Harrington heads of families with first names beginning with S

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___________, his wife.

Son of Benjamin & w. Parmelia Hustead

Vit. Rcds. Shaftsbury, Vt.


Charles, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., Apr. 17, 1858; d. there Nov. 2, 1863.

POLLY BALLOW, his wife.

Son of Sen. Thomas & w. Freelove Harrington

Inquiry of Sampson's Pension, by Mrs. Jane James, Box 394, Roundup, Montana, 1925; Boston Transcript, Mrs. J.B. Moyer


Thomas, of Danby, Vt., and Albert, Vt., b. R.I., 1780.

Elisha of Danby, Vt., b. about 1795.

p. George, b. before 1796; his son, Jerome, mentioned in same pension papers.

ANNER, his wife.

Son of Samuel of Stephentown, N.Y.

Feb. Census, 1830, 1840, 1850
Rcds. of Town Meetings; Oral by John A. Harrington of Cherry Plane, N.Y.


John A. Harrington of Cherry Plane, N.Y., b. there May 1, 1795; m. there Mar. 10, 1814, Mary (Polly) Rounds, of Round Mountain, near Hancock, N.Y. He was killed there by a hemlock tree falling on him May 11, 1858. She was dau. of Moses Rounds, and wife, Honor, and was born Aug. 29, 1796 and d. Jan. 6, 1875. Her father, Moses Rounds, was born Sept. 3, 1767 and died Feb. 5, 1853, and his wife, Honor, was born 1765 and died Mar. 14, 1824.

He was Path Master in Stephentown, N.Y. for Dist. No. 41 for years: 1834, 1837, 1839, 1844, and 1851. He was Path Master for Dist. No. 43 in the year 1853.

He was shown there in Fed. Census for 1831, 1840, and 1850. In 1850 there was residing in his home an elderly man, Jacob Harrington, born 1791, prob. his brother.

Jacob, b. Stephentown, N.Y., 1791. He was farmer residing there at Census of 1850 with John A. and wife, Polly Rounds.

PHILENA BAKER, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Hist. of Danby, Vt.


Elizabeth of Scottsville, Vt., b. prob. 1850.

Daniel of Scottsville, Vt., res. Danby, Vt., b. prob. about 1847.

LYDIA BALL, his wife.

Son of David & w. Elizabeth Warren

Vit. Rcds. Waltham, Mass.
Bigelow-Howe Genealogy by Frost
Document, 4, U.S. Congress, 189-200; New Eng. Hist. and Gen. Reg. Vol. 77; New Eng. Genealogies


Abigail, b. Waltham, Mass., May 6, 1738; m. there Oct. 25, 1759, John Whitehead.

Lydia, b. Waltham, Mass., Jan. 7, 1740; m. there 1st to Robert Eams, Jr. Jan. 30, 1759; m. 2nd, Moses Livermore, Sept. 17, 1783.

Mary, b. Waltham, Mass., May 8, 1742; m. there May 30, 1776, Samuel Bigelow.

Anna, b. Waltham, Mass., Apr. 16, 1745.

Samuel, b. Waltham, Mass., July 21, 1747; d. there Mar. 20, 1835; m. Dec. 22, 17--, b. at Watertown, Mass., Jan. 1, 1751, and d. Nov. 13, 1828. He was drawing Rev. Pension Mar. 18, 1818 for service as private from Mass.; m. Lucy Cooledge.

Solomon, b. Waltham, Feb. 25, 1749; d. Feb. 7, 1759.

Grace, b. Waltham, Mass., July 20, 1756; m. Nov. 18, 1764 to Abraham Pierce.

Esther, b. Waltham, Mass., Sept. 1, 1758; d. Oct. 6, 1794; m. Oct. 19, 1779 to Amos Harrington

Lucy, b. Sept. 16, 1761; m. there Jan. 1, 1782 to Warham Cushing.


Son of William & w. Hannah Crumsby

Oral by Samuel Theophelus Harrington; Oral Inquiry at Chipenhoke, June, 1926.


Wallace, b. Horicane, N.Y., about 1852.

Emma, b. Horican, N.Y., a. 1854; d. there a. 1857.

Hattie, b. Horican, N.Y., a. Dec. 1855; d. at Bolton, N.Y., Dec. 1926; m. Alfred Duell, who was born in Horicon, N.Y., 1856, and resided in Bolton, N.Y., 1927. They had: Nahum, Byron, Martha, and Lester.

Samuel Theophelus, b. Horicon, N.Y., Oct. 23, 1859; m. Isabelle Bidwell, of Bolton, N.Y., who was born in Warrensburg, N.Y., Sept. 14, 1866. They resided at Warrensburg, N.Y., 1927. He is cousin of Nora Hays of Warrensburg.

Lillie, b. Horicon, N.Y., 1864; d. at Chester, N.Y., June 1927; m. Jack Morehouse of Bolton, N.Y., b. there a. 1874, and they had one child, Joy, b. Chester, N.Y., a. 1903. He resides in Chester, 1927.

Clara, b. Horicon, N.Y., 1867; m. William Fuller of Bolton, N.Y., b. there 1864 and they had one child, Ruth, b. 1887, and d. 1922. They resided in Warrensburg, 1927.

Ruth, b. Horicon, N.Y., a. 1870; m. Orlin Pratt of Warrensburg, N.Y. b. there a. 1866. They had 8 children, including Clara and Nancy.

Emerson, b. Horicon, N.Y., 1877; d. Hoosick Falls, N.Y., 1915; m. Bessy Boyd of Bolton, N.Y.


Son of Samuel Theophelus & w. Martha Bassett

Oral by Samuel T. Harrington


Silas, b. Warrensburg, N.Y., July 29, 1885; m. Edna Labrum, b. at Therman, R.I., 1886; no children in 1927.

Ethel, b. Warrensburg, N.Y., Mar. 28, 1889; d. there unmarried May 12, 1899.

ANNA BRIGHAM, his wife.

Son of Samuel & w. Elizabeth

Grafton Hist. by Pierce; Descendants of Wm. Trask; New England Hist. and Gen. Reg. Vol. 56
Pri. Rcds., Mrs. W. L. Hagen


Mary, b. Grafton, Mass., Sept. 11, 1765; m. there, record in Shrewsbury, Mass., Jun 29, 1794, Martin Smith.

Anna, b. Grafton, Mass., Aug. 29, 1762; m. 1st in Grafton, Sept. 4, 1788 Joel Fay, and 2nd, Fortunatus Harrington.

Samuel, b. Grafton, Mass., Aug. 3, 1769; d. Oct. 3, 1802; m. Aug. 8, 1795 Abigail Putnam, b. Sept. 15, 1775, and d. Apr. 7, 1871. He was 2nd husband, she married third, David Trask, who was b. June 21, 1766, and d. Dec. 25, 1831.

Joshua, b. Grafton, Mass., Mar. 13, 1771; d. Oct. 7, 1844; m. in Phillipton, Mass., June 9,1790 Submit Denton 1st, 2nd, Nov. 29, 1798, Polly Adams.

Lucy, b. Grafton, Mass., July 13, 1773; m. in Grafton, Nov. 7, 1795, Perle Goddard.

HANNAH BUTLER, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Vit. Rcds. Brookfield, Mass.

Samuel Harrington of Farmington, Conn., b. 1761; m. in Weathersfield, Conn., Mar. 10, 1785, Hannah Butler. He enlisted as private to serve in Rev. War from Jan. 1, 1780 to Jan. 1, 1781. He received bounties from hom town of Mansfield, Conn., before 1780 for service in Rev. War. His name was on muster rolls dated Feb. 1782 for Capt. Edward Bulkey's Co., 3rd; 5th Conn. Reg. of Samuel B. Webb; also on muster roll of same Co., Apr. 25, 1782. His appointment on June 1, 1781 was for duration of war.

At first Fed. Census of 1790 he was in Shoreham, Vt. He was drawing a pension Mar. 18, 1818, and he was drawing pension at Hartford, Vt., June 1, 1840 then aged 79, and residing with son, Samuel. He was named in list of Vt. Hist. Soc. Proceedings as Rev. Soldier buried in Vermont.


Samuel, of Hartford, Vt., b. in Brookfield, Mass., m. July 12, 1819 to Persis Barnes.


Son of Nathaniel & w. Nancy Townsend

Vit. Rcds. New Braintree, Mass.


Charles, b. New Braintree, Sept. 10, 1821; m. Oct. 2, 1843 in Oakham, Mass., to Almacy Cushman. Int. Rec. Sept. 7, 1843.

Samuel C., b. New Braintree, Mass., June 21, 1824; d. Waltham, Mass., May 29, 1835.

Eli, b. New Braintree, Mass., Jan. 31, 1827; d. there Oct. 9, 1848, of typhus fever.

Julia Elmira, b. New Braintree, Mass., Nov. 28, 1836.

George, b. New Braintree, Mass., May 21, 1845; d. there Sept. 12, 1849 of dysentery.

LUCY COOLEDGE, his wife.

Son of Samuel & w. Lydia Ball

Vit. Rcds. Weston, Mass.; Bapt. 1st Church of Dorchester, Mass.
New. Eng. Hist and Gen. Reg. Vol. 68


Lydia, b. Waltham, Mass., Apr. 9, 1776; m. there June 21, 1810 to John Davis.

Samuel, b. May 23, 1778; bapt. May 31, 1778; m. Thayer Coflin, Oct. 1, 1807 in Boston, Mass.

Lucy, b. Waltham, Mass., Oct. 26, 1782; m. there Sept. 5, 1802 Jonathan Smith.

Susannah, b. bapt. Dorchester, Mass., Mar. 10, 1783.

Betsy (Lucretia) b. Aug. 27, 1786; bapt. Aug. 27, 1786.

Amasa, b. Nov. 12, 1791; m. Waltham, Aug. 30, 1835, Clarissa Davis. He was a farmer and d. at Waltham, 1867.

James of Dorchester, Mass., b. bapt. there July 6, 1778.

________ a child d. New Braintree, Mass., Sept. 12, 1778.

PATTY DAVIS, his wife.

Son of Nathan & w. Elizabeth Flagg

Burnap-Burnett Genealogy; Essex Inst. Hist. Coll.; Vit. Rcds. New Braintree, Mass.; New Eng. Hist. and Gen. Reg., Vol. 75.


Samuel Davis, of Paxton, Mass., m. in New Braintree, Mass., Dec. 28, 1833, Mary Ann Burke, b. Jan. 5, 1810, d. Jan. 17, 1886. Was dau. of James and Elizabeth (Woods) Burke of New Braintree. The record was written by her mother, Elizabeth on the fly leaf of a book. He was Guardian of the children of Abijah Burnap, April 6, 1844 at Paxton.

EFFIE MARY DEAN, his wife.

Son of Ira & w. Phoebe Tanner

Wm. Tanner, Sr., S. Kingston, R.I.; Descendants of Geo. C. Tanner


Phoebe Alice, b. July 16, 1882.

Carolyn, b. May 3, 1884.

Harriet Jane, b. July 2, 1886; d. Aug. 13, 1887.

Jean Dean, b. Feb. 25, 1888.

Samuel Dean, b. Sept. 25, 1889; m. Apr. 4, 1893.

Jessie Curtis, b. June 25, 1894.

ELIZABETH, his wife.

Son of Robert & w. Anna Harrington

Warren-Clark Genealogy by Huntington
Grafton-Hist. by Pierce; Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev. War; Essex Inst. Hist. Coll.


Joseph, b. Westborough, Mass., Mar. 26, 1738; d. Oct. 13, 1815; m. 1st, there Mar. 17, 1764, Ruth Miriam of Grafton, Mass., who died Dec. 13, 1818. Head of family in 1790.

Sarah, b. Westborough, Mass., Dec. 17, 1741; m. there July 16, 1770, Samuel Thirsting.

Samuel, Jr., b. Grafton, Mass., June 10, 1743; d. there Oct. 3, 1773; m. Anna Brigham, who d. Dec. 11, 1831.

Mariah, b. Westborough, Mass., July 2, 1744.

Elizabeth, b. Westborough, Mass., Apr. 29, 1747; m. there Feb. 1777 to John Wait of Alsted, Mass.

Eli, b. Westborough, Mass., Sept. 24, 1749; m. in Bolton, Mass., Nov. 3, 1774, Susannah Baker of Bolton. Was head of family in 1790. Pri. Capt. Edmond Brigham, Westborough Co. of Minute Men, which marched on the alarm of Apr. 19, 1775, 12 days of service.

Evinas A., m. in Westborough, Mass., Nov. 17, 1770 to Edmond Entwistle.

Lydia, b. Westborough, Mass., Apr. 24, 1756; m. there Jan. 4, 1775 to Daniel Chamberlain, and they had son, Daniel who married Mar. 13, 1806 at Hopkinton, Mass. to Jerusha Burnap, bapt. Sept. 27, 1795.

Persis, b. Westborough, Mass., Apr. 21, 1757; m. there Jan. 1, 1772, Nathan Fay.

Benjamin, b. Westborough, Mass., Aug. 18, 1761; d. Oct. 9, 1820; m. record in Westborough; m. Jan. 30, 1789 to Anna Chamberlain of Southborough, Mass.

POLLY FISKE, his wife.

Son of Peter & w. Anna Hammond

Vit. Rcds. Weston, Mass.


Mary Fiske, b. Newton, Mass., Apr. 14, 1811; m. Mass. there July 5, 1828 to George Hall.


Son of Jonas & w. Margaret Bishop

Descendants of John White, Vol. II, p. 412


Francis Bishop, b. Salem, Mass., Aug. 15, 1854; m. Abby J. Ruggles,. b. Fitchburg, Mass., May 14, 1858. He was a physician in Boston, Mass.


