Harrington heads of families with first names beginning with U

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MARTHA ADAMS, his wife.

Son of Caleb & w. Hepzibah Hayden

Cassie K. Turner, Portland, Me.
Pension Rolls, Rev. War, Mrs. Hagen


John Adams, b. Uxbridge, Mass., Oct. 18, 1798; d. at Clarendon, Vt., Feb. 8, 1829.

Hannah, b. Marlborough, Mass., July 29, 1800; d. at Rutland, Vt., Mar. 16, 1835; m. Lewis Simons, and they had Lewis, Leonard, and Lucinda.

Martha, b. at Keeon, N.H., May 4, 1802; d. Feb. 1866; m. Erastus Campbell, and they had: Henry, Erastus, Jane, Isabel, Richard Sharp, Willie (triplet boys) and Estabell.

Zilpha Daniels, b. Shrewsbury, Vt., Nov. 18, 1803; d. at Mt. Holly, Vt. 1872. She never married. She was buried at Mechanicsville, Vt.

Elisha of Ipsilanti, Mich., b. at Mt. Holly, Vt., Apr. 30, 1805; d. Aug. 14, 1876; married Hepsabeth Charles of Galway, N.Y. He is mentioned in Pension Rolls as son of Rev. War soldier.

Alma, b. Wallingford, Vt., Dec. 1, 1807; d. at Clarendon, Vt., Feb. 17, 1808

Moses Daniels, b. Clarendon, Vt., Oct. 3, 1808; d. at Mechanicsville, Vt., Aug. 1880; married Elizabeth Francisco of Lansingburgh, N.Y., b. July 4, 1810, dau. of Nicholas and Hannah (Brewster) Francisco. He lived in Pittstown, N.Y.; moved to Vermont, lived in Mt. Holly. He served in town offices and owned a dairy farm in Mt. Holly, Vt.

Almira, b. Sept. 24, 1810; d. 1811.

Ashael Hotton, b. Mar. 23, 1812; d. in California, Oct. 1850; m. Maria Gilmore.

Willard of Alliston, Mass., b. at Tinmouth, Vt., Mar. 3, 1814; d. at Brighton, Mass., 1864; married 1st, Sarah Reed; married 2nd, Jewell. He was a wholesale grocer in Boston. His mother made her home with him there after the death of his father, who served in Rev. War.

Bazilla of Branch Mills, China, Me., b. June 13, 1819; d. in Harvard, Neb., after 1900; m. Lucy Bean of Roadfield, Me.

George, b. June 13, 1819; d. 1838.


p. Son of Joseph & w. Patience

Mrs. Chappell's papers by C.B. Herendeen; Arnold's Vit. Rcds. of R.I.


Aaron, b. Apr. 1, 1743; d. prob. married at Douglas, Mass., Feb. 1, 1774, int. filed 1773, Beulah Cook of Douglas, by Rev. Isaac Storer.

Arthur, b. Apr. 1, 1743; died. Married in Cranston, R.I.

Caleb, b. Aug. 13, 1745.

Stephen, b. Cranston, R.I., 1755.