d. Warrensburg, N. Y., Apr. 7, 1873; m. about 1816, Elizabeth Gates, b. June 13, 1802; d. Feb. 13, 1873, in Warrensburg, N. Y. He enlisted in War of 1812, from Greenwich, N. Y. He received patent for land in Lot No. 145, Luzerne Tract the State of N. Y., Jan. 8, 1818, and was a tax payer there in 1816. Land deed into him were dated 1852, 1858, and 1859. Land deeds were dated 1841, 1852, 1853, and 1859, 1860, and 1869. He was there at head of family in 1830. He is said to have captured a wolf in a trap before he was 12. In 1814 he went to Halifax, Vt., and worked 2 years for his uncle.

Polly Ann, b. prob. in Warren Co., N. Y.; went west in prarie schooner; m. Boswick, and had children in Ohio.

Betsy, b. prob. in Warren Co., N. Y.; m. Bennett; she born 1782, and died May 4, 1859.

Benjamin, twin, b. prob. Warren County, N. Y., 1809; died in 1904; m. Hannah Gould, who was born in 1813.

Joseph (Pinckney), twin, born 1809, prob. Warren County, N. Y., died unmarried, 1880.

Susan, b. Harrington Hill, Warren Co., N. Y., Jan. 5, 1812; d. Dec. 30, 1865; m. her cousin, Joe (Tucker) Harrington. They had children: Buddy Joe, b. 1836; Wallace, b. 1834, who never married; George, b. 1832; Elisha, b. 1833; d. 1901. Nelson, b. 1838, who never married; Mariah, b. 1833, d. young; Elisha, b. 1840, d. 1895; Frank, b. 1843, never married; Lydia Ann, b. 1845, d. young.

Lydia, b. prob. Gilford, Vt., 1792; d. Mar. 15, 1836, and buried at Vaughns Corners, N. Y.; m. George Mattison, of Kingsbury, N. Y., and had children: Hannah Ann, b. 1812; Job, b. 1818; James, b. 1820, Roxala, b. 1823, and Paulina, b. 1829.

Hannah, b. 1792; m. Job Wilcox, and had one child, Nate Wilcox.

Sarah (Sally) m. 1st Farley, and had Maria Farley, who married Ben Kollum and had three children and all moved to Ohio. She married 2nd, Albin Gould.

Elsie, m. Simon Rice, a great speller. They had Simon, Jr., a daughter, Julia Rice, who married John Harris, and resided in Guthrie, Okla.

Polly, who never married.

RUTH WALLING, 1st wife.
ELENOR LUSHER, 5th wife.

Son of William and w. Esther

Colonial Rcds. Rhode Island, 1636-1663;
Early Marriages, Gloucester, R. I.;
Old Bible in possession of Jno. J. Harrington;
Pri. Rcds., Mrs. Chappell;
Vit. Rcds., Chepachet, R.I.;
Other Arnold's Vit. Rcds., R. I.

FAMILY (1st wife)

Jane, b. Chepachet, R. I., Aug. 9, 1716; m. Gloucester, R. I., Jan. 16, 1736 Daniel Aldrich.

p. Elisha, b. there Apr. 22, 1715.

FAMILY (2nd wife)

William, b. Chepachet, R. I., May 15, 1718; d. Easton, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1794; m. Gloucester, R. I., Apr. 6, 1744 Ann Hamon, (Anner Harnon)

In Feb. 1762 he served in Indian Wars under Lord Amhurst as second Lieut.

After one son, Israel had enlisted for service in Rev. War. William moved with his wife and such of the children as were then single to Easton, N. Y., and settled on a farm on the east side of the Hudson River about five miles below Schuylersville, where he was later joined by several of his married children and where a grandson, Horace Harrington, died about 1850. At census of 1774 he was at Gloucester, R. I., where he was admitted Freeman in 1784. At census of 1790 he was at Easton, N. Y.

His old Bible, printed in old English language, in Glasgow, Scotland was in possession of his great great grandson, John J. Harrington, a railroad section foreman at Easton, N. Y., in 1926. In this bible the names of the persons listed were close to the edge of the page and were only partly legible, but the dates of birts were less exposed to weather and were quite clear. Some of the names have been filled in from other data available but several have not been determined. A copy with insertions follows:

 William, Jr., b. Feb. 21, 1745      ____________       Mar. 17, 1760.
 p. Ezekeil       Mar.  6, 1747      John               Sept. 15, 1762.
 p. Mary          ____ 12, 1749      p. Richard           May 21, 1765
 p. Hope          ____ 28, 1751      p. Silas           May 18, 1767
 Israel           June 12, 1754      ___________        May 14, 1771
 p. Emily         Jan. 20, 1758      ___________        Sept. 15, 1772.