Son of Joseph & w. Ruth Miriam

Grafton History by Pierce


Mary L., b. Westborough, Mass., Aug. 11, 1814; prob. same Mary was married in Upton, Mass., Oct. 9, 1832 Zenas Johnson.

Samuel, b. Westborough, Mass., Feb. 18, 1816; m. Shrewbury, Mass., Duplicate records in Grafton and Westborough, Oct. 21, 1834, and Grafton, Nov. 28, 1834 to Elizabeth Legate. Prob. same who married 2nd in Watertown, Mass., June 16, 1836 to Mrs. Elizabeth Stratton.

Joseph, b. Westborough, Mass., Feb. 15, 1818; prob. same who married in Upton, Feb. 5, 1840, Mary Chaflin.

Ephraim, b. Westborough, Mass., Sept. 7, 1821.

Henry, b. Westborough, Mass., Dec. 1, 1826

George, b. Westborough, Mass., June 12, 1834.


Son of Allen & w. Elizabeth Hershall

Lists by C.B. Herendeen


Henrietta of Laurens, N.Y., b. after 1825.

Allen of Laurens, b. after 1826.

Caroline of Laurens, b. after 1827.

James of Laurens, b. after 1830.

Mary E. of Laurens, b. after 1840; m. Russell Drew.

William, b. after 1830; prob. of Laurens.

ELIZ LEGATE, 1st wife

Son of Samuel & w. Mary P. Harrington

Vit. Rcds. of Sturbridge, Mass.


Julia Ann, b. Sturbridge, Mass., July 2, 1838.

MARY WARREN, 2nd wife.

Son of Robert & w. Susannah George

Vit. Rcds. Waltham, Mass


Anna, b. 1693; d. Lexington, Oct. 26, 1777; m. Nov. 15, 1711 to her 1st cousin, Robert Harrington

Grace, b. Aug. 26, 1694; m. in Watertown, Mass., Dec. 28, 1718, Ebenezer Fiske of Lexington, Mass.

Elizabeth, b. Mar. 6, 1696; m. Mar. 28, 1716, Isaac Bowman, Esq. of Lexington.

Abigail, b. July 24, 1698; d. Nov. 5, 1728; m. Jno. Ball.

Prudence, b. July 24, 1701; m. Oct. 27, 1720, John Estabrook of Lexington and they had 8 children.

______, a son, b. Waltham, Mass., and d. Nov. 11, 1703. His mother died Nov. 29, 1703.

MARTHA, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Vit. Rcds. Cambridge, Mass.


Simon G., b. 1803 of Cambridge, Mass., m. in Waltham, Mass., Nov. 5, 1826, Eliza Maynord; m. 2nd in Holden, Mass., Dec. 28, 1831, E. Estabrook, and m. 3rd, in West Boylston, Mass., Feb. 28, 1849, Lovina M. Davis.


Son of Joshua & w. Mary Truesdale

Early Worcester Families
Worcester, Mass. Vit. Rcds. New Eng. Hist. and Gen. Reg., Vol 68; Baptisms, First Church, Dorchester, Mass.; Vit. Rcds. Dorchester, Mass.


Susannah, b. Dorchester, Mass., Feb. 12, 1783; m. at Worcester Co., Oct. 31, 1802, Abel Flagg, bapt. at Birthplace, Mar. 30, 1783.

Samuel, b. Dorchester, Oct.3, 1784; d. m. at Worcester, Nov. 19, 1820, Lucreita Bigelow. Another card shows that he married Apr. 23, 1812 to Nancy White.

Lucretia, b. Dorchester, Mass., Aug. 21, 1786; d. there Apr. 15, 1843; m. Dec. 25, 1800 John Baird, bapt. at birthplace, Aug. 27, 1786.

James, b. Dorchester, June 23, 1788; d. at Dorchester, Mass., Nov. 15, 1847; m. there Apr. 25, 1821, Esther Flagg, bapt. at birthplace, July 6, 1788.

Sarah, b. Dorchester, Mass., Apr. 12, 1790; m. at Worcester, Feb. 6, 1812 Peter White.

Ebenezer, b. Dorchester, Sept. 22, 1792; m. Ehelinda, and they raised a family there 1818.

Mary, b. Dorchester, Mass., Aug. 24, 1794; d. there Dec. 12, 1843.

Austin, b. Worcester, Mass., Sept. 1, 1796; m. there Feb. 21, 1821, to Evaline Patch, 1st and prob. 2nd to Louisa J., and they reared a family there in 1829.

MARY STIMPSON, his wife.

Son of Henry & w. Ruth Blodgett

Westminister Hist. by Heywood
Pension Paper, No. S-32789


Azubah, m. 1st Emerson, 2nd, Phinehas Heywood, and res. Buckport, Me.

Betsy, married Merriam, Oct Princeton, Mass.

James, b. Westminister, 1791 married there July 25, 1816 Annis Miller, dau. of Samuel and Lydia (Cutting) Miller.

Catharine, b. Westminister, Mass., 1792.

Mary (Polly) b. Westminister, 1794; d. May 4, 1874; m. in Hubbardstown, Mass., Oct. 11, 1826 to Daniel Mundell, and had 14 children.

Susan, b. Westminister, 1796.

Samuel, b. Westminister, 1798; res. in that place and d. unmarried at Tewksbury, Mass.

Ruth, b. Westminister, 1799.

Francis, b. Westminister, 1801; res. Grafton, Mass., proprietor of hotel.

Hannah, b. Westminister, Mass., 1803, and of whom nothing is definitely known. There were 3 others, 1 dau. who married Morill and another married Tillinghast.

Elias, b. Westminister, 1805; resided there and is supposed to have been murdered.

Charles, b. Westminister, 1807; m. 1st there June 12, 1828 Marianna Cutting, b. 1810 and d. Princeton, Mass., Jan. 2, 1833; m. 2nd in Princeton, Dec. 7, 1833, Mary Ann Seaver, b. 1735(sic), and d. June 30, 1802(sic). Dup record Westminister, Mass.

Mary Ann Seaver, b. 1735, and d. June 30, 1802. Dup. record Westminister, Mass. (obvious error cah)

Julia, b. Westminister, 1809; m. John B. Hartwell, and resided W. Cambridge.

Elizabeth, b. Westminister, 1810; m. in Dracut, Mass., Apr. 15, 1838, Philip W. Tillinghast.

SABINA WARNER, his wife.

Son of Cassius & w. Mary E. Hall

Vit. Rcds. Sunderland, Mass.


Frank Warner, b. July 15, 1854; m. Nellie F. Johnson, Jan. 1, 1885; dau. and Eunice (Fay) Johnson of Cambridge, b. June 25, 1883, and d. Sept. 29, 1895.

Martha, b. Nov. 23, 1856.

Ella F., b. Aug. 6, 1858; m. Alphas F. Frary, of Leverett, Dec. 4, 1881.

Hattie M., b. Aug. 24, 1860; m. Apr. 5, 1882 to Howard A. Parson of Enfield, Conn., and resided N. Amhurst.


Son of Benjamin & w. Anna Chamberlain

Vit. Rcds. Westborough, Mass.


Charles Austin, b. Westborough, Mass., June 16, 1831.

Curtis, b. Westborough, Mass., Jan. 6, 1835.

Catharine A., b. Westborough, Mass., Aug. 10, 1843.


Lineage not determined.

Personal and Gen. Memoirs of Cutler


Isaac, b. May 6, 1739.

HANNAH H. WARREN, his wife.

Son of Joshua & w. Polly Adams

Grafton, Mass. Hist by Pierce


Sarah Elizabeth, b. Grafton, Mass., Dec. 3, 1828, and d. unmarried.

Mary Louisa, b. Grafton, Mass., Dec. 24, 1830; m. Aug. 11, 1857. George K. Nichols, M.D. He was born at Sherbrook, P. Q., Apr. 10, 1827, son of John Adams and Malinda (King) Nichols, a graduate of Pennsylvania, 1854. They had 3 children.

Hannah C., b. Aug. 12, 1833; m. Feb. 11, 1875 to Luke F. Allen.

Julia Maria, b. July or Aug. 1, 1839; d. Oct. 23, 1839 in Grafton, Mass.

SARAH WARREN, 1st wife
ELIZABETH, 2nd wife.

Son of Edward & w. Mary Ocington

Warren Clark Genealogy by Huntington; Vit. Rcds. New Braintree, Mass.
New England Hist and Gen. Reg. 1866
Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev. War
Vit. Rcds. Brighton, Mass.


Samuel, b. Newton, Mass., Apr. 27, 1726; d. young and next male child of same name.

Mary, b. bapt. with Samuel, May 19, 1728; married in Brookfield, Mass., Nov. 5, 1745, Thomas Bridge.

Thankful, b. Westborough, Mass., June 24, 1730; m. there Dec. 6, 1749 Ephraim Whitney of Upon, Mass., int. dated Oct. 5, 1749.

Samuel, b. Apr. 1732; d. New Braintree, Mass., Oct. 22, 1803; m. in Brookfield, Mass., Apr. 6, 1756, Lucy Whitney, who died Oct. 30, 1799. Was head of family 1790. Announcement of his withdrawal from church was made from the pulpit by Rev. Daniel Foster, of New Braintree, dismissed to North Brookfield, Mass.

Tax list of 2nd precinct of Brookfield dated about 1750 shown. Among men drafted from Worcester County to march to Horse Necks, Capt. Timothy Page's Company, Rev. War.

Elizabeth, d. in 1767; m. Thomas Park, who was b. 1703. Married in Newton, Mass. Duplicate record in Cambridge, Mass. Their dau., Mrs. Champney, was born at Brighton, Oct. 10, 1760.

NANCY WHITE, his wife.

Son of Samuel & w. Silence E. Robinson

Worcester, Mass., Vit. Rcds.
Westminister, Mass. Hist by Heywood, 2


Andrew, b. Worcester, Mass., May 11, 1813.

Lois White, b. Worcester, Mass., Apr. 26, 1815; m. there July 28, 1842, Elbridge G. Patridge.

Nancy, b. Worcester, Mass., Feb. 23, 1817.

Samuel, b. Worcester, Mass., Mar. 2, 1820.

Sarah, b. Worcester, Mass., Mar. 26, 1824; m. there May 6, 1845, Charles W. Freeland.

Maria, b. Worcester, Mass., Sept. 26, 1826; m. there Sept. 7, 1847 to Olney F. Thompson.

Henry, b. Worcester, Mass., May 4, 1829.

Benjamin, b. May 3, 18--; d. Oct. 20, 1860.

LUCY WHITNEY, his wife.

Son of Samuel & w. Sarah Warren

Vit. Rcds. New Braintree, Mass.
Pension Papers, No. W-24420
Mrs. J.B. Moyer, Boston Transcript; Mrs. Hagen; Cem. Rcds. D.A.R.; Hist. of N. Brookfield Temple


Sarah, b. New Braintree, Mass., Sept. 21, 1757; d. married there March 2, 1789 Jesse Johnson.

Lucy, b. New Braintree, Mass., Apr. 5, 1759; int. of marriage publ. in Brookfield, Mass., Feb. 1, 1784, Jebediah Cutter

Samuel, b. New Braintree, Mass., Apr. 15, 1761; d. Mar. 18, 1841; m. Anna Halley at Cornish, N.H., Apr. 12, 1792. He was head of family in 1790. Applied for pension there at age 71 in 1832. He resided in New Braintree, Mass., in 1774 and in 1786 moved to Cornish, N.H. where he lived until 1815 when he moved to Hartford, Vt.

Lois, b. New Braintree, Mass., Feb. 6, 1763; died 1807; married there Oct. 7, 1804 Moody Hall.

Beulah, b. New Braintree, Mass., Feb. 26, 1765; d. there unmarried June 13, 1797.

Aaron, b. New Braintree, Mass., Dec. 23, 1767; d. at Sullivan, Madison County, N.Y. Was head of family in 1790 at Williamstown, Mass.

Moses, twin, b. New Braintree, Dec. 23, 1767; d. prob. same who married in Newbury, Mass., Oct. 22, 1795 to Abigail Chase.

Joel, b. New Braintree, Mass., Dec. 25, 1769; prob. same who married in Petersham, Mass., Sept. 14, 1791 Ruth Wheeler of Shutsbury.

Levi, b. New Braintree, Mass., Aug. 6, 1771; d. Oakham, Mass., July 18, 1834; m. in New Braintree, Mass., Feb. 29, 1790, Eliza Weston.

Nathaniel, b. New Braintree, Mass., Oct. 24, 1773; d. there Apr. 22, 1845 of pleuresy; m. there int. rec. Mar. 13, 1798 Nancy Townsend.

Mary (Polly) b. at New Braintree, Oct. 16, 1775; d. there Nov. 25, 1802.

Asa, b. New Braintree, Mass., June 28, 1778; d. married there Sept. 6, 1802, Rebecca Weston.

_____, a child, b. New Braintree, and d. there Sept. 12, 1772.

__________, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Early Worcester Families by Steele; Ancient Weathersfield by Styles; New Eng. Hist and Gen. Reg., Vol. 58


Jubal of Worcester, Mass.

Joshua of Worcester, Mass.

Hannah, b. Worcester, Mass., 1757; d. Feb. 7, 1834 (Husband died then), and she died Apr. 1, 1838, at the age of 81; m. in Shrewsbury, 1776, Daniel Maynard of that place, and they settled there, had 10 children.

___________, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Fed. Census by Mrs. Hagen
Rcds. Town Meetings at Res. Ishabod Crafuth; Land Rcds. Rensslaer County, N.Y.


