Hello,and welcome to the Cope Family History Information Center.This site is dedicated to the Cope family,providing information on the history of the Cope descendants here in North America.It will provide information on the early American Cope family history as well as descendants and fellow Cope researchers.I would like to thank all who have contributed the data found at this site,which unfortunately are too many to list here,as most of the research has been accumulated over the years.

I personally am descended from James Bradley Cope,who was born in North Carolina in 1776 and died in Warren County, Tennessee in 1874 at the age of 98. James was one of many Cope men that migrated to the state of Tennessee shortly after the beginning of the 19th century. Some of his descendants stayed in Tennessee and still live in the Warren County area,while others moved on to Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas.

The earliest record of Cope people migrating to North America in the 1600's & 1700's can be seen by clicking here.This was sent to me by e-mail,having been researched by David C Cope.

A researcher by the name of Gilbert Cope,wrote a letter to a Mary Paden in the early 1900's asking for information on her Cope family history,in particular the brothers William,Andrew & James that migrated to Tennessee in the early 1800's.She also mentions another James Cope as being a cousin.You can see this letter by clicking letter by clicking here.

Feb,1998 Update

There has been some new theories that have come across the email lately.Lets begin by going to my update page.Last updated 22 Mar,2001.Updates can take awhile to get online,by the way.

July, 2004 Update DNA Tsting

Long time between updates. Actually, I've been busy on lots of projects, and haven't given the Cope project much time as I would like. However, thanks to Eddie and David Cope, we now are in the process of DNA testing. They are doing it through Family Tree DNA and the family page is located at the Cope FamilyTreeDNA Project. At the moment, there are ten people that are male Cope descendents involved in the program, and the group is mapping out thier DNA to see how they match. Five have been finished, and waiting on the other five to either be evaluated or to submit thier sample. Unfortunatly, some prefer to remain anonymous.

November, 2004 Update DNA Tsting

We now have had 16 Cope males tested for their DNA. Please go here for DNA results.

Cope Men in CSA

This is a list of Cope men that fought for Confederat forces during the American Civil War.

Stephen P Cope Family

A record of the family of Stephen P Cope,recently given to me at a meeting in McMinnville,Tennessee.

Stephan Cope Line Cherokee Connection

Warren Co,TN Cope Marriages

This is a list of the Cope's that were married in Warren County,Tennessee between 1900 and 1950.I hope to have more archives concerning my Cope family on in the future.

Descendents of slaves of James B Cope

Informatino on the descendents of the former slaves of James Bradley Cope, of Warren County, Tennessee.

Click on the ancestor below to see more information of that line,as well as descendants that are online.