In the above list one of the illegible names was that of a boy who married Abigail and settled in Dorset, Vt., where he died and from which town widow, Abigail with her son, Zail, moved to the home of her deceased husband's brother, Silas, at Johnsburg, Warren Co., N. Y.

Mercy, b. Chepachet, R. I., Dec. 23, 1722; m. at R. I., Aug. 18, 1742, Winchester Mathewson.

Avis, b. Chepachet, R. I., Jan. 20, 1723; m. Scituate, R. I., Mar. 1746, John Randall.

Peter, b. Chepachet, R. I., Feb. 25, 1727; d. Providence, 1760.

Thomas, Senator, of Danby, Vt., b. Chepachet, R. I., Feb. 28, 1739; d. in Danby, May 1816; m. 1753 Freelove Harrington, who d. Aug. 2, 1820. He was in Gloucester, R. I., at census of 1774 but moved to Danby before 1786, leaving much silver coin concealed in Gloucester, for which he later returned. He was made freeman at Gloucester 1782 and at Danby in 1783. He served in Rev. War from Danby and was among Rev. War patriots buried in Vermont. He was Justice of the Peace, property lister, and was Selectman for Danby, 1784-1786.

John, twin, b. Chepachet, R. I., Sept. 18, 1734; m. in Gloucester, R. I., 1755 to Sarah Gardner. He was ensign in 1776 and enlisted to serve in Rev. War three months. After he served several enlistments. He was made freeman in Chittenden, Vt., in 1778 and had come from Easton, N. Y. He was at Danby, Vt., at census of 1790. His estate was administered July 11, 1801 by his son, Peter, who made bond in sum of $2000. His personal property included: 1 pair two year old steers,$28; 2 cows, $30; 10 sheep, $15; 2 hogs, $10; 1 feather bed, $10;1 blue coat, hat and breeches, $15, and other items down to value of 16 cents. A charge against his estate was an item of $5.55 claimed by son, John, Jr.

Deliverance, twin, b. Chepachet, R. I., Sept. 18, 1734; m. 1st 1751, in Gloucester, R. I. Consider Luther; m. 2nd Nov. 28, 1776, John Sayles.

Freelove, Chepachet, R. I., May 23, 1732; d. in Smithfield, R. I., 1801; m. in Gloucester, R. I., 1750 Hezekiah Harrington.

Rachel, b. Chelpachet, R. I., Sept. 3, 1735; m. in Gloucester, R. I., 1754 Isaac Ross.

Stephen, b. Chepachet, R. I., Feb. 27, 1740; m. in Gloucester, R. I., 1760 Ann Brown.

Penelope, b. Chepachet, R. I., July 22, 1742.


p. Son of Seth & w. Rebecca Brooks

Vit. Rcds., Dorchester, Mass.


Eliza Ann, b. Dorchester, Mass., Feb. 18, 1811; d. there Sept. 27, 1817.

Lydia, b. Dorchester, Mass., July 13, 1821.

Samuel Fowler, b. Dorchester, Mass., May 28, 1824: d. there Sept. 28, 1824

Lucy Whitney, b. Dorchester, Mass., July 9, 1826.

____________ his wife.

Son of Job & w. Susannah Peckham

Pri. Rcds. Mrs. W. L. Hagen, Wash., D. C.


George, b. in New York State after 1813, and is thought to have moved to Wisconsin with his father.

Scott, b. in New York State, after 1813, and is said to have moved to Wisconsin with his father.

Almira, b. in New York State after 1832.

Frances, b. in York State after 1833.


Son of Larkin & w. Ann Haughton

Pri. Rcds. of F. B. Lamb, Westfield, N. Y.


Ada Frances, b. prob. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 22, 1850; died there of scarlet fever, Mar. 23, 1853.

Wilbur N., b. at 2044 Wabash Ave., Detroit, Mich., May 3, 1854; m. there Nov. 11, 1884 Sarah Borchman, b. Detroit, Mich., Aug 20, 1860. He was a railroad engineer.