Samuel, Jr., b. Stephentown, N.Y., about 1769; m. Anner, June 16, they sold land there to Thomas G. Carpenter, June 28, 1824; they sold land there to Renssalaer Humphries. In 1819 he was Path Master for Dist. No. 20. In 1790 his age was not indicated but one dau. shown 1800 both between 26-45 with 3 boys under 10, and 2 girls 1-10. 1810, both over 45 with childlren: 1 boy 16-26, 1 boy 10-16, 1 boy 1-10, 1 girl 16-26, 1 girl. 10-16, and 2 girls under 10. In 1820, both were over 45 and were gone from the next census.

EUNICE ELDRED, his wife.

Son of Job & w. Hannah Parker

Grant W. Harrington MS.
Lamb's Rcds.


Relief, of Otsego County, N.Y., b. after 1812.

Lon, b. Otsego County, N.Y., 1812; d. Geneva, Ohio.

Amelia, of Pownal, Vt., b. before 1834; m. in Madison, Ohio, July 5, 1850 to Charles Chapin Cleveland, son of William.

Perry A., of Astabula, Ohio; d. Astabula, Ohio, Dec. 18, 1884. He was shot by a burglar, and at same time his wife was wounded.

FANNY PIERCE, his wife.

Son of Stephen p. & w. Lydia Colvin

Mrs. W. L. Hagen, Washington, D.C.


George of Greenville, Pa., b. d. there. His wife is still living there. She runs the "Hotel National." He was a genealogist.

NELLIE M. ANDREWS, his wife.

Son of John Henry & w. Elizabeth Green

Vit. Rcds. Shaftsbury, Mass.


Erwin, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., July 3, 1876.

Blossom Truth, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., about 1878; m. Richard Mattison, and they had Edith, unmarried.


Son of Jonathan & w. Sarah Pratt

Vit. Rcds. of Shrewsbury, Mass.
Lineage Book, Rolls of Honor, D.A.R.


Catherine Sophia, b. Shrewsbury, Mass., Feb. 10, 1819; m. there Apr. 11, 1839 Joseph Rice.

Stephen J., b. 1820; d. Oct. 9, 1821, age one year.

Stephen, b. 1820; m. Cornelia L. Mirick.

Sarah, b. 1828; m. in Shrewsbury, Mass., Apr. 3, 1844, Elias Temple

________, a child, b. 1829; d. Shrewsbury, Mass., Nov. 3, 1833.


Lineage not determined.

Marlborough, N.H. Hist. by Bemis


Rebecca, b. 1794; m. Nov. 25, 1810 to Dunster, Thomas, Jr., and moved to Vt.

James Brooks, b. Marlborough, Mass., Dec. 17, 1793; settled in Canada.

Elisha, Capt., b. Dorchester, Mass.; m. there Aug. 24, 1823 Susannah Whitney.

Moses, b. Marlborough, Mass., Oct. 4, 1796; m. Feb. 17, 1824, Nancy Fisher Windslow, settled in Canada.

Hannah, m. Oct. 11, 1801 Joseph Buss.

Abigail, m. Lewis Peck, and removed to Vt.


Son of George & w. Hepzibah Fiske

Westminister, Mass., Hist. by Heywood; Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev. War

FAMILY (1st wife)

Sarah, b. Westminister, Mass., Nov. 10, 1752; d. m. in Lunenburg, Mass., Jan. 25, 1772; Silas Holt, and they had two children. Recorded in Westminister.

Elisha, b. Westminister, Aug. 31, 1754, d. at the same place unmarried. Feb. 29, 1844.

Seth, b. Westminister, June 5, 1756; died young.

Daniel, b. Lonesborough, Mass., Feb. 24, 1758, Capt. David Wheeler's Lonesborough Company. He joined Capt. Stone's Company, Col. Brewer's Regiments during war.

FAMILY (2nd wife)

Abigail, b. Westminister, Mass., Dec. 23, 1763; prob. same who married 1st, James Bowers, and when he died married 2nd, Samuel Sarvin, Capt First marriage in Westminister, May 14, 1782.

Eunice, b. Westminister, Aug. 31, 1766; m. 1st Sept. 7, 1789 to Isaac Dupee, son of Isaac and Susan (Legate) Dupee. He died and she married 2nd, Stephen Hunting of Hubbardston, Mass. She had 3 children by 1st husband.

Benjamin, b. Westminister, Mass., Jan. 7, 1769; d. Feb. 10, 1813; m. there Jan. 14, 1790 to Sarah Woodward, b. 1768 and d. there Feb. 5, 1813. She was dau. of Nathaniel and wife, Elizabeth (Whitington) Woodward. Benjamin and his wife, both died at age of 44; resided on home farm with parents.

Hannah, b. Westminister, Oct. 28, 1779; d. young.

HARRIET A., his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Tomb Insc. by Rachel C. Wilkins


Elisha of Troy, N.Y., b. there 1839; d. there June 7, 1874.

Charles H. of Lansingburg, N.Y. b. S. Glen Falls, N.Y., 1831; d. Lansingburg, N.Y., Sept. 4, 1897.

ANNA L. HEWITT, his wife.

Son of James & w. Mercy Bennett

Pri. Rcds. Mrs. Elizabeth March, Warrensburg, N.Y.


Emery of Harkimer, N.Y.



SARAH, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Vit. Rcds. Milford, Mass.


Daniel, b. Milford, Mass., Apr. 12, 1837.

Charles R., b. Milford, Apr. 18, 1838.

Lorin, b. Milford, Mass., May 27, 1842.

NANCY SHERMAN, his wife.

Son of Daniel & w. Mary Jefferson

Land Rcds. Warren County, N.Y.
C.B.H. from W.B. Browne
Census of 1850, C.B.H.
Stanford, Vt. Vit. Rcds.


Jefferson, b. Adams, Mass., 1807; d. Minn. where he was residing in 1878; m. in Adams, Mass., May 11, 1831 Lucy Eddy, of that place. She sold building lot in Glen Falls, N.Y. to Samuel Comstock in 1863. Jefferson purchased land in Warren County from Simeon Eddy in 1865.

Seth, b. Adams, Mass., 1809; d. R.I. where he was residing alive in 1878.

Daniel, b. Adams, Mass., 1814; d. R.I. where he was residing in 1878. In 1856 he resided at South Milford, Mass. when he conveyed to Russell Harrington of wife, Electa, all his rights in land willed by grandfather, Daniel to father, Seth.

Cerua, b. Adams, 1816; m. Nelson. She resided Stamford in 1878.

Russell, b. 1819; m. 1867 Electa, b. 1824; they resided at Cheshire, and had 2 children. In 1856 he received land deed from Daniel Harrington then of South Milford, Mass., son of Seth, for all land willed by Daniel's grandfather, Daniel, to Daniel's father, Seth.

Hannah, b. Adams, 1822; m. Martin, and she resided R.I. in 1878.

Nancy, b. Adams, 1826; m. Sherman, and she resided R.I. in 1878.

Rosanna, b. Adams, 1828; m. in Stanford, Vt., June 11, 1845 to Allen Carr of Adams, Mass. She resided in R.I. in 1878.

Dolly (Jane) b. Adams, 1832; m. in Stamford, Vt., Feb. 24, 1850 Thomas Haley of Pownal, Vt. Her father died at their residence in N. Adams in 1878 when she was there at age of 46.

Almira, b. Adams, 1811; d. Davoy; m. Estes. She resided at Savoy in 1878.


Son of Isaiah & w. Anna Mitchell

Probate Court Rcds. Berkshire, Mass.; C.B.H. from W.B. Browne
Jno. A. Harrington, Vergennes, Vt. to G.W. H., Stamford, Vt., Vit. Rcds.; Census of 1830


Nancy Miranda, Adams, Mass., b. between 1803 and 1810; Oct. 20, 1824 she was over 14 but under 21, and Patience, prob. her mother, was made her guardian. She was named at the settlement of her father's estate there in 1826.

Seth, of Adams, Mass., b. before 1797; m. in Stamford, Dec. 3, 1818 to Eunice Davis, of Adams, b. after 1800. Other records show that he married Eunice Dennis, on the same date. At the census of 1810 he was over 18, and she was over 16, and they had one child under 10.

Solomon, of Adams, Mass., b. before 1805; m. Rhoda Loveland, and they moved to Ohio in 1812. He was named at the settlement of his father's estate at Adams, Mass., 1826.

RUTH WHITFORD, his wife.

Son of Stephen & w. Patience Eldred

Lamb's Rcds. by Clerk of Probate Ct.; Wm. Eldredge, Twin Falls, Idaho; A.L. Harrington, DeWitt, Iowa; Grant W. Harrington MS. Seven Generations of Aaron Stark
Letter G.S. Thayer


Lyman, b. Otsego County, N.Y., after 1790; d. there about 1850; m. Emily. In his will, dated May 17, 1850, he named his widow and daughter, Emily, and Sophronia.

Loren, (or Lawrence) b. Otsego County, N.Y., after 1790; m. Nancy De Motte, and they had Lema Jane.

Sheffield of Hartwick, N.Y.; b. Burlington, N.Y., 1809; d. Mar. 19, 1897; m. Oct. 12, 1834 to Mabelia Stephens, b. Schenectady, N.Y., dau. of Levi Stephens who established first stage line west of Albany. She died Mar. 30, 1898. No children.

When he was age 2 years, the family moved to Genesee County, N.Y., where he grew to manhood. At age 20, he learned "carding" which he followed until 1839 when he moved to Hartwick. He was elected in Hartwick, constable, tax collector, a member of County Board for Supervisors, village magistrate for 20 years, and in 1867 he was elected to State Legislature. He was a member of the Staff of Col. Shephard in State Militia, and later unanimously elected Colonel of his Regiment. No children.

Herman of Weston, and Berlin, Renssalaer County, N.Y., b. before 1802; m. Armena DeMotte (other record married Lois) In 1842 he bought land in Dutchess Co., N.Y. from Eli Baker Gorham; Aug. 16, 1843; sold land there through Steve Randall, June 5, 1844, they sold land there to Sanford Wheeler.

Celinda of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. after 1790.

Henry of Otsego, N.Y., b. after 1790.


Son of Sheldon & w. Jane Webb

Leverett Harrington, Shaftsbury, Vt.


Chelsea, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., May 8, 1880; m. Edith Lyons. They are antique dealers in Bennington, Vt. in 1929.

Jane, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., May 30, 1882; unmarried in 1929.

JANE WEBB, his wife.

Son of Neuman & w. Rhoda R. Stratton

Shaftsbury, Vt. Vit. Rcds.
Leverett Harrington, Shaftsbury, Vt.; Tomb Ins. Shaftsbury, Vt.


Alice, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., Dec. 1, 1845; m. there Nov. 1, 1865, Charles P. Oatman, b. 1845, son of Andrew and Pauline Oatman. They had Andrew and resided at N. Bennington.

Austin, b. Shaftsbury, Jan. 13, 1849; married Marcus Galusha, and they had Horace.

Sheldon, Jr., b. Shaftsbury, Vt., July 3, 1850; m. Alice Rockwood, b. Aug. 6, 1859.

Horace, b. Shaftsbury, Vt., June 10, 1852; d. there Apr. 14, 1862.

Daniel Webster, b. Shaftsbury, Dec. 18, 1855; m. Feb. 28, 1832, Mary Taft, b. May 29, 1862; d. Mar. 18, 1939. He died May 18, 1932. Mary Taft was dau. of John P., and Jane (Stone) Taft and her father was a distant cousin of the late former President William Howard Taft. They were married Feb. 28, 1882 by Rev. R.R. Cady, Pastor of the North Bennington, Vt., Baptist Church. His best man at their wedding was William Whipple who in 1932 resided in Los Angeles, Calif. They celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary Feb. 28, 1932 at their home in Hoosick Falls, N.Y., where they moved from Shaftsbury about 1927.

MURIAL E. BELL, his wife.

Son of Nathan T. & w. Caroline Harrington

Oral by Eugene C. Harrington


Sarah Lovina, b . Johnsonville, N.Y., Feb. 28, 1925.

Nathan Tobias, b. Johnsonville, July 1927; Sherman W., Donald J., Ellen F., and Eileen J.

SARAH SHIELDS, his wife.

Son of Perry G. & w. M. Eldred

Grant W. Harrington MS.


Mabel, b. Elkhorn, Wisc., Sept. 4, 1883.

Alene, b. Elkhorn, Wisc. Aug. 1886; m. George O'Brien of Elkhorn and they had Perry, Louise Ann, and Mabel Alene.

Roscoe, b. Elkhorn, Wisc. between 1883 and 1886; m. and they died leaving one son, Sherman.

EMMA BOGGERS, 2nd wife.

Son of Truman & w. Andra Stanton

Grant W. Harrington MS.


Frankie, b. Otsego Co., N.Y., after 1842; d. at the age of 16.

Carrie Adell, of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. after 1842; m. John Barr and they had Ray. They resided in Kansas City.


Son of Josiah & w. Phoebe Chase

Tomb Insc. by Rachel C. Wilkins
West Hoosick, N.Y. Tomb Insc.
Letter from Eugene C. Harrington


Phoebe M., of Pittstown, N.Y., b. Jan. 26, 1846; d. there July 15, 1892 m. Mar. 5, 1871, Nathaniel G. Sherman, b. Nov. 5, 1843, and d. there Mar. 20, 1904. They had Eva, b. Jan. 3, 1872, d. Nov. 23, 1875; Emma Arlina, b. Jan. 8, 1873; d. May 20, 1924; m. Apr. 18, 1905 to James McMurray, b. 1882, and d. Sept. 21, 1922; no children; and Clara Amanda, b. July 30, 1883; m. Jan. 24.

John J., b. June 25, 1849; d. West Hoosick, N.Y., Aug. 22, 1917, and was buried there; m. Jan. 14, 1881 Matilda R. Sherman, b. 1852 Oct. 13, and d. 1938.

Mary Jane, b. Sept. 17, 1851; m. William G. Haviland, Jan. 12, 1875. He was born, Sept. 12, 1851, and d. Dec. 21, 1926. She d. Apr. 9, 1932.

Norman Eldridge of Johnsonville, N.Y., b. May 20, 1853; resides at Johnsonville, N.Y., 1926, unmarried. His extensive genealogical records were written by his father at his residence on Prospect Hill, Washington Co., N.Y. and dated Apr. 4, 1855. He d. July 29, 1931.

Dora Arlina, b. Jan. 20, 1866; d. West Hoosick, N.Y., May 3, 1887.


Son of Isaiah & w. Mary Ann Mitchell

Jno. A. Harrington, Vergennes, Vt. to G.W.H.


Earl Pearce, b. Clarksburg, Mass., Aug. 7, 1803; resided at Weybridge, Vt. and the family was only one child, a girl under 5 at the census of 1830.

Sophia, b. New Haven, Vt., Aug. 14, 1805; d. resided at Waybridge, Vt.

Nelson, b. New Haven, Vt., Nov. 13, 1807; d. resided at Delta, Vt.

Noble, b. New Haven, Sept. 26, 1810, and settled there.

Polly, b. New Haven, Feb. 21, 1814; and resided at LaGrange, Ill.

Levina, b. New Haven, June 20, 1817; resided at Bethel, Vt.

George Lewis, b. New Haven, June 5, 1822; d. at Waybridge, Vt., June 5, 1890; d. m. at Manchester, N.H., Jan. 20, 1853, Emma E. Washburn; b. Montpelier, Vt., Jan 8, 1835; and d. at Waybridge, Vt., July 31, 1911. She was dau of Ephraim H., and Susan (Bigelow Washburn).

He was a Replubican. Was a wheel-wright, a tax collector, and constable in Waybridge, for 25 years, and was Supt. of Schools. He was member of Vt. Legislature 1860 and 1861, and Asst. Judge in Addison Co., Court in 1882 and 1883. Taught school in many places in Vt. and Ill., beforer marriage during school season and followed carpenter trade in the summer. After marriage he followed the wheel-wright trade.

Amelia, b. Waybridge, Vt., Apr. 17, 1827; resided there.

ELIZABETH, his wife.

Son of Silas & w. __________

Tomb Insc. F.B. Lamb


Nancy, b. prob. Westfield, N.Y., 1824; d. there Dec. 1, 1845.


Son of Josiah & w. Elizabeth Bennett

Surrogate Court Rcds., Troy, N.Y. by R.C.W.; American Ancestry, Vol. 5, and Vol. 12; Fed. Census Rcds.; Mrs. W. L. Hagen; Rev. War Soldiers; Land Rcds., Renssalaer County, N.Y.; Cem. Insc. West Hoosick, N.Y.


Philip, b. Dec. 3, 1771; d. W. Hoosick, N.Y., Jan. 24, 1851; buried there. Married Persis Spaulding, b. Apr. 23, 1774; and d. Apr. 23, 1830. When aged 12, he moved from R.I. to Hoosick, N.Y., with his parents. Household goods were moved on ox-cart and Philip walked to drive the young stock. At census of 1810 he and wife both over 26, with 7 children under 16, 1840 he was between 60 and 70; wife gone at that census. He received bequest under will of his father, recorded at Troy, N.Y., Dec. 22, 1819. Oct. 17, 1831 he joined Silas Harrington and Freelove Fiske, his wife, in sale of land there to Josiah, John, and David Harrington. July 6, 1808 they sold land there to Barnabas Clapp. He was a farmer and land broker. In his will recorded Troy, N.Y., Mar. 19, 1851, he made bequests to: 3 sons, David, Elijah, and William; 2 daus., Hannah, and Persis Baker, 5 grand-children, heirs of son, Jonathan, son Philip, and unmarried dau., Elizabeth, and Deborah Harrington. Philip was made executor.

Joseph, b. R.I., Apr. 18, 1776; d. West Hoosick, N.Y., May 15, 1843, and buried there; m. Zernia Hix, of French descent, b. 1780, and d. Nov. 21, 1867. He received bequests under the will of his father and that of his brother, David, proved Troy, N.Y., Feb. 27, 1842. June 13, 1821, he sold land Lot 180 at Pittstown, N.Y. to Amos Marshall, May 18, 1841, sold land to Chauncy L. Waters, June 15, 1841, sold land to Timothy Graves.

Amy, b. R.I., Aug. 23, 1777; d. Aug. 27, 1858; m. George Mosher, and had: Silas, Phoebe R. Francis, Lucy, David, Hannah Green, and William. She received bequest under the will of her father recorded Troy, Dec. 22, 1819; under will of her brother, recorded same place, Sept. 8, 1831, and under the will of her brother, David, probated the same place, Feb. 27, 1842.

Lucy, b. R.I., Nov. 29, 1778; d. W. Hoosick, N.Y., Feb. 13, 1862, and buried there. Never married. She received bequests under will of her father, her mother and her brother, David, all recorded at Troy, N.Y., Sept. 8, 1831, Dec. 22, 1819, and Feb. 27, 1842, respectively.

Silas, b. Sept. 23, 1782; d. May 29, 1832; m. Anatharusa Wing, b. Mar. 6, 1786, and d. Aug. 4, 1861. In 1810 he was aged 26-45, and she was under 26 with 1 boy over 10, and 2 under 10. Mar. 27, 1845 he received land at Hoosick from Ephraim F. Harrington and sold land the same day to Silas W. Harrington, June 11, 1848, he received land there from May Ann, wife of Ephraim F. Harrington, quit claim. He received bequest under the will of his brother, David, and under the will of his father.

Josiah, b. Nov. 25, 1785; d. W. Hoosick, N.Y., Oct. 31, 1841, and buried there. Married Nov. 23, 1820, Phoebe Chase, b. Oct. 5, 1796, and d. May 28, 1841; she was from Swansea, Mass. He received bequests under the will of his mother, his brother, David, and his father, and was made executor under the latter, May 20, 1825, he and wife joined David Harrington in conveying land at Hoosick to John Harrington. Sept. 9, 1831, he received land from Silas Harrington and his wife and from David Harrington. Oct. 17, of the same year with John and David Harrington, he received land from Silas Harrington and his wife Freelove Fiske and Philip Harrington.

Freelove, b. R.I., Apr. 21, 1787; d. W. Hoosick, July 29, 1868, unmarried, and buried there. She received bequests under the will of her mother and her brother, David, and her father. Her own will dated Troy, N.Y., Aug. 11, 1864, mentions: grand-niece, Sarah Jane Harrington; nieces, Phoebe Randolph, Lucy Fox, and Hannah Green; newphews, Silas S. Harrington, and Ephraim F. Harrington, and grand-niece, Emma Harrington, dau. of Josiah Harrington, deceased.

John, b. R.I., May 5, 1789; d. W. Hoosick, N.Y., May 7, 1852; buried there. Married Margaret McCabay, b. June 29, 1789, and d. Mar. 30, 1864, and buried there, Hoosick, N.Y. In 1840 both were 50-60, with 1 girl, under 15, 1 under 40., 1 boy under 10, 2 boys under 30, and 2 girls between 15 and 20. He received bequests under the will of his father, his brother, David. May 20, 1825, he received land at Hoosick from David and Joseph Harrington, Sept. 29 same year at Pittstown, N.Y., they conveyed 1/3 of a farm received from Silas and his wife, Freelove, unto Josiah and David Harrington.

David, b. R.I., June 21, 1791; d. W. Hoosick, N.Y., Oct. 26, 1841, unmarried, and buried there. He received a bequest under the will of his father as did the other sons above. In 1840 he was over 50. His will probated at Pittstown, N.Y., Feb. 27, 1842. Executors appointed were his brother, Josiah of w. Phoebe Chase, and his, Josiah's son, Silas S. Bequests were made to brothers: Philip of w. Persis Spalding an Joseph of w. Zernia Hix; sisters, Amy Mosher, Lucy Harrington, single, brother, John of w. Margaret McCahay, and brother, Josiah of w. Phoebe Chase.

Jonathan, b. Apr. 5, 1793; d. Oct. 1, 1796.


Son of Merritt & w. Catherine Snyder

Oral by Eugene C. Harrington


Georgianna, b. Pittstown, N.Y., 1871; d. 1915, unmarried.

Henry, b. Pittstown, Sept. 16, 1867; d. in infancy.

ABIGAIL THORP, 2nd wife.

Son of Josiah & w. Dinah Flagg

Worcester Mass. Vit. Rcds.
Early Worcester Marriages, b. Steele

FAMILY (1st wife)

Olive, b. Worcester, Mass., June 4, 1775; d. married there Sept. 11, 1793 to John White.

Lydia, b. Worcester, Mass., May 17, 1778.

Jeremiah, b. Worcester, Mar. 31, 1779; d. there Nov. 7, 1834; m. there Nov. 2, 1802, Betsy Bigelow. Death record shows him to be son of Elijah.

Josiah, b. Worcester, Mass., Sept. 16, 1781.

Clarissa, b. Worcester, Feb. 22, 1784; m. there Mar. 30, 1808 to Clark Wellington.

Silas, b. Worcester, Apr. 16, 1786.

Faith, b. Worcester, Apr. 6, 1788; m. in Pelham, Mass., June 25, 1808 to Nathaniel Wheeler

FAMILY (2nd wife)

Mindwell Wellington, b. Worcester, Mass., Jan. 6, 1810.

Hannah Hucklin, b. Worcester, Mass., Jan. 2, 1812; d. there Oct. 2, 1837.

Clarissa Harlow, b. Worcester, Mass., July 15, 1815; d. m. there Sept. 5, 1842 James A. McCoy.

Mary, b. Worcester, Dec. 30, 1817; m. there prob. Oct. 10, 1839, Samuel O. LaForest.

Silas Flagg, b. Worcester, Mass., Aug. 6, 1820; m. in Weymouth, Mass., May 28, 1843 Mary Jane Lovell of Boston, Mass.


Son of Silas & w. Freelove Fiske

Surrogate Court Rcds., Troy, N.Y.; Tomb Insc., Rachel C. Wilkins; Oral by Eugene C. Harrington; Probate Ct. Rcds., Renssalaer Co., R.C.W.


Smith, b. Hoosick, N.Y., July 19, 1809; d. there Jan. 21, 1868; m. Jane Hall, b. Jan. 20, 1809, and d. there Jan. 20, 1870, Sept. 15, 1835 they joined his mother in release deed heirs Silas of wife, Annatherusa, to Abraham W. Harrington.

In his will, recorded Troy, N.Y., Mar. 10, 1868, he named wife, Jan, adopted dau. Harriet, the wife of Norman Carpenter; sister Lydia Abbott, 2 brothers, Merritt and Nelson S.; nephew, Smith H. Abbott; nephew, Merritt C., and nephew, Abraham W., my friend, John E. Morrison. Wife Jane and adopted dau. Harriet, appointed executrix and Harriet's husband, Norman Carpenter, executor.

Abraham W. of Hoosick, N.Y., b. Aug. 19, 1810; d. Sept. 3, 1839, m. Sally Comstock. Sept. 15, 1835 he received release deed from Smith Harrington and Jane, his wife, for land at Hoosick, N.Y. His estate was probated Sept. 16, 1839, and the administrators were his wife, Sally, and his brother, Smith.

Lydia A. of Pittstown, N.y., b. 1813, d. there 1880; m. Jacob Lansing Abbott, and they had: Anatherusa, Wilmena Jane, Smith, Martha Josephine, Caroline, Lester, and Mary Augusta. Her husband was born 1809 and d. 1884. She received bequest under the will of their brother Smith of w. Jane Hall, recorded Troy, N.Y., Mar. 10, 1869. Their son, Smith H., named after his uncle Smith, of w. Jane Hall, who received bequest under the same will.

Nelson, b. Hoosick, N.Y., Apr. 25, 1820; d. there Apr. 7, 1901; m. Dec. 9, 1841 Sally Ann Lamb, b. Dec. 11, 1823, and d. there Jan. 9, 1891. He received bequest under the same will.

Merritt, of Pittstown, N.Y., b. Hoosick Falls, Mar. 2, 1826; d. Apr. 3, 1886 Catherine Snyder, May 4, 1889. They sold land there, Pittstown, to Daniel M. Sherman, Mar. 15, 1838, he sold land there to Abraham W. Harrington. He received a bequest under the will of his brother, Smith of wife, Jane Hall, recorded, Troy, N.Y., Mar. 10, 1868.

__________, his wife.

Son of Wm. & w. Ann Hamon

Pension Rcds. by Mrs. Hagen
Tomb Insc. by F.B.Lamb


Silas of Johnsburg, and Stephentown, N.Y., b. 1785; m. Elizabeth, fought in the War of 1812; enlisted from Johnsburg, Warren Co., N.Y. in May 1814, says he resided there when a boy. He resided at Jamestown, N.Y. when he secured pension.

WAITY ANGEL, his wife.

Son of Simeon & w. Zilpha Bennett

Rep. Men and Old Fam. of R.I. by Beers; Lineage Book, Rolls of Honor, D.A.R.


Wheaton Allen, b. Oct. 10, 1809, Foster, R.I.; d. Dec. 23, 1881; m. Apr. 1, 1839 to Eliza Smith Aldrich, dau. of Philip and Sarah (Waterman) Aldrich. She d. Nov. 3, 1895.

Josiah, b. Scituate, R.I., June 17, 1811; d. Oct. 3, 1899; m. Huldah M. Aldrich, a twin of the wife of his brother, Wheaton A.

Anna Elizabeth, b. July 2, 1813; d. Jan. 23, 1892, leaving 4 children: Juletta, John, Ruth H., and Allen A.; m. Jan 5, 1843; John H. Bardin.