Forest Devillo, b. prob. Detroit, Mich., July 23, 1856.

Alice Mabelle, b. Detroit, Mich., Dec. 9, 1860; m. M. Hartigan of Rosemont Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. They moved to Los Angeles, California.


Son of Edward F., & w. Helen M. Power

C. B. Herendeen MS.


Edward F., b. 1891; m. in 1930; they had no children.

James W., b. 1894.

Mary, b. 1896. In 1930 she was unmarried

Arthur N., b. 1898.

_________, his wife.

Son of Martin Zail & Mary A. Potter

Elmer H. Harrington, Riparius, N.Y. 1931


Alma, of Riparius, N.Y.

__________, his wife.

Son of Rev. Daniel & Evaline E. Starine

Oral by Sarah Harrington, Arlington, Vt.


George, b. Los Angeles, Calif. about 1870.


Son of David R., & w. Abigail McDonald

Oral by Elmer Harrington, Shaftsbury, Vt.


Charles, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., Nov. 6, 1888; m. there Gladys Coulter. They had not children.

Elsie b., Shaftsbury, Vt., Nov. 5, 1900; m. there Glen Carlisle. They ahd one child, Edward Carlisle.

BESSY LLOYD, his wife.

Son of Theophelus & w. M. Bassett or Samuel Theophelus & w. M. Bassett (double listing))

Oral by Samuel Theophilos Harrington Warrensburg, N. Y.


Nina, b. Bolton, N.Y., about 1901; died at Hoosick, N.Y., about 1919 unmarried.

Edna, b. Bolton, N.Y., about 1903; resided Glens Falls, N.Y., in 1927.

Gladys, b. Bolton, N.Y., about 1905; resided Glens Falls, N.Y., in 1927.

Curtis, b. Bolton, N.Y., about 1907; resided Hoosick Falls, N.Y., in 1927, unmarried.

Geneva, b. Bolton, N.Y., about 1909; resided Hoosick Falls, N.Y., in 1927.

Morris, b. Bolton, N.Y. about 1911; died there in 1918.


Son of Daniel & w. Sally Lord

Vit. Rcds. S. Londonderry, Vt.,
Oral by Orange, Mass.; Catalogue
U of Vt., 1791-1875; Vermont
Gazeteer by Hemingway.


Emery L., b. S. Londonderry, Vt., Feb. 1, 1822; d. there July 12, 1890.

Calista D., b. S. Londonderry, Vt., Apr. 13, 1826.

Sarah J., b. S. Londonderry, Vt., Sept. 20, 1828.

Zina, b. S. Londonderry, Vt., Aug. 20, 1830.

Lyman Clark, b. S. Londonderry, Vt., Nov. 3, 1832.

Joseph Lysander, b. Jamaica, Vt., Aug. 5, 1840; graduated in medicine at University of Vermont in 1862; and was State Representative from his home town in 1878.

HATTIE NEWELL, his wife.

Son of Abraham Nelson & w. Ella J. Howard

Oral Inquiry, Orange, Mass.


Marvina Emery, b. Orange, Mass., Sept. 23, 1900.

Marite Vilrey, b. Orange, Mass., July 23, 1905.

Harry Nelson, b. Orange, Mass., May 16, 1910.


Son of Jonathan & w. Sarah Pratt

Vit. Rcds. Shrewsbury, Mass.
Vit. Rcds. Grafton, Mass.
Vit. Rcds. Millbury, Mass.
Vit. Rcds. Worcester, Mass.
Vit. Rcds. Barre, Mass.
Hist. of Grafton, Mass. by Pierce
Hist. of Watertown, Mass. by Bond

FAMILY(1st wife)

Alonson, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Oct. 18, 1813; m. Aug. 29, 1837, Esther F. Crosby.

William Harrison, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Dec 26, 1814.

Nathaniel M., b. Shrewsbury, Mass., July 21, 1816; died in Grafton, Mass., Sept. 17, 1840; married in Grafton, Mass., Apr. 9, 1840 Elizabeth A. Morse.

John, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Jan. 4, 1818; perhaps the same John who married in Millbury, Mass., int. Aug. 11, 1844, Elvira C. Cocker, of Worcester, Mass., married in Worcester, Mass., Sept. 4, 1844.

(3rd wife)

Andrew Jackson, b. Grafton, Mass., Apr. 1, 1835.

LUCINDA DAVIS, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Tomb Insc. Barre, Mass.
Genealogical and Family Hist of Vt. by Carlton


Stephen, b. 1827; m. in Barre, Mass., Nov. 30, 1848, Lucy F. Hawkins, b. Jan. 25, 1827.

Edwin, b. Stockbridge, Vt., before 1827; m. at Stockbridge, Vt., Oct. 8, 1848, Mary E. Holland, b. there Mar. 12, 1829. He was a manufacturer of machinery in Worcestre, Mass., Fitchburg, Mass., then in Philadelphia, Pa.

ELECTA BAKER, his wife.

Son of Preserved & w. Naoma Harrington

Hist. of Danby, Vt., by Williams
Vit. Rcds. of Stanford, Vt.


Electa, b. Danby, Vt., about 1832; m. Joel Wheeler

Julia, b. Danby, Vt., about 1834; m. there Roswell Wood.

Enos, Jr., b. Danby, Vt., 1837; m. ______ Carpenter. He first appeared as Freeman at Danby, Vt., in 1866. He resided at Huntington, Vt., and enlisted for service in Civil War., Aug. 27, 1862, aged 25 years. He served in Company B, 14th Reg.

Amanda, b. Danby, Vt., about 1820; m. Dickinson; m. 2nd Cyrus Roberts, of Manchester, Vt.

Malvina, b. Danby, Vt., about 1824; m. Jarvis Jordan; they resided in New Hampshire.

Lydia Ann, b. Danby, Vt., about 1826; m. in Stanford, Vt., Aug. 31, 1836, Amos T. Booth of Adams, Mass.

Martha, b. Danby, Vt., about 1829; m. Plyn Farnham.


Son of George & w. Rebecca Allen

Vit. Rcds. Brookfield, Mass.
Pension Rcds. PW-2617


Allen, b. Apr. 14, 1766; resided Unadella, N.Y.; m. in Brookfield, Mass., Jan. 26, 1793 Elizabeth Hershell, b. 1768. He died in Columbia, Pa., Oct. 22, 1811.

He moved to Unadella, N. Y. (later called Laurens), Otsego County, came back to Brookfield, Mass., and was married and returned to Laurens, N.Y. where he was practicing physician. He served in Rev. War as shown by receipt dated Springfield, Mass., July 25, 1782, signed by Seth Banister, Capt. 4th Mass. Regiment. He enlisted for service in the Continental Army for three years. In his application for pension, he mentioned brother, Amos.

Amasa, b. Jan. 1, 1781.

Amos, b. June 10, 1767; p. served in Rev. War; m. there Sept. 26, 1798 Ruth Jenks, who died 15 June 1820.

Rufus, b. Jan. 6, 1769; d. there Dec. 10, 1846; m. there Oct. 15, 1796 Prudence Walker of Charlton, Mass., b. 1775 and d. there Dec. 14, 1817. Rufus married 2nd, there June 14, 1818, Anna Mary Serns, who survived him.

Reuben, b. there Sept. 20, 1770, baptised there Sept. 22, 1771. Perhaps same Reuben who married in Spencer, Mass., July 5, 1795, Anna Hathway.

Salome, b. June 7, 1772 (Record of baptism at Spencer says May 10, 1772); m. there Oct. 30, 1791, Lemuel (Leonard) Waite of Spencer, Mass.

Eli, b. Aug. 21, 1773, (Spencer Record says June 19, 1774); m. in Spencer, Mass., Jan. 20, 1805, Sally Gates.

Loammie, b. Brookfield, Mass., July 24, 1776; baptised Spencer, Mass., May 11, 1777; d. Brookfield, Mass., Aug. 3, 1778.

Ephraim, b. Brookfield, Mass., Sept. 29, 1777; perhaps the same Ephraim who m. in Boston, Mass., Dec. 14, 1800, Sarah Muzzle, b. 1772, and d. in Worcester, Mass., Dec. 10, 1836. He died there Dec. 7, 1837.

Loammie, b. Brookfield, Mass., July 13, 1779.

Lucinda, b. Brookfield, Mass., Nov. 15, 1782; m. there Dec. 1, 1803, Daniel Drake of Spencer, Mass.