Mary Emily, b. Sept. 5, 1815; d. Mar. 8, 1891; m. Clarke E. Daniel, and they had 4 children: Harrison, who d. at age 26, Zilpha Ann, who died at age 5; Daniel Alfred, who married Gertrude Randall, and Charles K., who married Lizzie Manter.

Emery E., b. May 1, 1818; d. single, Dec. 6, 1880.

Lurancy, b. Oct. 20, 1821; d. Apr. 27, 1891; m. Knight H. Barden, and they had Bertha Eddy, who m. Weldon C. Langford; she was born at Providence, R.I. They also had Eliza Anna of Scituate, R.I.

Alfred Angel, b. Dec. 23, 1825; d. Sept. 22, 1899; m. Susan N. Irons.

Darius Olney, b. Apr. 9, 1827; d. Sept. 22, 1828.

Onley Bryaton, b. Nov. 8, 1830; d. Jan. 29, 1831.


Son of Josiah & w. Elizabeth Bennett

Rep. Men and Old Fam. of R.I. by Beers; N. E. H's Pri. Rcds.
Lineage Book, Rolls of Honor, D.A.R.; Boston Transcript by Mrs. J.B. Moyer


Susanna, b. about 1775; m. Jonathan Wood

Simeon, Jr., b. Foster, R.I., May 19, 1778; d. Oct. 16, 1867; m. Waity Angell, b. June 4, 1786, and d. Aug. 10, 1853. She descended from Nehemiah, Nehemiah, Thomas, John, and Thomas. The Angell (her mother's) line rules:

Thomas Angell, b. Liverpool, Eng., 1618, and came with Roger Williams in 1631.

John Angell, b. Providence, R.I., July 27, 1729; m. Ruth Field, and had Thomas, John, Daniel, Hope, and James.

Thomas Angell, b. Providence, Mar. 25, 1672; d. 1714; m. Sarah Brown, and had: Martha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonathan, Sarah, Nehemiah, and Thomas.

Nehemiah Angell; m. Mary, sister of Elder Ruben Hopkins and they had: Pardon, Nehemiah, Abraham, Zilpha, Martha, Mercy, and Mercy, 2nd.

Nehemiah Angell, b. Sept. 3, 1752; d. Aug. 3, 1828. He was in Rev. War, and was recruiting officer for Bunker Hill, afterward was ensign in Reg. Army. He married Anna Hill, dau. John Hill, and had: Mary who. m. D.H. Caldwell, Lucindan, who m. Stephen Howard, Allen who m. Samuel Stone, Peleg, Zilpha, Ethan, Abraham, and Anna.

Martha, b. Douglas, Mass., Jan. 26, 1779; m. there Nov. 27, 1805, to Seth Jepherson, Jr.

Zilpha, b. about 1779; d. unmarried according to 1 record, but by another, she married Benjamin Dean, b. 1760, and they resided in Conn. and N.Y.

Josiah, b. Scituate, R.I., 1780; d. 1810; m. Susannah Bennett; m. 1780 and 1840. He served in the Rev. War, See, D.A.R.

Elizabeth, b. about 1780; m. Nathan Bennett.

David, b. Douglas, Mass., Oct. 28, 1781; d. in Petersham, Mass., Mar. 27, 1848; m. in Barre, Mass., Sept. 4, 1804, Catherine Mahan of Petersham, Mass., b. Mar. 11, 1782, and d. June 24, 1849.

Martha, b. about 1786; d. Nov. 30, 1835, unmarried.

Peter, b. R.I., about 1783; m. Mercy Sweet.

Joshua, b. about 1787; m. Susan Johnson.

RUTH, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

New Eng. Hist. and Gen. Reg., 1875; Vit. Rcds. Douglas, Mass.


Joseph, b. Douglas, Mass., Mar. 7, 1782; d. int. to marry publ. Douglas, Mass., Mar. 20, 1804, Sally Raymond of Plymouth, Mass.

Simeon, b. Douglas, Sept. 27, 1783; m. 1st in Mendon, Mass., May 19, 1802, Sally Blake, m. 2nd, in Douglas, Mass., June 16, 1887 (sic), Azuba Morey of Woodstock, Conn., dau. of Jonathan, who was 1st son of John Mercy, b. Woodstock, Conn., Nov. 17, 1689.

Molly, b. Douglas, Mass., Mar. 26, 1784.

REBECCA SWEET, his wife.

Son of Benjamin Jr. & w. p. Mary of Stephentown, N.Y.

Mrs. Benjamin Harrington, Garfield, N.Y.; Fed. Census, Mrs. Hagen


Pedia, b. Stephentown, N.Y., about 1828; d. there about 1850; m. Hamilton Alderman.

Abraham, b. Stephentown, about 1830; d. young man, unmarried. In 1863 he was Path Master for Dist. No. 24.

Catherine, b. Stephentown, N.Y., about 1832; m. Cleophus Mitty French; no children. She resided with her parents in 1850.

Marietta, b. Stephentown, N.Y., 1833; resided with her parents in 1850.

Mary, b. Stephentown, N.Y., 1834; m. 1st Andrew Lamphier, and 2nd, William, Thomas. They had several children.

Lorenzo, b. Stephentown, N.Y., a. 1835; d. at Hoag's Corners, about 1903; m. 1st Martha Williams, and m. 2nd, Mary Drew. Resided with parents in 1850.

Benjamin, b. Stephentown, N.Y., a. 1837, Apr. 20; d. there Jan. 2, 1817 (sic); m. there Martha A. Thompson of Hoag's Corners, N.Y., and they had several children. She resided with her parents in 1850.

Rosannah, b. Stephentown, N.Y., about 1839; m. Clark Hoag of Hoag's Corners adn they had several children. She resided with her parents in 1850.

John, b. Stephentown, 1843; d. Pittsfield, Mass., about 1919; m. Mary Rose of Stephentown, N.Y. Resided with her parents in 1850.

Sarah, b. Stephentown, N.Y., a. 1845; d. there 1920; m. William Tillis, and they had 14 children, including, Etta, Jennie, Maggie, Louise, Milton, and Melvin, twins, Louise Jesse, William, Clarence, and Grace. She resided with parents in 1850.

CAROLINE A., his wife.

Son of Allen & 2nd w. Betsy Goddard

Vit. Rcds. of Orange, Mass.
Essex Inst. Hist. Coll.


Josephine E., b. Feb. 11, 1846, res. Orange, Mass.

James Gould, b. Jan. 22, 1847, res. Orange, Mass.

Walores Augustus, b. May 28, 1849. Resided Orange, Mass.

Ada L, b. about 1850; married June 17, 1908 Earnest Holton Averill, b. Apr. 7, 1867. He was descendant of Wm. Averill of Ipswich. Her first husband was Brown.

NABBY HAMMETT, his wife.

Son of Timothy & w. Ann

Files of Mrs. J. B. Moyer, Everett, Wash.


Mehitable, b. N.Y. State after 1797.

Elizabeth, b. N.Y. State after 1797.


Son of Benjamin & w. Jemima Mosley

Letter, Nov. 18, 1931, Rachel C. Wilkins


Sarah J., b. Hoosick, N.Y., June 22, 1834; d. there Sept. 16, 1849.

William H., b. Hoosick, N.Y., Jan. 5, 1836; m. Archie F. Case.

Perry, b. Hoosick, N.Y., Jan. 5, 1838.

Charlotte A., twin, b. Hoosick, N.Y., Feb. 7, 1840.

Charles, twin, b. Hoosick, N.Y., Feb. 7, 1840, and d. there Nov. 14, 1842.

Simon, Jr., b. Hoosick, N.Y., July 19, 1843.

Catherine L., b. Hoosick, N.Y., June 1, 1846.

Antoninette, b. Hoosick, N.Y., July 9, 1849.

Sarah M., b. Hoosick, N.Y., Oct. 19,1851.

Eliza, b. Hoosick, N.Y., Feb. 12, 1853.

KITTIE CARY, his wife.

Son of Merritt & w. Lydia Russell

Rachel C. Wilkins, Pri. Rcds.


Leonard Smith, b. Cottage Springs, Iowa, June 6, 1913.

MINA FERGUSON, his wife.

Son of Israel & w. Matilda Barney

Mrs. Benton Crane, Erie, Pa. to C.B.H.


Charles Israel, b. p. Conneaut, Pa., May 16, 1877; d. p. there Feb. 25, 1898.

Lora, b. p. Conneaut, Pa., Aug. 1880; d. p. there 1884.

Dora E., b. p. Conneaut, Aug. 11, 1882; d. married at Conneaut, Pa., to Frank Rose, Aug. 1900; had child, Lena Jane, b. July 14, 1920.

JANE HALL, his wife.

Son of Silas & w. Anatherusa Wing

Rachel C. Wilkins


Harriet (adopted) b. Pittstown, N.Y., July 20, 1836; d. there Oct. 1, 1905; m. Feb. 15, 1865, her adopted brother, Norman Carpenter, had no children. She received bequest under will of her adopted father, recorded Troy, N.Y., Mar. 10, 1868. Under which she and her husband were both named executor and executrix.

POLLY BENT, 1st wife
(MRS.) MARY KENDALL, 2nd wife.

Son of Jonathan & w. Abigail Dunster

Bond's Hist. of Watertown, Mass.
Harrington Family in America, Eugene W. Harrington; Vit. Rcds. New Salem, Mass.; Lexington Hist. by Lex. Hist. Soc.; Hudson's Hist. Vit. Rcds., Lexington, Mass. Vit. Rcds., Woburn, Mass.

FAMILY (1st wife)

Charles, b. Dec. 25, 1787; d. He followed the sea, where he prob. died.

David, b. Jan. 2, 1790; m. Dec. 6, 1810, Elizabeth Francis, and they had children.

James, b. Aug. 4, 1792; p. Capt. d. unmarried, p. at New Salem, Mass., Feb. 25, 1834. He prob. received land there 1823-26.

Solomon, b. Feb. 13, 1795; m. Feb. 6, 1820, Betsy Dudley, dau. of Nathan and Sarah Dudley. She was born June 1, 1798. Either Betsy or Solomon died June 5, 1858.

They resided in Lexington, Mass., then in Boston, and then in Brookline, Mass.

Abigail More, b. Feb. 12, 1801; prob. bapt. at Lexington, Mass., Oct. 24, 1819; m. Aug. 5, 1838, in Bedford, Mass., David Constantine, and resided at Bedford, Mass. She is also spoken of as of Burlington and Woburn, Mass.

Irene, b. Dec. 1, 1803; m. James Heywood, and resided at Bellerica.

_____ an infant, b. d. Lexington, Mass., May 28, 1809.

BETSY DUDLEY, his wife.

Son of Solomon & w. Polly Bent

Lex. Mass. Hist by Lex. Hist. Soc.


Ellen E.; m. Nov. 1, 1848, Edward Downing.

Nathan D., b. Oct. 5, 1828; m. Clementine Pinkham, who was born, May 3, 1828, and d. Apr. 10, 1894. (Or Apr. 11, 1898.)


Son of Joseph & w. Mercy Ann Thomas

Tomb Insc. Kingsbury, N.Y.
Hudson Falls Deed Rcds.; Land Rcds. Washington Co., N.Y. Dictated to Geo. H. Harrington by Orin Doubleday; Harrington in Tulsa Okla, 1915; Pri. Rcds. Mrs. Elizabeth March, Warrensburg, N.Y.


Orin Doubleday, b. Harrington Hill, Warren Co., N.Y., Sept. 2, 1833; d. in Sistersville, N. Va., 1917; m. 1st in 1858 Loretta Vaughn, who was born 1840, and d. 1861. They had one dau., Carrie. He married, 2nd, Mary Clements, b. June 25, 1840, and d. in Chautauqua Lake, N.Y., June 23, 1904, and was the dau. of John Clements of Harrisena, Washington Co., N.Y. They had 5 sons.

Soon after his birth his parents moved to Kingsbury, N.Y., where all the later children were born, and where the parents died. In 1852, he Orin, went with his uncle and aunt, Hosea and w. Caroline (Vaughn) Harrington, to Wapaca Co., Wisc. He had typhoid fever there and within a year, returned alone to Kingsbury, N.Y. In 1858, he married Loretta Vaughn, and the following year they settled in Titusville, Pa, where there was great excitement created by the discovery, during the early part of that year of crude petroleum oil by Col. Drake in the first well that had ever been drilled for oil. He was named for his mother's favorite former beau, Mr. Orin Doubleday.

Lydia Ann, b. 1835; d. Dec. 1, 1919; m. Ralph Barber, who was born 1830, and d. 1905; they had 4 children; Frank, b. Mar. 18, 1830 (sic), and d. Oct. 10, 1877; Lydia, b. Sept. 1863, and d. Oct. 1863; Estelle, b. July 25, 1868, and d. Oct. 7, 1874; Lydia Adella, twin, b. July 25, 1868, and d. 1868.

Harriet Eliza, b. Kingsbury, N.Y., Dec. 6, 1837; d. Apr. 12, 1880; m. Augustus Wilson, who was born 1839, and d. Kingsbury, N.Y., July 16, 1924. They had 2 children, Emma, b. 1867 and m. Gear, with whom she resided in Kingsbury, N.Y. in 1925 and Howard, b. 1869.

Alonzo Solomon, b. Apr. 15, 1840; m. 1873, Anna Gail, who was born, June 16, 1855 and resides at Parker's Landing, Pa., in 1925. He d. Apr. 30, 1902.

He moved to the oil fields of Pa., about 1864 and settled in Parker's Landing, Pa., where he died.

James Henry, b. Feb. 28, 1842; d. Titusville, Pa., Dec. 10, 1928; m. Feb. 19, 1866; Marcella Iowa Benjamin, and they had five children, one of whom is Geo. H., the compiler of these records. Marcella died Apr. 1936.