Elias, b. Brookfield, Mass., Feb. 22, 1815(sic 1784 in index); m. there Jan. 1, 1818, Eunice L. Porter. He died there July 5, 1828.

HARRIET, his wife.

Lineage not determined

Vit. Rcds. Roxbury, Mass.


Clara, b. Roxbury, Mass., Nov. 30, 1844.


Son of Amos & w. Mary Bates

Pension Rcds. Washington, D.C.


Amos, b. Scituate, R. I. 1772; he resided there in 1836, when he made affidavit in connection with his mother's application for pension.

MARY ANN HILL, his wife.

Son of Josiah & w. Phoebe Chase

Pri. Rcds. Norman E. Harrington
w. Hoosick Tomb Insc.
Pri. Rcds Rachel C. Wilkins


Henry J., b. Jan. 10, 1846; m. Clara Ball. He d. 1908; she b. 1846, d. 1926.

Edward D., b. Oct. 13, 1851; d. in W. Hoosick, N.Y., May 1, 1825; married there Jan. 12, 1876, Jane A. Haviland, b. Apr. 29, 1854, He d. May 4, 1925.

Mattie E., b. Dec. 7, 1855; d. W. Hoosick, N.Y., Sept. 4, 1893; m. Warren Pine.

ABIGAIL HUNT, his wife.

Son of Caleb & w. Hepzibah Hayden

Vit. Rcds. Hubbardstown, Mass.
Pri. Rcds. Caleb Harrington,
Ferrisburg, Vt.
Vit. Rcds. Rutland, Vt.


Jonas, b. Hubbardstown, Mass., Oct. 13, 1785. He served in War of 1812 and was wounded at Platsburg, N.Y. for which he drew pension, his papers being dated June 1, 1840, when he was aged 54 years.

Luther, b. Hubbardstown, Mass., Sept. 23, 1787. He was killed at Ft. George during War of 1812.

Caleb, b. Hubbardstown, Mass., Sept. 23, 1789; d. North Ferrisburg, Vt., about 1872; m. at Ferrisburg, Vt., Dec. 10, 1816, Lydia Fish. His father resided with him in 1830 as shown by Federal Census, then aged 70-80. His nephew, Caleb, was born in his home and named for him, and attended his funeral.

Isaac, b. Hubbardstown, Mass., Oct. 22, 1791.

Asa of Cornwall, Vt.; b. Hubbardstown, Mass., Dec. 26, 1793; m Edens, Vt., Jan. 28, 1819, Arabella Young. He died at Vergenness, Vt.

Abel, b. Hubbardstown, Mass., Feb. 22, 1795; d. about 1860 at Hinesburg, Vt.; m. Achsah.

Abigail, b. Hubbardstown, Mass., Feb. 19, 1798.

David, b. Hubbardstown, Mass., June 16, 1801; prob. the same David whose int. to marry Olive C. Holmes, was published Amhurst, Mass., Oct. 11, 1830. He resided at Vergenness Vt.

Mary, b. Edens, Vt. m. Hartwell.

Anna, b. Edens, Vt.

Joseph, b. Edens, Vt., 1808; d. 1865 m. May 18, 1841, Amanda Hier, of East Middlebury, Vt., of Holland Dutch descent. She died Nov. 22, 1893.

Alvin, b. Edens, Vt., about 1806, prob. in Hubbardstown, Mass. Moved to Ohio.


Son of Capt. Moses & w. Mary Pierce

Hist. of Grafton, Mass., by Pierce;
Vit. Rcds, Grafton, Mass.


Sally Brigham, b. Grafton, Mass., July 11, 1789; m. there Nov. 27, 1806, Moses Marsh. She died May 21, 1807.

Mary P., b. Grafton, Mass., Mar. 21, 1793; int. to marry of record in Westborough, Mass., Aug. 7, 1813. (his record reads Polly Pierce) She married in Grafton, Mass., Sept. 5, 1813, Samuel Harrington of Westborough, Mass.

Martha Goulding, b. Grafton, Mass., Nov. 17, 1795; m. there Nov. 28, 1816, Austin Holbrook.

Prudence Leland, b. Grafton, Mass., Feb. 12, 1799; m. there May 4, 1820, Simon B. Whipple.

Harriet F., b. Grafton, Mass., Aug. 26, 1801; m. in Petersham, Mass., Jan. 19, 1820, Luke Blake; married 2nd, in Grafton, Mass., June 21, 1831, Arthur Clark of Providence, R.I. (See R.I. American)

Ephraim C., b. Grafton, Mass., Dec. 30, 1808; d. there Aug. 21, 1811.

_________, his wife.

Son of Samuel & w. Mary P. Harrington

Vit. Rcds., Roxbury, Mass.


Josephine, b. Roxbury, Mass., Dec. 22, 1843.

____________, his wife.

Lineage not determined

Arnold's Vit. Rcds. of R.I.


Benjamin, b. before 1804, in Foster, R.I.; m. there 1825, Eliza Bennett.


Son of p. Benjamin & w. Jemma Mosley

Pri. Rcds. Mrs. Mary I. Canyon, Buskirk, N.Y.;
Census of 1850
"Harrington Family in America"
by Eugene Harrington


Mary E., b. Hoosick, N.Y., 1838; m. there Lewis Barnhardt

Erastus Jr., b. Hoosick, N.Y., 1842; m. there Elizabeth Dredge. He enlisted Dec. 21, 1863 at Amboy, N.Y. for three years service as private in Civil War in Company G., New York Militia and after being mustered out in 1865 entered the regular service.

Frank, b. Hoosick, N.Y., after 1842; m. there 1st Mina McGregor; married, 2nd, Ida Baker.

MARY E. MINK, his wife.

Son of Joseph & w. Rachel How

Vit. Rcds., Concord, Mass.


Estes How, b. Concord, Mass., May 1, 1809.


Son of Abraham & w. Sarah Case

R. C. W. & Eugene C. Harrington


Henry Eugene, b. Pittstown, N.Y., Jan. 28, 1889; m. there Juen 20, 1917. Emily Krause, b. Dec. 8, 1885. They resided at Buskirk, N.Y. in 1927.

Abraham Raymond, b. Pittstown, N.Y., Jan. 12, 1890; m. there Sept. 22, 1914, Mabel E. Kipp, b. Sept. 22, 1893.

Anna May, b. Pittstown, N.Y., Nov. 8, 1891; m. there Oct. 20, 1923, J. Warren Catterell, b. July 29, 1892. No children in 1927.

Sarah Frances, b. Pittstown, N.Y., Sept. 19, 1893; m. there Sept. 6, 1919, James Grant Sweet, b. Jan. 15, 1872. No children 1927.

Thomas Benedict, b. Pittstown, N.Y., Dec. 21, 1896; m. there May 14, 1927, Emily Carr Curtis, b. Aug. 13, 1904. No children in 1927 He died Nov. 21, 1936.

Elizabeth Irene, b. Pittstown, N.Y., May 23, 1899; m. June 25, 1928, Richard Bassett Rose, b. Mar. 3, 1901. Divorced.

Frank Leroy, b. Pittstown, N.Y., Nov. 7, 1903; m. in Buskirk, N.Y. Aug. 30, 1927, Sarah Matilda Brewster, b. Apr. 16, 1904.


Son of Wm. S. & w. Maria Bradley

"Harrington Family in America"
by Eugene W. Harrington


Eva, b. Greene, N.Y. after 1864.

CLARA L. LOSEE, his wife.

Son of Andrew Benjamin & w. Adell Perkins

"Harrington Family in America"
by Eugene W. Harrington, Buffalo, N.Y.



Son of Martin & w. Emaline Harrington

Oral by Eugene Harrington, Kingsbury, N.Y.


Iva May, b. Kingsbury, N.Y., Sept. 10, 1913.

Richard Eugene, b. Kingsbury, N.Y., Aug. 24, 1915.

Irving Joseph, b. Kingsbury, N.Y. Feb. 24, 1917; d. there Jan. 5, 1919.

Robert Lee, b. Kingsbury, N.Y., July 6, 1918.

Doris Elizabeth, b. Kingsbury, N.Y., Jan. 12, 1923.

_____________, his wife.

Son of Arunah Harrington & w.

Clayton W. Harrington, Letter to
Grant Harrington


Clayton, b. Laurens, N.Y., 1894.

____________, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Newspaper, Boston Herald, June 19, 1929.


Phyllis Louise, b. before 1913; prob. at Newton Center, Mass., m. there June 19, 1928 Arnold Dale Kerfoot Mason, of Highland Park, Ill., son of Henry Edgar Mason. They reside in Evanston, Ill.