Amos Vaughn, b. 1843; d. Titusville, Pa., 1909; m. in 1896 at Toledo, Ohio, Delia who was of German descent and was some 25 years younger than he. He left no heirs.

He followed his older brothers to the oil fields of Pa. and operated as producer of crude petroleum oil at Titusville, Oil City, Pithole, and Parker's Landing, Pa. He won and lost several fortunes in oil and led rather an adventurous life. He moved to Independence, Kans. about 1900, but his health broke, and he went back to Titusville, Pa., where he died of intestinal cancer.

Ella R., b. 1853; d. Sept. 2, 1875; m. Charles Mansfield, brother of the noted actor, Richard Mansfield. They had no children.

PENELOPE, his wife.

Son of William & w. Deliverance

Vit. Rcds. Chepachet, R.I.
Chas. B. Herendeen from Austin
A. B. Babitt, for C.B.H.; Pri. Rcds. Mrs. Geo. Harrington; W. B. Browne for C.B.H.; Chart of Wm. and wives, Esther and Deliverance.


Gideon, b. Chepachet, R.I., Apr. 9, 1728.

Josiah, b. Chepachet, R.I., Mar. 21, 1730 (?)

Solomon, twin, b. Chepachet, R.I., May 22, 1832 (sic - likely 1732); at census of 1774 he was living in Cluxester, R.I., with a family of 4.

Preserved, twin, b. Chepachet, R.I., May 22, 1732; m. in 1764 in Gloucester, R.I., Naomi Harrington, and they had children. He was made freeman at Gloucester, R.I., in 1757. At the census of 1774 he was there with family of seven. In 1767, 1768, and 1769, and 1770, he was Lieut. in 2nd military company from Gloucester, R.I. He was in Easton, N.Y. at the Fed. Census of 1800. At that time he was over 45, and his wife was under 45; they had 2 boys between 16 and 26.

Isaiah, b. Gloucester, R.I., Mar. 21 or 25, 1730; d. Clarksburg, Mass. near Adams, June 9, 1815; m. in Gloucester, R.I., Sept. 21, 1762, Mary Ann Mitchell, who was born, Aug. 17, 1735, and d. at Clarksburg, Mass., Jan. 6, 1819. They had a large family of children. Then he prob. married 2nd in Adams, Mass., 1782, Patience. In 1774 he resided at Gloucester, R.I. with family of ten, as of Adams, Mass., the head of a family of 3 men, 2 boys, and 5 girls. The census of 1800 lists him as of Clarksburg, he and his wife, being both over 45, with 3 children between 16 and 26, 1 between 26 and 45, and an old lady over 45 residing with them.

Isaiah was made freeman in Gloucester, R.I. in 1757. He was a farmer and saw mill owner. In 1791 he sold land to son. In 1801 he sold land near Simon Grant to Seth Harrington and Daniel Harrington as witness. In 1807 they convey all of No. 101, witnesses, Seth and Candace Harrington and in 1813, they convey land. He also sold land, p. near Gloucester, R.I. to his cousin, Nathan, who was brother of Elisha, son of Thomas, of William.

Elias, b. Chepachet, R.I., Sept. 9, 1735; m. in Gloucester, R.I., a. 1773 to Eleanor Kinball. At the census of 1774 he was in Gloucester, and had two children.

Sylvanus, b. Chepachet, R.I., Aug. 3, 1738; m. Hannah, and they had children: Gideon and Zerniah. At the census of 1774, he was listed as of Scituate, R.I. with family of only one.

Peace, b. Chepachet, R.I., Oct. 19, 1744.

HANNAH PIERCE, his wife.

Son of Benjamin & w. Elizabeth Pierce

Vit. Rcds. Waltham, Mass.
Harrington Family in America


Lydia, b. Waltham, Mass., Oct. 24, 1797.

Ruth, b. Waltham, Mass., June 26, 1799; m. in Waltham, Mass., Apr. 22, 1826, Levi Guiny.

Hannah, b. Waltham, Mass., Apr. 19, 1804; m. in Waltham, Mass., Apr. 14, 1827, Michael Gay Brackett.

George W., b. Watertown, Mass., July 2, 1804; d. 1871; he p. joined the Maple Root Church, Coventry, R.I., July 1832; then joined Association of Baptists. He prob. served as Deacon from May 1859 to 1871. He moved to Illinois.


Son of David & w. Martha Willard

Grafton Hist. by Pierce


Betsy, b. Grafton, Mass., Nov. 11, 1790.

Sohpia (sic), b. Grafton, Mass., Apr. 6, 1793; she moved to Conway, Mass.

__________, his wife.

Son of Solomon Leonard & w. __________

Miss Olive Harrington, 1330 L. Street, N.W. Washington, D.C.
Letter, Feb. 29, 1932.


Olive of Washington, D.C., b. about 1910, p. in Wisconsin. She resided at 1330 L. Street, N.W. Washington, D.C., unmarried.

__________, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Mrs. Olive Harrington, 1330 L. St., N.Y., Washington, D.C.

Solomon Leonard Harrington, b. Troy, Pa., 1808; m. He moved to Wisconsin and was one of the first settlers of Rock Co., Wisc. His father died when he was a small boy, and his mother married again, Ayres. She may have been a Leonard, and possibly may have been a descendant of Solomon Leonard of Mass.


Solomon Delos, m. and had 1 dau., Olive. He resided in Beloit, Wisc. in 1932, b. before 1890.

__________, 1st wife
MARY (POLLY) EVANS, 2nd wife.

Son of James & w. Mary Spencer

Harrington Family in America by Eugene W. Harrington; Old Bible, New Lisbon, N.Y.; Grant W. Harrington; Lois H. Harrington, Letter, Jan. 22, 1892; Miss Ida Harrington, American Forks, Utah.


James of Montgomery County, N.Y., b. Mar. 16, 1814; m. Roxey Hill, and they had children: Otis, Spencer, Jane, Judge, Willard, and James.

Leonard Elsworth, Mormon, of American Forks, Utah, b. New Lisbon, Otsego Co., N.Y., Jan. 27, 1816; d. American Forks, Utah, June 21, 1883; m. 1st, Feb. 3, 1840 Russell, who was born at Sparta, Livingston, Co. N.Y., Mar. 25, 1823, and d. June 1902. She was the dau. of Daniel and wife, Sarah (Chase) Russell, Leonard and Lois had children:

Delos Junius, Theodore Spencer, Sarah Elizabeth, Mary Ellen, Lois Elas, Leonard Elsworth, Jr., Jane, Olive, and Daniel Henry. He married 2nd, Feb. 6, 1853, Mary Jones, who was born in England and died in childbirth 1860. They had: Charles, Daniel, and Mary. He also, May 31, 1859, Harriet Frances Noon, b. Trunstall, Staffordshire, Eng., Dec. 5, 1829, and d. in American Falls, Utah, June 11, 1912. She has previously married Smith, deceased. Leonard and Harriet had: Harriet Annas, Robert Adelman, Leonard Spencer, John Milton, Chauncy Delos, and Ida Ann.

His first wife, Lois Russell, writes under date of Jan. 22, 1895:

"Leonard married five wives besides me. His second wife bore him three children. The last was a pair of twins and she died at their birth and I had the raising of the boy and he is a respectable man and the girl also is respectable. They are both married and have families. He married two more at the same time, but they soon got tired of it and left him. They had no children. He then married another wife, a widow who had three children, and she bore him six children. She is living yet and five of the children, so you see that makes him eighteen in all. But the fifth wife was in the habit of using liquor, and gave it to her children and her three sons made the worst kind of drunkards. They all went to the Keeley Institute to be cured, but they still get drunk occassionally. Her first children by Leonard were twin, a daughter and a son, but just one day after the first pair as you will see there were four births and a death within three days in Leonard's family. Such an event I have never known of before or since in the church.

"The daughter married into a family where there were already two wives, and she broke them all up. The first wife was sick in bed a year. Her oldest son lost his reason through his father's conduct and has been in the asylum ever since, a hopeless maniac. The first wife is divorced and the second is forsaken by her husband. This is what Leonard's daughter had done.

"And this is all through the abuse of a principle that God has given for the purification and exaltation of his children, not withstanding all the grievances wicked things, that are done under the cover of a plurality of wives. I believe it is one of the principles that belong to the plan of salvation that God has devised to save his children. But Leonard considered it a privilege given him and everybody else to gratify their baser passions just to suit themselves without any restraint, and that breaks up families and brings sickness, sorrow, and death, the transgression of God's Law."

"And the abuse of that law brought grief to my heart until my health was undermined. It caused paralysis of the bowels which is slowly killing me now. It did not drive my eldest son crazy, but it drove him away from the church, which is a grief to me because I know he will suffer a loss. He came to the Jubilee last summer, the first time he has been to see us for more than thirty years. He was a pioneer. I was not able to go but they sent me my medal, a gold brooch, with a covered wagon on one corner, with a hive of bees on a second corner, a Pony Express, on a third corner, and a Locomotive on the fourth corner, and the face of Brigham Young in the center and with my full name on the back. I was 75 Friday and this is Sunday."


Lois R. Harrington

Leonard Elsworth was a Bishop in the Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Church. He came to Utah, in 1847 and to American Forks in 1850. When the Mormon Church of this town was organized in 1851 he was made a Bishop and held the place until his death in 1883. In 1852 he was elected to Utah Legislature and served for 39 years. In 1853 he secured the charter for American Forks master at the same time as Justice of the Peace. At the organization of Brigham Young University at Provo, he was made Trustee and served during the remainder of his life.

Harriet of Montgomery County, N.Y., b. Nov. 3, 1818; m. Stephen Hill and they had: Mary and Elisha.

Hiram B., b. Montgomery Co., N.Y., Sept. 3, 1820 or 1825; m. Nancy Eckerson.

Chauncy W. of Montgomery Co., N.Y., b. Jan. 16, 1823; married Lovisa Richardson.

Delos W. of Montgomery Co., N.Y., b. Dec. 5, 1833; m. Ann Phillips and they had Frank P.

MARY, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Shaftsbury Tomb Insc.
Shaftsbury Vit. Rcds.


Mary Frances of Shaftsbury, Vt., b. June 6, 1847; d. Shaftsbury, Vt., Nov. 4, 1864.

_________, his wife.

Son of James & w. Roxey Hill

Harrington Family in America by Eugene W. Harrington; Grant W. Harrington


Selos (Delos) F., b. 1871; he resided in Buffalo, N.Y. in 1907.

MOLLY (PAINE) PAYNE, his wife.

Shown on Census of 1790; served in
Rev. War from Shaftsbury, Vt.

Son of Clark & w. Keziah Wood

Clark W. Harrington to C.B. Harrington; Census of 1820-1830 Mrs. E. L. Goodall, Pottsville, Pa., letter


Squire, Jr. of Shaftsbury and Bennington, Vt.; b. Bennington, Vt., July 6, 1781; d. Oct. 10, 1838; m. 1st Molly; m. 2nd at Bennington, Vt. Nov. 19, 1820, Electa (Elwell) Hill; b. Westhampton, Mass., Feb. 14, 1781, d. July 28, 1843, at the home of her dau. Elizabeth Harrington, who was 2nd wife of Charles Morse.

Electa had married formerly, Oct. 12, 1806, Henry Hill, who died 1817. She was dau. of Rev. War patriot, Jabez Elwell and wife, Thankful Clark. Her 1st husband, Henry Hill, also served in Rev. War from Vermont.

IRMA R. WOOD, his wife.

Son of Warren B. & w. Minnie J. Whitaker

Grant W. Harrington MS.


Robert W., b. Sept. 27, 1923.

Warren B., b. July 26, 1927.

ALMIRA BAKER, his wife.

Son of Daniel & w. Polly Aylesworth

Grant W. Harrington MS.






SARAH B. HOLBROOK, 2nd wife.

Son of Thomas Wentworth & w. Rachel Hyde

Eleanor Flagg, Descendants by Flagg

FAMILY (1st wife)

Sarah Augusta, b. Milbury, Mass., Oct. 5, 1837.

_____, a son

_____, a son

FAMILY (2nd wife)

Lewis Wentworth, b. Millbury, Mass., Sept. 23, 1844; m. in New York, Apr. 21, 1874, Mary Y. Taylor, b. N.Y., Dec. 19, 1850, and who was dau. of James and Clivia (Moody) Taylor. They had children, all born in N.Y. City. In 1903 he resided in Millbury, N.J. and was Vice-Pres. of the New Roofing Co..

William Alfred, b. Millburn, Mass., Sept. 23, 1848; d. Worcester, Mass., Nov. 3, 1865.

Helen Augusta, b. Worcester, Mass., Sept. 25, 1852; d. there Sept. 20, 1843. (sic)

SEBRA BUCK, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Stephen Harrington, Pension Rcds. No. W-19541

Additional information and corrections on this family were received in e-mails from Richard Dorrough.

Stephen Harrington of Richfield, Otsego Co., N.Y., b. about 1762 and died there 1811; m. at Griswold, Conn., Mar. 1789, Sebra Buck, who was born 1768. She applied for pension from Richfield, N.Y. in 1845, then aged 77.

He resided at Lisbon-Norwick, New London, Conn., at the time of his enlistment for Rev. War.

He was certified by Selectmen of Simmsbury, Conn., as having served in Rev. War from that town and account of such service was relieved from payment of certain taxes to the State, according to law passed Dec. 1775 for service during the year.

List of deserters from 3rd, and 4th Reg.s since the return for settlement of their pay for service in 1789 shows that Stephen enlisted from Norwich, Conn., and deserted from 3rd Reg., Mar. 2, 1781.

They were at Norwich, Conn., 1790.