Ann, b. after 1920, prob. at Newton Center, Mass.; June 19, 1929 she was present at the marriage of her sister, Phyllis Louise to Arnold Dale Kerfoot Mason.

LYDIA COTTON, his wife.

Son of Thomas & w. Lucy Perry

"Harrington Family in America"
by Eugene W. Harrington


Daniel, b. July 10, 1810; d. 1877; m. Serepta Hill.

Chauncy, b. Dec. 28, 1812; d. 1825.

William, b. Mar. 9, 1815.

Anna, b. Dec. 9, 1817; m. Jan 1, 1835, Hiram Freeman. He died, and she married, 2nd, Chauncy H. Stone, of Milwaukee, Wisc. By her first husband, Hiram Freeman, she had children: Wm. Delos Freeman, who died Jan. 16, 1852; Daniel Lafayette Freeman, who died Oct. 20, 1892; and Lydia Freeman, who died at the age of 13. By her second husband, she had children: Emily Augusta Stone, Nellie M. Stone, and Dolly Augusta Stone, who married Jan 14, 1872 at Greenfield, Wisc. Joseph E. Harrington, son of Ezekiel Burdette and wife Angelina (Wicks) Harrington.

Ezekiel Burdette, b. May 12, 1820, prob. at Chenango County, N.Y.; d. Aug. 14, 1894; m. Angelina Wicks.

Almeron, b. Dec. 25, 1822; prob. Chenango County, N.Y.; m. there Orpha Wicks, and resided Ionia, Mich. in 1907.

Azuba, b. Nov. 12, 1825, prob. Chenango County, N.Y.; m. there Cornelius Vader, who still lived in 1907 at Alexander, N.Y. She died in 1901.

Lydia, b. Aug. 17, 1828; prob. at Chenango Co., N.Y.; m. Jared Tyler, and she died in 1852.

p. TRAIL DARLING, his wife.

Son of William & w. Anna Hamen

Surrogate Court, Washington Co.,
N.Y.; Land Rcds, Washington Co.,
Rensselaer Co., N.Y.; Tomb Insc.,
Quaker Cemetery, Easton, N.Y.;
Oral by Mrs. Carrie Fish


Horace, b. Easton, N.Y., 1811; d. there near Schuylersville, N.Y. 1876; m. Lexie A. Livingston. His will probated at Salem, N.Y. Mar. 20, 1882. In it are named his wife and four children. He received deed to land there Dec. 7, 1834 from Peleg Harrington, his wife, Hannah (Seeley) Harrington. It joined other land of both parties. Probably it was he who sold land in Rensselaer County, N.Y., six deeds running from May 7, 1835 to Feb. 23, 1848.

Ezra, b. Easton, N.Y., Mar. 7, 1807; d. there Feb. 13, 1890; m. Betsy E. Potter, b. July 8, 1816; d. there Mar. 3, 1898.

Lucy, b. Easton, N.Y., about 1790; m. Joel Potter

Israel, b. Easton, N.Y. about 1795.


Son of John & w. Hannah Bentley

Pri. Rcds. Kate Harrington, Cambridge, N.Y.


James G., b. Cambridge, N.Y., Aug. 23, 1846; d. there Jan. 4, 1916; m. there Jan. 4, 1882 Belle S. Noyes. They resided at Waterloo, Neb.

Hannah Elizah, b. Cambridge, N.Y., Oct. 17, 1848; d. there Jan. 17, 1853, unmarried.

Sarah Elizabeth, b. Cambridge, N.Y., Aug. 9, 1854; d. Greenwich, N.Y. Nov. 20, 1926, unmarried.

Kate, b. Greenwich, N.Y., Apr. 11, 1856. She resided there in 1928 unmarried and had considerable genealogical records.

William, b. Greenwich, N.Y., Jan. 14, 1858; married Florence C. Roberson, b. 1863, and died there June 14, 1895; d. there Jan. 16, 1864.

John, b. Greenwich, N.Y., Dec. 5, 1859; d. there Jan. 16, 1864.

Almira, b. Greenwich, N.Y., Dec. 27, 1863; d. there May 6, 1905, unmarried.

HANNAH, his wife.

Son of Othniel & w. Mary Walling

Letter from Mrs. Mary K. Crane, Erie, Pa.


Mercy, b. Tolland, Conn., May 20, 1790.

OLIVE MYERS, his wife.

Son of Rufus & w. Elizabeth Aylsworth

Manuscript of Grant W. Harrington


Norman, b. Manlius, N.Y., after 1790; married; died 5 mi. south of Dewitt, Iowa.

ESTHER PETERS, his wife.

Son of Elder Benjamin & w. Hannah Clark

Pri. Rcds. C. R. Herendeen, Newark, N.Y.


Pardon, b. between 1755 and 1774. He resided Unadella, N.Y., Otsego County, 1800 with one boy and three girls, all under 10.

Gideon, b. between 1770 and 1780, and resided in Rupert, Vt., in 1790 when there were with him three boys under 10.

John, b. 1790

Jonathan, b. 1790

Ezekiel, b. 1790

POLLY, his wife.

Son of Abraham & w. Electa Galusha

Oral by Elmos Harrington, Shaftsbury,
Vt.,; Tomb Insc. Waits Cem.
Shaftsbury, Vt.; Census Rcds.,
Washington, D.C.


Sabrina, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., about 1830; married James Dalrymple.

Litt, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., 1832; m. there Brandall. They resided at Italy, Ontario County, N.Y.

Susan, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., 1834

David B., b. Shaftsbury, Vt., Mar. 11, 1836; d. there Nov. 22, 1901; m. there Abigail McDonald, b. June 25, 1844, and d. June 11, 1905.

Daniel, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., 1836; resided there with parents at census of 1850.


Son of Ezekiel & w. Lydia Cotton

Letter of Mrs. Geo. Larkin
Harrington, Elkhorn, Wisc.


Charles, b. before 1850, Chenango County, N.Y.

Theresa, b. Chenango County, N.Y., June 19, 1850.

Joseph Ezekiel, b. Chenango County, N.Y., May 24, 1847; m. in Greenfield, Wisc. Jan. 14, 1873, his first cousin, Augusta Lovina Stone, dau. of Anna Harrington, and her 2nd husband, Chauncy H. Stone. They resided West Allis, Wisc. R.F.D. 5, Box 193, where he had lived for 62 years, down to May 1927, when there resided with him, Mrs. Clara Harrington, widow of his son, Clarence, deceased.

Viola, b. Chenango County, N.Y., after 1847.


Son of Oliver & w. Sylvia Ballow

History of Danby, Vt., by
Williams; Tomb Insc. by Rachel
C. Wilkins


Keziah, b. Danby, Vt., Feb. 22, 1819; d. Feb. 12, 1898.

Elizabeth, b. Danby, Vt., about 1823; m. Joel Woodruff. They resided at Otto, N.Y. He was a soldier in Civil War and died in a hospital.

Simon, b. Danby, Vt., about 1824; m. Filena Baker, dau. of Stephen Baker. They resided at Scottsville, Vt., where he was a merchant. He was drafted for service in Civil War. He was first made Freeman of Danby, Vt., in 1866.

Miranda, b. Danby, Vt., about 1826.

Lemuel, b. Danby, Vt., Apr. 27, 1835; d. Jan. 21, 1906; m. Betsy M. Harrington, b. Dec. 28, 1846, dau. of Henry B. and wife, Melinda (Sargent) Harrington. He was made Freeman in Danby, Vt., in 1866, and paid the commutation fee of $300 to avoid service in the Civil War.

Lydia, b. Danby, Vt., about 1831; d. there aged 19 years.

Harvey, b. Danby, Vt., June 27, 1841; died there Feb. 11, 1902; m. Lucinda J., born Apr. 27, 1848, and died Nov. 30, 1895, there.

BETSY POTTER, his wife.

Son of Ezekiel & w. p. Trail Darling

Oral by Lewis P. Snell, Greenwich
N.Y.; Tomb. Insc. Quaker
Cemetery, Easton, N.Y.


Anna, b. Easton, N.Y. near Schuylersville, about 1834; m. there Nat Welling. They had one child, Jennie.

Hiram S., b. Easton, N.Y., Sept. 30, 1838; d. there Nov. 5, 1913; m. Adelaide Buckley.

Hettie Potter, b. Easton, N.Y., Dec. 1, 1856; died there May 19, 1911; m. Louis G. Snell. They had Ezra, who died young, and Lewis Potter Snell, the informant.