Nathan, b. Feb. 27, 1790.

Jesse, b. Dec. 12, 1792.

Clark, b. Apr. 22, 1796.

King, b. July 22, 1798 and m. p. and had son, Lyman, of Washington, Vt.

SALLY CLARK, his wife.

Son of Stephen & w. Patience Eldred

Land Rcd. Otsego Co., N.Y. to Lamb; Surrogate Ct. Rcds. for Otsego Co., N.Y.; R.I. Vit. Rcds.; Friends and Ministers, Vol. VIII; Grant W. Harrington MS


Angeline, twin, of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. after 1796.

Emaline, twin, b. after 1796, Otsego Co., N.Y. Prob. married July 10, 1823, Richard M. Snow of Providence, R.I.

Chauncy of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. after 1796; m. Susan

Delos of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. after 1796.

Harriet of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. after 1796.

Hiram of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. after 1796.

Jerome of Otsego Co., N.Y. Married in 1848; Jane Emaline Brown, and they had children, one of whom was a Methodist preacher. In 1884 he moved to Delhigh, Iowa, and later to Rochester, Minn.

Justin of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. after 1796.

Maria of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. after 1796.

Nancy of Otsego Co., N.Y. b. after 1796.

Warner of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. after 1796.

LYDIA COLVIN, his wife.

Son of Job & w. Susannah Peckham

Pri. Rcds. Mrs. W.L. Hagen, Washington, D.C.


Lornia, b. Sept. 26, 1831; d. Aug. 4, 1832.

Sanford, b. June 2, 1833; m. Fanny Pierce.

Susan Emogene, b. Sept. 11, 1835; m. John Krieger, and they had children: Clarence, Orlean (deceased) Lillian, who married John Dewey, and who as widow resides in 1928 in Washington, D.C. with two children.

Byron, b. Mar. 22, 1838; m. Susie Merrill.

Amasa W., b. June 17, 1840; m. Clara Van Syke. They had a son, Oscar.

Orlosco Darius, b. Dec. 17, 1843; m. Anna Green, and they had: Fred, Albert, and Minnie. They moved to Georgia, where he died.

Mary Elizabeth, b. Henrietta, N.Y., Sept. 25, 1847; still living in 1928 and resides with daughter, Mrs. W.L. Hagen, Washington, D.C.; married at Rochester, N.Y. in 1870 Charles Fox. They had three children: Morton Raymond, b. Henrietta, N.Y., residing N.Y. City 1928; Stanley Harrington, b. Henrietta, N.Y., Apr. 13, 1874, and lost on Ship Titanic in 1912; Mabelle Weed, b. Rochester, N.Y., Mar. 11, 1879; m. W. L. Hagen, and resides in Washington, D.C. in 1928.


Son of Jonathan & w. Sarah Foster

Lamb's Rcdes.; Wynne P. Harrington Gove City, Kan.; Andrew L. Harrington, Dewitt, Iowa; Bigraphical Review, Otsego Co., N.Y.; Grant W. Harrington MS.; Aylsworth's Genealogy; Letter from Constance D. Beckwith, 301 Randall Pl., Elkhorn, Wisc.; Mrs Fred Myers Sanford, Climax, Mich. Wm. H. Eldredge, Twin Falls, Idaho


Job, Capt., b. p. at Pownal, Vt., May 10, 1762. (New Eng. Hist. and Gen. Reg. says he was born in Hartford, Conn., Mar. 24, 1771). He died in Climax, Mich., Feb. 19, 1842, aged 79, (or 89, as per 17th D.A.R. Smithsonian Report on graves of Rev. Soldiers located by D.A.R.), and was buried in burial lot of Daniel Eldred, undoubtedly his step-son. He married 1st p. about 1790 Hannah Parker, who was b. Mar. 5, 1770-- (or July 5, 1772, according to G.W.H.), and died Aug. 18, 1833. She was p. the dau. of Andreas Parker, of Charlmont, Mass., who bought land on Unadilla River, Otsego Co., N.Y., 1788. They had a large family of children. Their 8th child, Riley, and their 12th child, Perry Green, moved to Walworth Co., Wisc. in 1837.

After his wife's death he moved to White Pigeon, Mich., and prob. married, 2nd at Comstock (or Kalamazoo) Mich., May 5, (or 15) 1836, Mrs. Olive (Potter) Eldred, of Michigan Territory, widow of Capt. Daniel Eldred, of Michigan Territory, and dau. of William and Alice (Wait) Potter of Bennington, Vt., and who had son, Daniel Eldred. Grant W. Harrington had letter written to Job's daughter, Sally, in N.Y., in 1838, and bearing signature of both Job and his wife, Olive.

At census of 1840 he was in Kalamazoo, Mich., wit hfamily of 2 males, 1 being between 70 and 80, and the other between 40 and 50 years of age.

He came with his brother, Sheffield, who was born in Vermont, to Otsego Co., N.Y., in 1785. They settled a timbe tract, now near New Lisbon, and kept bachelors quarters for a year, when Sheffield, went to Rhode Island and married Ruth Richmond, whom he brought to his log house.

He got the title Capt. through a New York State Commission sisued to him 1804 and he served in the State Militia until 1809. Otsego Co., N.Y. Military Records show Job Harrington's appointment as Lieut. 1798, page 418, his appointment as Capt. 1804; p. 743, and his resignation as Capt. 1809, p. 1109. Joseph Gardner was made Captain and Nathan Eldred was made Lieut. Nathan Eldred later became Capt. and was succeeded as such by Sanford Harrington, oldest son of Job. The 17th D.A.R. Smithsonian Report says:

"Capt. Job, b. 1753, d. Feb. 19, 1842, served in Rev. War from R.I., migrated to New York and from there to Michigan about 1832."

July 8, 1796, he was conveyed land in S.W. Cor. Hartwick Patent along Otsego Creek, Otsego Co., N.Y., June 27, 1815, Isaac Cooper conveyed Job 52 acres of Otsego Patent. On June 8, 1829, Rufus and Lucinda Gardner of Laurens, N.Y. conveyed to Job, then of Burlington, 77 acres of Wharton Patent. Feb. 16, 1830, Elizer Goodrich conveyed to Job, then of Burlington, land in S. W. Cor. Hartwick Patent, excepting 3 acres where Stephen Harrington's house stands. Apr. 15, 1836, Spencer Adams and wife conveyed land to Job from Wharton Creek Tract. On Mar. 5, 1823, Job, conveyed to Benjamin Harrington land in Laurens. Sept. 19, 1828, Job and wife, Hannah, sold to Ephraim Mann land beginning at N.E. Cor. of Stephen Harrington and along the highway past residence of Benjamin Harrington. Feb. 13, 1832, Job and Hannah sold two lots in Laurens to Samuel King. Land which he bought in 1796 for 109 pounds 4 shellings sold in 1832 for $3,225.

Mar. 12, 1812, he and brother, Stephen, were made administrators of father's estate.

James, b. p. Pownal, Vt., June 20, 1766; d. Nov. 23, 1813; m. Mary Spencer, who was born Feb. 10, 1767 and d. June 22, 1823. They had a large family of children.

He came from Vermont to Otsego Co., N.Y., 1793. According to records of W.B. Browne he was in Pownal, Vt., in 1790. The Feb. census of 1790 lists James of Shaftsbury, Bennington Co., Vt., head of family of 1 man, 1 boy under 16, and 2 females, and also lists a James, Jr. of Shaftsbury, Vt., who in 1790 was head of a family of 1 man, 2 boys under 16, and 2 girls. In 1800 James is listed as of Pittsfield, Otsego Co., N.Y. with family of 3 boys under 10, 1 girl 10 to 16, and 3 girls under 10, both he and his wife being between 26 and 45. J. Harrington, prob. James, was in New Lisbon, N.Y., in 1810, and his wife, Mary was there in 1820.

Letters of administration on his estate were granted in Tosego Co., N.Y., Jan. 6, 1814 to wife, Mary and son, Spencer.

Amy, twin, of Hartwick and Burlington, N.Y., b. p. Pownal, Vt., or in R.I. June 12, 1770; d. at Hartwick, N.Y., July 14, 1858, unmarried. She was bed-ridden most of her life.

Sheffield, twin, b. p. Pownal, Vt., June 12, 1770; d. Aug. 16, 1850; m. in R.I., 1786, Ruth Richmond (Whitford, Whitcomb) b. May 1778, and d. June 21, 1812 (or 1812) and who was dau. of Nicholas and Ruth of Coventry, R.I. They had children: S. Harrington prob. Sheffield, Sr., was at New Lisbon, N.Y. in 1810, as per Fed. Census.

He came with his brother, Job, in 1786 from Vermont to Otsego Co., N.Y., and settled at timber tract, now New Lisbon, and kept bachelors quarters for one year. Then he, Sheffield, went to Rhode Island and married his wife and brought her to his log cabin home.

His son, Sheffield, dictated the sketch of Harringtons in Biographical Review of Otsego Co., N.Y., published 1897.

In 1818 he moved to Genesse Co., N.Y., but came back and lived for a time in Otsego Co., with his son, Sheffield, then went to Michigan.

Waity of Exeter, R.I., and Otsego Co., N.Y., b. p. at Pownal, Vt., 1772 d. Apr. 29, 1847; m. Thomas Johnson, who was b. 1767 and d. Oct. 10, 1860.

They had children: Orin, Clarissa, Farrand, Alonzo, and prob. Sarah, b. Exeter, R.I., 1799.

Elizabeth, of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. p. Pownal, Vt., (or R.I.), prob. a. 1775; married George Yates and they had: Erastus, who married Emma Smith and had Celestia an Alpha; Chapman, who married Burlingame; Porter, Ameretta, who married Wm. Fields.

Mercy of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. p. at Pownal, Vt., (or R.I.) after 1775; m. Stukely S. Aylesworth, and they had: Leonard, who married Delia Pride and had Pitts, Julia Orlando, Legrand and Laura; Waterman, who married and had Stukely S., Julia, Leonard and Henry Julia, daughter Stukely Stafford John, Chester, and Orlando.

Charles, b. p. Bennington, Vt. (or R.I.), after 1758; m. Thurza Armstrong; Charles of Burlington, Otsego Co., N.Y., seems according to the Census of 1800, to have died before 1800. Then his wife was under 45; they had 4 children under 10, 2 under 16, adn 2 under 26, an old lady over 45 resided with them. C. Harrington, perhaps, Charles, was a New Lisbon, N.Y., in 1810 as per Fed. Census. He served in the Rev. War from R.I.

Polly of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. p. Pownal, Vt., after 1758; m. Micajah Bennett of Burlington, N.Y., and they had: William, Sheffield, and others.

Stephen of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. prob. R.I. (or p. Bennington, Vt.) between 1775 and 1792; m. Sally Clark and they had children. He was at New Lisbon Otsego Co., at the census of 1810 and of 1820. Stephen and wife, Sally Clark, as of New Lisbon, N.Y. conveyed land there May 10, 1832.

Mar. 11, 1812 he and Job were made administrators of their father's estate.

Patience, b. p. Pownal, Vt., Mar. 18, 1786; d. at S. Hartwick, N.Y. Jan. 22, 1872; married Mar. 14, 1813, Chester Wright, who was born Feb. 18, 1786, at Sharon, Conn., and d. at Hartwick, N.Y. Dec. 19, 1861. They had children: (born p. at Hartwick, N.Y.) 1, Chancy, b. Sept. 28, 1815; d. July 16, 1880; m. 1st, Apr. 24, 1842, Nancy R. Brownell, b. 1821, and d. July 1, 1869, and had Henrietta, Josephine, and Milton; m. 2nd, jane. 2, Flavius J., b. Jan. 2, 1819, d. at Appalachian, N.Y., May 19, 1852; m. Apr. 25, 1844, Mary Brimmer. 3, Elizabeth, b. July 28, 1822; m. Apr. 25, 1844, Erastus Brownell, and had Mary, Chester, and Harriet.

p. Salmen of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. His father, Stephen, came from Eastern Conn. to Vt., prob. Pownal, then to Otsego Co., N.Y.

AMY HARRIS, his wife.

Son of Stephen & w. Elizabeth Shippee

Amer. Ancestry, Vol. V., p. 120
Manuscript Dr. Wm. P. Brechin, Boston, Mass.; Kings Co., N.S. History by Eaton


Elizabeth (Betsy) b. Cornwallis, N.S., Feb. 20, 1772; married there Apr. 23, 1791, William Charles Moore. They had nine (or five) children.

Daniel, b. Cornwallis, N.S., May 18, 1774; d. at Antigonish, July 21, 1827; m. at Jehiel May 17, 1794, Anna Elizabeth DeWolf, b. at Horton, N.S., May 16, 1778, and died at Arichet, Capt Briton, Aug. 17, 1845. She was dau. of Jeniel Jr., (Edward, Stephen, and Balthazaar) and Elizabeth (Martin) DeWolf.

He was named for his uncle who visited Cornwallis, but returned to New England where he was drowned.

Stephen b. Cornwallis, N.S., Mar. 28, 1776; d. at Five Island, N.S. Mar. 31, 1843; m. there June 30, 1811, Amy Tidmarch, who was born 1784 and d. Cornwallis, N.S., Jan. 5, 1875.

Sarah, b. Cornwallis, N.S., Mar. 28, 1779; m. at Cornwallis, Jan. 18, 1807 by Rev. Robert Morris, William Walton, son of Jacob.

Amy of Cornwallis, N.S., Sept. 12, 1781; m. at Cornwallis, Mar. 21, 1828, Josiah Northup. They had dau. Adeline, who married William Church.

Gideon Sherman, b. Cornwallis, N.S., Feb. 1, 1784; d. there Sept. 9, 1844; m. there Jan. 28, 1812 by Robert Morris, Wilhelmina Moore, b. Londonderry, May 29, 1788, and d. Aug. 16, 1831, dau. of Wm. Sturge (Capt. Tomas Wm.) and Anne (Langdon) Moore.

Harris, b. Cornwallis, N.Y. (sic), Feb. 14, 1786; d. there May 18, 1851; unmarried. He was Justice of the Peace during War of 1812. He was purser in the British Navy 1813-1819, serving on ship Anaconda, and was retired on pension down to his death.

George, b. Cornwallis, N.S., Apr. 11, 1788; d. Kentville, N.S., Mar. 6, 1860; m. at Cornwallis, N.S., Jan. 20, 1820, Eleanor Sheffield, who was born May 19, 1800, and d. Dec. 22, 1878, in the home of her son, Robert. She dau of: 6, Stephen, Sheffield, b. 1756; 5, Amos, b. May 3, 1710; 4, John, b. May 3, 1710; 3, Amos, b. July 27, 1660; 2, Isaiah, b. Boston, July 10, 1638; 1, Amos, b. Sheffield, Eng., June 4, 1602.

They always resided on farm inherited from his father. He was grandfather of Dr. Wm. P. Brechin.

Mary Alice, b. Cornwallis, N.S., Apr. 9, 1790; d. there J____ 11, 1872, unmarried. She was sick all of her life.

William, b. Cornwallis, N.S., Aug. 2, 1792; d. Apr. 21, 1858; m. at Cornwallis, N.S., Feb. 22, 1830; Elizabeth Hayes, who was born at Yarmouth, Aug. 23, 1806, and d. Dec. 31, 1889. She was dau. of John and Elizabeth (Durfee) Hayes. After his death she married 2nd, Thomas Nicholas.

(MRS.) RUTH SMITH, 2nd wife.

Son of Isaac & w. Susannah Allen

Vit. Rcds. Weston, Mass.


Esther, b. Princeton, Mass., Feb. 15, 1771; prob. same Esther who filed int. to marry, July 31, 1791, and m. Weston, Mass. (Record in Wayland, Mass.), Aug. 18, 1791, Benjamin Underwood, at Weston.

Enoch, b. Princeton, Mass., Feb. 16, 1773; on June 16, 1799, filed int. to marry and married in Wayland, Mass., June 12, 1799, Eleanor Rice, of E. Sudbury, Mass. She died in Wayland, Feb. 15, 1807.

Isaac, b. Princeton, Mass., Dec. 5, 1775.

Tamar, b. Princeton, Mass., Mar. 4, 1778. Prob. same Tamar who filed on Sept. 8, 1812, int. to marry, and married in Weston, Mass., Oct. 1, 1812, Greenwood Samuel in Needham, Mass.

John, b. Princeton, Mass., Mar. 15, 1780.

Sarah (Sally) b. Princeton, Mass., May 14, 1782. Prob. the same Sally who married in Rutland, Mass., Dec. 22, 1801, Elijah Sterns.

Tyler, b. Princeton, Mass., May 18, 1784. He married in Natick, Mass., Nov. 26, 1810, Zera Jennings. He married 2nd, Ruth Mansfield and p. 3rd, Abigail Ware.


Son of Elisha & w. Ruth

Mrs. Helen Aspenall, Columbus, Ohio; Old Bible, Mrs. Helen Aspenall, 419 E. Oakland Ave., Columbus, Ohio.


Oristes, b. Worthington, Ohio, Jan. 18, 1804.

Sarah, b. Worthington, Ohio, Nov. 23, 1805.

Henry, b. Worthington, Ohio, Oct. 30, 1809; married, Sept. 7, 1841, Hannah Reeder, b. Aug. 7, 1809.

Samuel, b. Worthington, Ohio, Dec. 30, 1811.


Son of Schuyler & w. Sophia Johnson

Lineage Book, Rolls of Honor, D.A.R.


Ardelia, b. Pepperell, Mass., married J. Frank Barrett. She is listed in D.A.R. Lineage Book, as D.A.R. No. 45797 235-0.

Clara, b. Tysboro, Mass., after 1789; married Andrew French, D.A.R. No. 47599 235-0.


Son of Stephen Harris & w. Mary E. Widden

MS of Dr. Wm. P. Brechin


Grace Elgin, b. Chicago, Ill., Aug. 2, 1868.

Athalie, b. Chicago, Ill., Mar. 31, 1870.

Mabel Maude, b. Greenwood, Ill, July 27, 1872.

William Henry, b. Greenwood, Ill., June 29, 1874.


Son of William & w. Sarah Baker

Kate Harrington, Greenwich, N.Y. R.F.D. 3; Pri. Rcds. Mrs. W.L. Hagen; Arnold's Vit. Rcds. of R.I.
Harrington Family in America


Asa, b. Feb. 28, 1809; d. May 15, 1885; m. Lucy Wilcox, who was born Sept. 14, 1816, and d. Jan. 27, 1899. They had eight girls and one boy.

William, b. Jan. 7, 1811; d. Dec. 11, 1873; m. Harriet Brooks. They had five children.

Stephen, Jr., b. July 4, 1813; d. Oct. 17, 1889; m. 1st Samantha Westgate; m. 2nd, Laura Crandall. He had seven children.

Ezekiel, b. 1817; d. Dec. 4, 1897; m. 1st Emily Alexander; m. 2nd, Charlotte Wood.

Roxanna, b. Oct. 15, 1819; d. Nov. 24, 1899; m. James Fairchild. They had two children.

Phoebe, b. May 17, 1824; d. Sept. 22, 1902; m. Luth Northropp.

Russell, b. Jan. 18, 1822; d. Dec. 7, 1897; m. Rachel Bebee. They had no children.

Lewis, b. 1829; d. June 14, 1901; m. Marietta Crain. They had three sons and 1 dau.

Tilley L., b. Dec. 19, 1831; m. Parthena Simons, who was born June 15, 1838. They had two children, both deceased.

Harriet, b. May 6, 1849.

Sarah, b. d. prob. young.

MARY SHERMAN, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

From W.B. Browne, North Adams, Mass. to C.B.H.


Anna, b. Sharon, Vt., Aug. 9, 1790; m. at Sharon, Vt., Feb. 28, 1810, Bethiel Morse of Norwich, Conn.

Mathew, b. Sharon, Vt., Aug. 13, 1791.

Stephen, b. Sharon, Vt., Feb. 5, 1793.

Roxalina, b. Sharon, Vt., Nov. 11, 1794.


Son of John & w. Lydia Cranston

Grant W. H. Manuscript; Nova Scotia History by Eaton; Amer. Ancestry Vol. V, p. 120; Austin's Gen. Dict.; MS. Dr. Wm. P. Brechin, Boston, Mass.


Daniel, b. Harwick, Mass., Dec. 16, 1737; d. Mass. He visited Cornwallis N.S. but returned to New England, where he was drowned.

Stephen, b. Killingsley, Conn., June 13, 1748; d. Cornwallis, Nova Scotia Mar. 7, 1825; m. Mar. 28, 1771, Amy Harris, b. Feb. 15, 1750, and d. in home of neighbor, Thos Barlow Harris, of apoplexy, Aug. 6, 1834. She was dau. of Lebbeus, who was son of Lieut. James Harris of New London, Conn., and who went to Nova Scotia in 1760, and of Alice (Ransom) Harris, who was dau. of Robt. Ransom of Colchester, Conn. They had a large family of children.

1762-1764 he, with his widowed mother, Elizabeth, Shippe Harrington, emigrated p. from R.I. to Cornwallis, N.S. and took up land made vacant by the deportation of the Acadians. His grant had formerly been made to his brother, Daniel, who had visited Cornwallis and was later drowned. His three sisters and their husbands also went there.

He deeded land to brother-in-law, Jonathan Sherman 1784-1792; to Richard John Unisacke, Jr., 1817, 1823, to Thos. Hay 1792 and 1799. He was many times moderator and was assessor of Cornwallis in 1804.

His will covered 14 typed pages and among other he made bequeaths as follows; He bequeathed the home for life to his widow, Amy, dau. Amy dau. Mary Alice, and dau. Sarah, of husband Wm., Allton, provided that she sould become a widow. Dau. Amy got a horse aged 7, and a cow, aged 5; sons George Gideon, Sherman, and William, each got a 1000 acre farm; son Stephen got land joining son Gideon; son Harris got land; dau. Elizabeth, of husband Wm. C. Moore, got one hundred pounds and land.

Mary, b. about 1745; m. in R.I., Mar. 18, 1761, Capt. Amos Sheffield, the Cornwallis Grantee.

Sarah; m. Col. Jonathan Sherman.

Zervia; m. Hon. Jeremiah Northup, and settled at Falmouth, Hants Co.

AMY TISMARSH, his wife.

Son of Stephen & w. Amy Harris

MS. Dr. Wm. P. Brechin, Boston, Mass.


Amy Ann, b. Five Islands, N.S., June 21, 1812; d. Halifax, N.S., 1884; m. Capt. Elias Marshall. They resided in Halifax and had only Edward.

Mary Elizabeth, b. Five Islands, N.S.; d. Feb. 24, 1865; m. Nov. 9, 1839, Wm. Benjamin Barnes.

William Reynolds (Capt.) b. Five Islands, N.S., a. 1820; m. Elizabeth McClellan.

Harriet Louisa, b. Five Islands, N.S>, Oct. 1, 1826; m. there Dec. 15, 1858, James Gordon. They had only Harriet, who married Dr. Clark. They resided near Canning, N.S.

Philip, b. Five Islands, N.S., married at age of 17 to Elizabeth Broderick, b. before 1830.

John Moody, b. about 1830, Five Islands, N.S. Drowned there young, unmarried.

MARY E. WHIDDEN, his wife.

Son of Daniel & w. Ann Elizabeth DeWolf

MS. Dr. Wm. P. Brechin, Boston, Mass.


Stephen Harris, Jr., of Halifax, N.S., b. there Nov. 7, 1846; m. Nov. 13, 1867, Adele Sarah Salisbury.

Charles Whidden of New York City, b. there Feb. 1, 1848.

_____, a son, still-born, at N.Y.C., July 1852.

_____, a son, still-born, at N.Y.C., July 1854.

Frank Edward of Morrisena, b. there, Sept. 16, 1855.

William Henry of N.Y.C., b. there Nov. 26, 1857; d. at Newark, N.Y., July 23, 1874, unmarried.

Clement Henry of N.Y. City, b. there Feb. 2, 1859; d. at Morrisena, Nov. 29, 1859.

Leander Bishop, b. Newark, N.Y., Jan. 13, 1863, and died next day.

Daniel DeWolf, b. Newark, N.Y., b. there Mar. 22, 1861; d. there Aug. 30, 1861.

Edwin DeWolf, of Newark, N.Y., b. there Nov. 15, 1866.

_________, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Letter, F.B. Lamb, Westfield, N.Y. Land Rcds., N.Y. to Lamb


Stephen of Otsego Co., N.Y., b. before 1770; m. Deborah. They owned land on Butternut Creek, Otsego Co., N.Y., Sept. 9, 1791. He received land there from Wm. Cooper of Cooper's Town. On May 11, 1795, he of Unadilla, sold land there to Jas. Baker. June 13, 1776 he received land on Butternut Creek from Daniel Knapp of same place. Jan. 5, 1801 he and wife, Deborah, of Uandilla, sold land on Butternut Creek to Wm. Covey.


Son of Asa & w. Asenath Brown

Thomaston, Me. Hist. by Eaton


Charles S. of Thomaston, Me., b. Nov. 26, 1818; m. Aug. 29, 1848, Sarah McCarter. He was a mariner.

James (Jane?) R. of Thomaston, Me. b. Aug. 12, 1820; m. Simon Watts.

Joseph R., b. May 9, 1823.

Harriet T., of California, b. May 23, 1825; m. Dexter W. Hildreth.

Allen M. of Thomaston, Me., b. July 4, 1827; m. Elizabeth Harrington. He was a mariner.

Lovicy C., b. Feb. 10, 1830; m. and resided in California.

Albert Chandler of Thomaston, Me., b. Nov. 10, 1832. He was a mariner.

Mary T. D., b. Feb. 10, 1835. She married and resided in Portland, Me.


Son of James & w. Mary Spencer

Grant W. Harrington MS.; Letter F.B. Lamb, Westfield, N.Y. to Browne.


Andrew Lee of DeWitt, Iowa, b. Jan. 12, 1846; m. Jan. 1865, 1st Jemima Acherson, and they had one son, James Spencer. He married 2nd, Jan. 1, 1881, Caroline Comstock, who died Jan. 24, 1884. They had no children. He married 3rd, Oct. 30, 1884 at New Lisbon, N.Y., Harriet M. Eldred.

Chauncy Spencer of R.I., b. after 1846, m. Mary Comstock. They had no children.

PERSIS G. GAULT, his wife.

Son of Levi & w. Eliza Weston

Vit. Rcds. Oakham, Mass.


Emma, b. Waltham, Mass., Jan. 20, 1844.

Gardner P., b. Oakham, Mass., Feb. 2, 1845.

HANNAH, his wife.

Son of Solomon & w. Penelope

Arnold's Vit. Rcds. R.I.
Mrs. Hagen's Pri. Rcds.


Gideon of Gloucester, R.I., b. there Jan. 5, 1780; prob. m. at Danby, Mar. 27, 1828, Retta Warden.

Zerviah of Gloucester, R.I., b. there May 14, 1786.

SUSAN, his wife.

Lineage not determined.

Shaftsbury, Vt. Vit. Rcds.
Tomb Insc. Wates Cemetery, Shaftsbury, Vt.


Roman of Shaftsbury, Vt., b. there July 5, 1847; d. there Mar. 11, 1851.